It was adopted in 1516, making it the oldest, currently valid consumer protection law in the world. This has been rated one of the best German altbiers – but this unusually bitter and aggressively malty style of beer is not necessarily for everybody. 3 CELTENMUNSTER A clever blend of hops enhances the flavour and characteristics of each brew. Bavaria German Restaurant: Cool German beer selection - See 1,606 traveler reviews, 350 candid photos, and great deals for Palm - Eagle Beach, Aruba, at Tripadvisor. Brewer/Brand . £35.50. Contact Us . Even if you think German beers are all pilsners, you have to admit that the tastes within one style of beer can vary so much! Plus, this beer has won tons of awards, including Gold awards from the World Beer Cup and the World Beer Awards. The German beer scene is actually more complex than many people think and the country produces a vast range of lagers and ales. With a rich and malty nose, and notes of toasted bread, nuts, brown sugar and dried figs, it’s perfect for drinking while you curl up by the fire with a book. Wolffs Biergarten: Great German beer selection! For our last beer, we’ve got another wheat one for you. Paulaner Munich Hefeweizen | 5.5% The #1 wheat beer in Germany. Brewed in Germany. Books are known for their dark, malty style and Einbecker is where the block was developed. It’s impressively smooth and subtly sweet, with just a touch of spiciness. Here is a list of some of the best and most popular beers from the land of the Black Forest, Oktoberfest, and Beethoven. Books are known for their dark, malty style and Einbecker is where the block was developed. Some of the world’s finest beers come from this corner of the globe and the amber nectar at the centre of Germany’s culture. Your email address will not be published. The beer itself is a lot like Oktoberfest with sweet and malty flavors, but the smoke flavoring adds a completely unexpected element to the profile. Rauchbier, or “smoke beer,” is a very unusual style. Tuned . This is the kind of beer that you can drink pretty much every day – you know, the one that you always keep one case of in your fridge for when you get home from work. Categorized as a Helles lager, Ayinger Bräu-Hell bridges the gap between light bock style of Mai bock and pilsners. We get some great feedback on our beer and you've said so on our customer reviews. Buy now. It also has lovely notes of clove and pours with a perfect layer of white foam. But best of all, it’s very full-bodied and doesn’t leave your palate feeling like its lacking after you finish a pint. German beer is any beer that’s made in Germany, and German style beer typically refers to beers, produced anywhere in the world, that follow the laws of production that govern beer-brewing in Germany. In 1872, a Spaten brewery invented this sweet, brown style in Munich, Germany. So only date a German if you can keep up with her or if you don’t mind explaining … Over 4,000 beers from down the street to across the sea are available in our award-winning Beer Department – there’s something for everyone. You will find that these aromas carry over to the taste, but it is not overly sweet as the various flavor notes suggest. (And don’t worry – you certainly won’t just find pilsners on this list). View Basket Checkout. If you say you love beer, but you haven’t had many German-style beers, then you need to reevaluate your drinking repertoire. Oktoberfest, or Maerzen, is traditionally brewed in March and served in autumn, just in time for the annual festival of Oktoberfest. However, this law has slowed the production of beer in Germany and led to the extinction of some regional specialties (liked spiced beer from Northern Germany), and has proved limiting in today’s world of trendy craft breweries. The biggest selection of beer mixed cases, gift packs, craft beer, real ales, world lagers as well as cider, spirits, wine, homebrew and branded glasses - Free Delivery available. Bock is a special style of German beer that has a number of sub-styles. £20.00. Beers of Europe is proud to stock the best German Beer brands as well as hidden gems and tasty newcomers. In short, a detailed look at the beer laws in Germany will show a number of changes over the past 40-some years, and we can expect to see changes in the future that allow forgreater flexibility. Altbier is a style brewed around the city of Düsseldorf and historically has been top-fermented, and is usually a dark copper color. As an introduction to the many beers of Germany, here are 10 examples of great beers in the most popular styles. Bock is a special style of German beer that has a number of sub-styles. Like any wheat beer, this Weissbier from Weihenstephan – the oldest brewery in the world – has that refreshing, light banana-y flavor. It’s a soothing, deep brown Doppelbock beer of monastic origins – in fact, doppelbocks (or double bocks, which are actually dark lagers) were used by monks as a form of “liquid bread” to sustain them during periods of fasting. Crisp, smooth and mellow, this lager is an easy-drinking beer from Bavaria. But it’s okay if you don’t know where to begin on your journey into the  orld of German beer – because we do. The biggest range of the latest craft beer releases from BrewDog and breweries we know and love from around the world. It is usually rather bitter, but not aggressively so. Style . Beery Gift Hamper Selection Box by Beer Hawk, Craft Beer Gift Set with 5 Craft Beer Cans,1 Tasting Glass and 1 Delicious Snack 4.8 out of 5 stars 947. But, this Oktoberfest is surprisingly crisp and doesn’t have a dull, heavy or overly malty feel like some Oktoberfest-style brews. It’s got a mild malty taste, and a nice layer of roasted notes – perfect for those chilly autumn afternoons. In fact, beer in Germany is so stringently policed, that for 500 years there was a Purity Law sti… STELLA ARTOIS Lager 24x 500ml Cans - 4.8% ABV 4.6 out of 5 stars 222. Get our free book when you sign up for our newsletter. Please select your store to see offers available in your area. Slightly malty and full-bodied with an elegant finish. Fun fact: Schlenkerla is a word for “not walking straight,” in Frankish vernacular – just like a drunken person. 2 BRINKHOFFS PREMIUM PILSENER no1-GRELL ADVERTISING-TRUCK with LOOSE TRAILER-Man. It’s also got some after notes of dark chocolate and rum that fade gently from the palate. As a freelance writer, lecturer, and homebrewer, Bryce Eddings has been writing about beer and brewing for online and print publications since 2005. Purists are groaning as they see that the choice for the Kölsch entry is actually brewed in Chicago. Your email address will not be published. All ready and waiting to be discovered. This beer is only brewed in and around the city and aged in cold cellars. As beer festival with one beer, it is more of a celebration of drinking and remains unpretentious and fun to this day. This is thanks to its light malt taste, which also makes it a great beer for cooking or enjoying with a meal. There are seriously so many German beers to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin. These rare German beer steins come with a certificate of authenticity and an explanation of the scene depicted on the stein.