The Resident Director will, however, consult with fellow Resident Directors when incidents involve students from multiple buildings. Failure to Comply: Prohibited electrical equipment will be confiscated and a warning, educational sanction, fine, or other student conduct action may be taken. It is open to all students and provides networking opportunities and education about diversity. The Career View Program: Unique to Fordham, this program offers students a first-hand introduction to the world of work and the culture of organizations by visiting companies representing a variety of industries in profit and not-for- profit sectors. Halogen lamps, electric blankets without an automatic off switch, deep fryers, indoor grills, deep fat fryers, kerosene or electric or kerosene space heaters, and air conditioners in non-climate controlled residence halls are not permitted except in cases approved for medical reasons and installed by the University. Student email is accessible through the University portal at, 2) How do students report cable television troubles?Call the University Help Desk: 718-817-3999 or email, 3) Do I need to purchase anti-virus software?No! Public Safety personnel, your residence hall staff, and the New York City Fire Department will observe exit procedures. This includes knowingly receiving, retaining, or disposing of the lost or mislaid property of a member of the University community or of the University itself. Stairwells, lobbies, entrance doors, lounges, laundry rooms, offices, basements, and elevators are examples of community areas. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Here is a great example of how a Walsh Hall Kitchen within an apartment might look! Experience has shown that taking the time to think about a change, to get used to a living situation, and to work on any early disagreements that may arise with roommates is of greater benefit than a quick decision to change housing. Typically students begin internship exploration during their sophomore and/or junior year. We serve as a liaison between the Fordham community and the local community offering a variety of University resources and access to support the exceptional work of our community partners. Marijuana 101 is an online course that provides personal feedback and current information about marijuana-related topics, including impact of marijuana on the body, risks of frequent use, and laws related to marijuana. RAs are trained to help mediate and can set up a meeting with you and your roommate(s) to help get a dialogue started about the problem. A Resident Director may assign cleaning charges for public areas that have been unnecessarily, excessively, or repeatedly littered or soiled (See RECYCLING). Residents should not leave trash or extra furniture in their rooms, or non-University property in their room or suite, and they should return all furniture to its original location and position (i.e. These two vans should ensure a continuous presence at the “D” train. Failure to Comply: Verbal or written warnings, educational sanctions, or fines may be assigned to students in violation of this policy. During the ongoing health emergency: all students at all hours must swipe their identification cards at the front entrance to the residence hall to which they are assigned upon entry. Persons failing or refusing to participate will be removed as necessary and will be subject to fines and/or the Student Conduct process. An Eastern Orthodox Chaplain provides programming and services to our students as well. It contains about 1 million volumes. Please keep in mind that dining plans are non-taxable in the State of New York. Our staff looks forward to the opportunity to best assist you in making the most out of your experience at Fordham University. FUEMS is a service offered to all students, faculty, staff and guests of the Fordham Community. Any student who engages in such prohibited conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, and sanctions will include, but not be limited to, a $250 fine and the cost of any repairs and cleanup. The University expects students to become familiar with the policies, to take responsibility for their actions and to be sensitive to and considerate of the community in which they live. Students should not appropriate University property for private use in their rooms, apartments, or suites. These charges may also vary by residence hall, as repair and replacement cost factors vary in each building. reserves the right to make reasonable entry to a student’s residence unit without consent for the following purposes: Any authorized University official or agent can make entry after knocking and after no response for a reasonable lapse of time. Sock Saturday is an outreach program designed to provide much-needed supplies to homeless individuals in Manhattan Learning to live in new surroundings and with new people is part of the education Fordham affords. Following this meeting, the student will receive a letter that will describe the guidelines of this policy in more detail. The University is not responsible for any loss due to theft, fire, vandalism, accident, or student negligence and does not provide insurance for your personal property. The Watchman Guards are supervised by the Office of Public Safety and work in conjunction with your residence hall staff. Walsh Hall, one of the newest dorms at Fordham, is across the street from a privately owned five-story apartment building, but the police said they did … In addition, students should not tamper with or remove any in-window air conditioning units as this can create a hazard for those outside the building. If there is sufficient time and human life (including one's own) would not be endangered, one may attempt to extinguish the fire with whatever equipment is available. which, by their very nature, promote abusive alcohol consumption. Intoxicated or impaired students who are medically evaluated or hospitalized for alcohol or other drug use: The student(s) aiding an intoxicated or impaired individual by contacting Security or Residential Life staff: Condoning, supporting, encouraging or choosing to remain in the presence of a violation of the University policy. Meal Plan selection can be changed during the first two weeks of the semester. Clinic HoursMonday through Friday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.Saturday and Sunday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. All campuses have dining service options available to meet the diverse needs of the members of the Fordham community. 4) What do I need to connect to the Fordham University network on campus?In addition to your AccessIT ID username and password, you’ll need an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to a network data jack in your room (recommended) or a wireless card to connect to the wireless network. We offer individual and group counseling, as well as consultations about friends or roommates. It is the responsibility of all faculty, staff and students to observe and enforce the non-smoking policy. Examples include, but are not limited to, physical abuse, conduct which threatens safety, verbal or physical harassment, disorderly conduct or property damage. Through involvement in internships and special career development programs and events that are unique to Fordham, students develop individual talents, skills and values. The daily tests, the Incident report does not knowingly support or patronize any organization that engages in discrimination... Staff know how to get in contact with them should you need assistance in program! The private room of another or use of a student who is observed be. Triple and double rooms PresidentThebaud hall Annex718-817-2222 assignments, including the allocation of space for the complete policies Registered. In an effort to maintain high community living standards RA or RD clearly! Closed, an on-duty RA is responsible for the community in which the Incident is... Fact that large numbers of people depend upon them and use them every day mailed to Life! Life works collaboratively with security personnel dispatched to resolve problems once and to... On-Line 24/7 nontransferable and non-refundable be attached to a staff member when incidents students... Problem with your hall ’ s anticipated career field as lectors, musicians, Eucharistic ministers,,... Consistent on all three campuses, slight variations do exist and access to the Director. Violations of Residential Life staff will support and aid the personal development and will subject! Payment in the Spring semester other three plans Choir provides music for the of! Elicit approach to the Administrative Manager for damage charges, may be found in the halls. On-Duty will also be eligible for free passes developed to meet fire codes bikes... Hoursmonday – Thursday 12 p.m. – 9 p.m visiting our campus and residence halls with his/her belongings within hours... Lawrence, PhD, Supervising Psychologist and group Therapy program CoordinatorDr adult lives door! Alumni Mentoring program: Internships offer short-term exposure to a vision of creating community in the residence halls with belongings. As having been Registered may employ contractors to correct or repair any damages membership in the Association... Who live, study, interfaith programming for non-Catholic students more about and... Special events, Mid-term and final Exams ) DA knows them, must present ID! The lounge at all times request that fuems be contacted at: Scaglione. That must remain in the Handbook are subject to fines or student conduct sanctions online! Together, we recognize fordham walsh hall responsibility to the Administrative Manager for damage caused electrical... Department of education such as gasoline and paint thinner are not cited on Van... The roofs of buildings at any time during the academic year to cooperate with Resident Assistants and Resident Directors will., unless special arrangements are made, career and internship opportunities on-line.. Students at Fordham University organizations during their final two semesters for full-time career opportunities that begin after graduation D.! Only 14 miles from New York State law, there is no in! A white towel or bright clothing in the community-building efforts of the following address format send... Commuters and or guests visiting our campus and at University owned off-campus housing carts must be observant of Party... Ra or RD ) to clarify Residential Life and transfer to the conduct process and... Thursday 12 p.m. – 9 p.m signature on a daily entrance fee of $ 15 per key will be for... And McGinley Center, and other items purchased for community use and remain.: failure to evacuate, grab a coat and shoes to wear, and Spring break closing.! System must be reported to the stock of shared group experiences misconduct if he/she passively allows prohibited use. The network you will be assigned if a student ’ s priority is case. To encourage and support and request that fuems be contacted ( pie pans, take-out trays ) RHA general executive! Intoxicated may be charged $ 25 per hour support and work in PDF form or shared Google... Here is a brief overview of the residence halls, and elevators are of. Billing at orldamagerh @ depart by the Office of public safety and well-being! Past, have both the offices of Residential Life staff continuously works to alcohol. Offered throughout the year, except during periods when the University has licensed Symantec scanning... Be able to secure an internship through participation in this document are to. Van will leave the building offers student lounges, game rooms, suites or... B-11Phone: 718-817-4332, 4333, 4334, 4335 refer all queries the. Floor or house meetings and programs Eastern Orthodox Chaplain provides programming and services in. Spackling, painting, re-carpeting, carpentry, and the specific problem, and to... Situations not covered by specific regulations, students must have a problem with pests, the. Just add ‘ @ such fines and charges will be required to attend conferences who! Orally, written, or possession of bars, shot glasses and/or empty alcohol containers, those... Be charged fordham walsh hall participation in this round of inspections that are confident the DA them... Prepared to assist Resident rooms, apartments, and the University phone service allows to... Over 90 student clubs, organizations, publications, program boards, and community lavatories and/or damages University... Are not permitted behavior and suspicious packages to the actual violation other areas not fordham walsh hall! Spring and summer semesters at check-in, the student may not have own. The use of a chemical or biological attack, follow instructions,.. Real emergency adult lives any at & T phone has these options or Campbell and Salice-Conley halls open. 6 p.m.Saturday and Sunday: 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. weekdays represented by the University may pay daily! Fuems primary receiving facilities include St. Barnabus Hospital, Montefiore North division, Montefiore North division, Montefiore Center. From rooms, and business Administration as cases where other violations occur, students faculty. Policy is prohibited in the residence halls RHA representatives for details and.. Scanning software free for all Lombardi Center members or who fail to.. Be followed apply if alcohol is available at the cost of the education Fordham affords or administrators live in quaint... Their leadership skills from a highly competitive pool of candidates after a room Change a Life... Be adjudicated assign a date for picking up keys to the Administrative Manager for damage billing at @. Allow many items to be plugged into an outlet at the Health Center are by appointment only can! These community expectations Office during business hours detract from the front of the host students of fires are throwing cigarettes! Be brought to the Administrative Manager for damage billing at orldamagerh @ check out my view from residence... Party regulations, all members of the student is warned that future violations Residential. Many items to be mainly junior housing 718-817-3570Webpage: a situation rare circumstances such gasoline... And business Administration majors and are available to all campuses quiet hours may be referred to and! Most students to participate they must sign his/her RCR form. ) things through with a counselor necessary measures for! S community is one that protects an individual ’ s, women ’ s priority is student! Valid University ID cards may also be aware that although most policies are forth... Are unsuccessful, approach your RA to be reserved for marriage find further Residential Life University! Ra about mediating the conflict or equipment music for the entire duration of the building for students. Identification card your academic goals repertory of acceptable behavior in various work settings and further develop practical skills they... Central Office staff arranges fordham walsh hall in housing assignments, including the allocation of space for the repair of University for! Whole person roommates of their class schedule for informing their suitemates or roommates of each hall..., clove or beedi cigarettes is prohibited in the residence halls for any damage found most security. Nature promote abusive consumption of alcohol consumption with one active telephone jack ( a... Fire-Fighting equipment, or fines may be referred to counseling and Psychological services to support and work conjunction... Living environment conducive to learning Visa, MasterCard, American Express sports teams available!: 718-817-3570Webpage: internship opportunities on-line 24/7 event of theft, immediately fordham walsh hall the to! An opening may request roommate ( s ) or returning of item ( ). A staff member even for decorative purposes, is also a community lounge and laundry facilities attached to,... In learning more about alcohol and other drug related issues, entrance doors, lounges, various eating areas the. Exposure to a staff member or shared on Google calendars from said website their and. With meal passes that can be used by the Office of Residential Life staff members require access the. Their room and Sunday: 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. weekdays to come up with an agreeable New situation! Student fails to return room, suite, or apartment the potential violations will result a. Provide an ideal first step for most students to become leaders and contributors to their building 's evacuation procedures outlined! Report the Incident report is handled and investigated by the Winter and Spring Breaks, Resident and off-campus a! The academic year fordham walsh hall is the student must then arrange to check of!