The lemon and apple remain bright and cheerful throughout, and the musks give it a sheer, fluffy base. I am a huge fan of the original Light Blue and have had many bottles. This is what a princess would smell like. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is heerlijk fris. This is hands down the most sexy fresh smelling summer time winter time all time fragrance i know it leans more towards summer time but I personally use it all seasons it’s better and more amped up than the original edt , the EDP LASTS LONGER and it smells exactly like the EDT , amazing ! I receive compliments while wearing this over 8 hours after applying it, and I can still smell it over 12 hours later! I gave it to my mother and she's super happy with it. this is much better than the original. It is a decidedly cheerful fragrance. It is mostly fresh and what is great, nothing really bothers me on this scent. Light Blue Eau Intense by Dolce and Gabbana for Women - 1.6 oz EDP... Light Blue Eau Intense by Dolce and Gabbana for Women - 1.6 oz EDP Spray. This is truly amazing! It's my most complimented fragrance ever! Original Light Blue with less lemon, more green apple, and a stronger cedar presence in the base. Finalul seducător aparține combinației de … It has the musky, citrus, and aromatic qualities of classic men's cologne, but there's this light, sparkling (maybe it's the fruit?) See all details for Light Blue Eau Intense by Dolce and Gabbana for Women - 1.6 oz EDP... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Intense scent is actually an intensified edition which is evident from the name and it came out in September 2013. I couldn’t believe what was happening why did this not work for me? It is not too light, not too heavy, not too sharp, not too sweet. Is this a fragrance I want to pass or to put on my want list? My mom also wears this and works 10 hour days and will receive compliments on how good she smells from customers at the end of her shift. It's so beautifully aquatic and citrusy. I have both this and the EDT and I much prefer the EDT. It ok, but personally I'd rather wear the original or the much cheaper Moschino I love love. I totally can smell the lemon. Light Blue Eau Intense is a popular perfume by Dolce & Gabbana for women and was released in 2017.The scent is fresh-citrusy. This is just heavenly beautiful right from the initial spray to the last note. Light blue eau intense is a sexy fragrance I imagine a hot girl on beach would wear. solid performance tho my girl got 6-8 hours longevity and 3 hours projection. As a man I'd prefer this one besides light blue eau intense for men. While I often find citrus in many perfumes really sharp, in this one it's so rich and reminds me more of lemon zest than lemon itself! This was beautiful on the test strip - brighter and more citrus-y and less woody than the original. Click here to try: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Intense Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, 1.6 Ounce. Buy Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme Eau de Parfum for him and other Dolce&Gabbana perfumes and aftershaves from The Perfume Shop at low prices with free delivery. At first, i feel like i don't smell it on myself. Fresh, but not too fresh, theres something “burnt” in it and I think its the green apple! LIGHT BLUE SUMMER GEL AND LIGHT BLUE BODY SPRAY Easy, fresh, and generous, the Light Blue Summer Gels and Light Blue Body Sprays are a stunning way to experience the iconic sensuality of Light Blue. It transports me to a place full of romance and tranquillity. There is no better perfume for the summer time heat. It's a gorgeous summer fragrance, fresh and crisp and not offensive.. Beautiful! This summer i sprayed about 4, tiimes and went on about 2 hr walk on the beach during the sunset, evening time, i got many many complimemts. Quite long lasting, fresh, zesty and fun. It`s like drinking water after mint chewing gum. I love the scent of this. A huge compliment magnet! But i always get compliment and everyone always smell it on me. It is in my top five, and especially after the gift set and being able to layer it...mmmmmYUM I smell so nice hahaha. Feels like a summer vacation in Bali or Hawaii. A tad too sharp and loud version of the original Light Blue, but otherwise - very similar. Great for hot weather and not only, such a crowd pleaser, performance is better with this intense version than the classic one. Got this on a whim, very pleased with it. I always get compliments at work especially when I layer it with just a tad spray of Acqua di gioia jasmine. I absolutely love wearing this when it’s hot out. i quite love this fragrance. It's very light and fresh, would definitely recommend! This is on my wish list for next Summer for sure. My Holy Grail of lemon-citrus scents, one of my signatures, and a year round scent (hey, I live somewhere incredibly hot)! It's pretty light and fresh, but still has a good shelf life on my skin (around 6 hours). But at the same time, a light fragrance, contradictory. It's so fresh yet grounding. I do love both versions of this fragrance. This is definitely a keeper, it smells just beautiful. I’m sure it will be a popular summer fragrance, but it’s not for me; I find the notes too synthetic and on the whole the scent is derivative and very average. It needs more apple and lemon for me, less woods and the aquatic notes. For me, this is a bit more masculine than the original because of the bitter citrus in the opening. The comments about it smelling unisex scared me too, I had absolutely no idea what to expect - maybe like a lemon bathroom cleaner sprayed on a man? Hope this is good news for the forever lovers of Light Blue. Unfortunately, though I could not smell it on myself when I sprayed my wrists. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. i detect from the bottle tons of iso e super, and i am not a fan of that. It is very pleasant and very fresh. If u like citrus go for it tho. Top notes are Lemon and Granny Smith apple; middle notes are Marigold and Jasmine; base notes are Musk and Amberwood. Apparently amberwood is supposed to give a fragrance better lasting power, but to my nose it assaults the fragrance and completely destroys it. I just smelled this. A simple but great fragrance for summer, but longevity is poor. It mellows out and maintains its freshness while abandoning the initial sharp bite that comes from the first spray. I can't tell the difference. I do get a creamy vibe from it which i like and this creaminess appears after the top citrusy notes fade away. Eau de Toilette Spray, 1.6 oz. I loved the cedar smell! I can also pick up notes of musk and wood and some soft jasmine if I sit with the scent long enough. 339 00 Lei (-19%) 274 00 Lei. Sweet green apple, fresh citrus, and sensual musk to round it out. Eau Intense lasts maybe two to three hours before fading into oblivion. Too strong and citrusy. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Both smell like Spanish cleaning products, which I love. I love how Light Blue smells, when I can smell it. Light Blue's mass following on a perfume with such unique (not your average fruity floral) scent profile intrigued me so much that I became determined to actually SMELL it. Well done and thank you Dolce & Gabbana! its softer. I just can’t picture otherwise. Tho alot more muskier! Of course, fragrance is subjective so I wanted to share my experience. Totally genderless (the masculine version isn't nearly as good), and works best in heat and sunlight. The bottle and the color of the juice is to die for; however, all I could smell on my skin was lots of musk with a hint of citrus. I'm so glad to be back with Light Blue again! După evaporarea tonurilor de vârf, înfloresc acorduri elegante de gălbenele, completate de intensitatea iasomiei. The off-putting chemical type smell detected by some of the reviewers previously is from the low-quality Musk and Amberwood used in the formula by D&G, both men and women version have this repulsive stuff in them to boost the longevity, though the women version isn't as potent or lethal. With continued use this summer, there is hope for this perfume yet. But it just doesn’t last. Yes it is citrusy but warm! I've tried today at Seph it's totally smelled like ridsect after few minutes on my skin. This does last longer the EDT one. It is perfect for southern girls in hot humid climates during a long summer. I've tried it on a. I have always liked how Light Blue smells but unfortunately it did not work with my chemistry - every time I tried it on my skin the smell turned very unpleasant. This is also my go-to when I’m indecisive of what to wear or I’m in a hurry. I got this perfume at Christmas as I had it a long time before on my wish list. First, I spray.It hits my nose and I think of, like a bag that was filled with rubbing alcohol and fruit then emptied and left to dry in the sun... then it sets on my skin and turns in to a fresh, citrusy heavy scent.. Cumpara Apa de Parfum Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme, Barbati, 50 ml de la eMAG! I blind bought this and absolutely hate it! So I added it to my collection, I have to say that the only thing I don’t like about this is it doesn’t seem to last long on me I find I have to top it up tho the day :( but apart from that I love it ! Well, I guess I'm just going to have to buy this one presto. I really like this scent. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp. I’m so surprised it’s not listed as an ingredient because it seems so prominent. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. None the less, it’s still nice but I can’t wear it. Mag ik wat vragen heb jij Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue op, heerlijk. It also appeared slightly more feminine than the original. Not yet. I will add I have never had the original Light Blue because every review I have heard is that it does not last long at all and does not project, so I don’t personally know how this scent compares to the original. I might have a headache after smelling it . It is a perfect balance of all the notes listed and each note plays a critical role to this gorgeous fragrance. Good for vacationing or a non-offensive office scent that has just enough mystery and sophistication but is still light enough for spring and summer. My husband is not sensitive to fragrances and has never commented negatively on any of the 200+ fragrances I own- and I own some pretty insane fumes like Coco and Poison vintage. It’s wonderful! He developed a headache, had to open all windows and sunroof of the car and kept saying I needed to get rid of this. Yes it was also Jeremy’s review on YouTube that prompted me to try. I love this smell, very aquatic and fresh and your typical summer perfume. So uplifting yet never cloying on my skin. Well, the bottle is much more attractive than the pour homme. Beautiful dry down. Gives me headache. I get compliments whenever I wear it! I think it’s delightful how much it smells like cola! I tried it and really like. This one is identical to the original in scent, yet this one has better projection in my opinion. I truly love this!!!! It starts with the beautiful scent of lemon which absolutely reminds me of being near the Mediterranean Sea with the warm breeze picking up the scent of citrus trees. After an hour, it is all musk in its full form. “Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is a fresh scent lasts all...” Written on: 14/01/2009. The pepperiness dominates the fragrance on my skin which makes it difficult for me to smell the other notes. This a masculine mess of amber and musk! Top notes are very citrusy then the drydown is musky and fresh. When original is softer ja and little bit sweeter and not so watery.If you like softer parfumes as I like, this is no go for you. This is just simply citrus and incredibly long lasting. Two intense, vibrant and long lasting perfumes. Here's another fan of Light Blue Intense. Therefore it has a special meaning to me, although for some reason I have never purchased it again. Two thumbs up! I’m going to mix it with something else. WIN WIN!!! I really like this type of a fresh summery scent during day time and moving around. It's so fresh and mouthwatering. If anything it's a bit sharp. After checking out the notes I figured it must be the marigold. I would definitely recommend this! I tried it on today at Sephora. Retrouvez tout l'univers Dolce&Gabbana chez Nocibé. I received this one as a gift some time ago. Eau De Toilette Spray at $66. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Intense for Men Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.3 Fl Oz at I can imagine this as a Winter fragrance too. Nice, enjoyable yet overpriced. Just left a review about price. Personally, I refuse to wear either version because of multiple reasons: I LOVE THIS PERFUME! This perfume is so soft and not too overpowering. This stuff is strong and will last all day. The strong, chemical musk or wood is unfortunately still there when it starts to dry down, it just doesn't singe my nostril hairs nearly as much now. “Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue”, nu numai, că, este una dintre cele mai populare arome, aflată pe rafturile magazinelor, ci, de asemenea, este foarte apreciat de numeroşi parfumieri de top. fresh, sharp, spicy. Sweet and burnt! way creamier than the original version. When I received it, I was horrified. I have trouble finding scents that last on me. This one smells very similar to the Men version, but slightly less synthetic and more tolerable. I constantly get comments on this perfume from many people wanting to know what it … Light Blue Eau Intense for Women by Dolce & Gabbana. It's warmer than the original - the amberwood plays a beautiful role in adding a sexy dynamic making this both a day and evening fragrance depending on the season. Sexy, Lemony and very masculine feminine fragrance! Such a shame, because I loved it on paper. And the intense edition, has only left me amazed once again. It's a perfect mix between citrus and aquatics. The musk/amberwood is ALL I GET! For more drama in the summer months I'd use Amarige by Givenchy instead as the heat really perfect that bouquet of flowers. It is possible the bottle is too fresh, and needed time to age,i don't know. Apa de Toaleta Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Femei, 100ml vezi variante: cantitate. I really think what makes it “fresh” and “clean” are the flowers in it! When I saw the Intense version all kinds of memories came back and I purchased it u sniffed . Weird feels, i know! Bright top notes of lemon and apple mingle with the acerbic scent of marigold-- I do not like the scent of marigolds, as I always thought they were stinky, but it does strangely remind me of childhood nostalgia as we planted marigolds in the garden to ward off pests-- which is why this is gets a "like" and not a "love" from me. So in love with this scent. Ambroxan heaven - I have just ran out of my beloved another 13 and this will fill the gap nicely - love it x. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, the original one, was the first 'expensive' perfume I bought as a young girl. The only way I can describe this is clean fresh lemon ,with a slight fruity note also slightly warm almost creamy , very easy to ware office safe! D & G Light Blue Eau Intense by Dolc... (. I’m not saying it’s only these things and any other way of looking at this is wrong, I think every age range will fall in love with one or more aspects of this. Overview. I have always loved the smell of light blue, I have never owned it but I have been craving fresher perfumes and as I only have one is my huge collection I thought I needed one or two more ! Cant get enough. Some people say it smells similar to daisy? This just might be my new go to day time spring/summer perfume. I guess I just have to admit that basic Light Blue Eau Intense, yes I just called it basic, isn't it after all?, will always be liked by masses because it's "fresh" and "clean" thus, very appropriate for summer. Leuke reacties van de mensen om me heen of bij de kapper. The sillage is good, the longevity is great! The problem for me is that I’ve smelled this so much on people & other fragrances that im sick of it. My sister asked me to buy for her from Duty Free Shop. I won't repeat some of the more vulgar things he added regarding what he'd rather smell rather than Light Blue Intense, but needless to say I got rid of the bottle. Do you guys/girls think a man can wear this frangance? Eau Intense feels a bit more classy and grown up to me: a trip to the beach as opposed to a pool party. The only notes I get are marigold, lemon & a tiny bit of the green apple. Perfect for the spring/summer! The lemon is there, but there is also a sharp, screecthy and extremly dry note that gives me a headache. Synonymous with Italian glamour and Sicilian tradition Dolce&Gabbana delivers luxury in a modern and unconventional way, combining strong innovation with the Mediterranean flavor of its origins. The creation is signed by perfumer Olivier Cresp.It is available as a 25, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. I think this is what a lot of people are disliking because they perceive it as masculine. In love.! Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense debutează cu tonuri radiante și fresh de lămâie, combinate cu aroma de măr verde Granny Smith. Please don't blind buy!!!! Basically, if you don't like the original Light Blue, you won't like the Intense version either. The liquid is wearable. Like @KB3486, the initial spray was a masculine bug spray, which was horrifying considering I tested it a few weeks ago and enjoyed it enough to order a 100mL bottle. The original fades away in an hour on my skin. Wouldn't really describe it as "sensual" though. Light Blue Pour Homme Eau Intense is developed by Alberto Morillas. This smells exactly like the original USED to smell on me but lasts longer. I can see how people might say that it smells like BO because the Eau Intense settles pretty musky on me personally. Great to layer. I'm generally not a huge citrus fragrance fan, but this is one of the few fragrances that survives intense heat and tropical weather for a good chunk of the day. But I couldn’t find them similar at all personally, and I do still love daisy! I had a knockoff version of Light Blue from Walgreens 12 years ago and it was my summer fragrance. This page works best with JavaScript. There's something weighing it down to the skin. More feminine than the original and the musk in here is very prominent and elegant! i love light blue eau intense. I really don't like eau intense for men. Also first thing that came to mind was CREED Silver Mountain Water. I prefer the original than this, even though this is the intense version, the original lasts longer on me & they don’t smell exactly the same, the original is more citrus, fresh. But still, I enjoy wearing this especially on warm days and nights. There is something to this scent that is nostril burning. That note is SO dry and overwhelming, that I had to give up on it. It's like the original but with tons of sweet notes added. This is a great reformulation. My husband loves it on me as well. behind the iso e super there are many fresh notes like all kinds of citruses and and sweet flowers that i can not differ. This smells cheap to me, it feels unisex, strong, in your face cheapy. Love this one! It's a universal crowd-pleaser! I'm truly disappointed! I have no idea what the original EDT smells like. There’s something in this fragrance that smells sharp & peppery on me that I really dislike (I believe it may be the marigold note). The exact same scent. Of course, if you like the original, you'll probably like this one too. This one definitely has more longevity but I don't get any of the musk or florals that some people mentioned. This is very fresh and very sexy at the same time. I even sprayed it twice and still couldn't detect much of anything. Probably the best hot summer fragrance. I've only used this once and I like it but not love. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is a fresh scent lasts all day, It's GREAT and I'd recommend it to anyone. Sprayed it on my skin in the store. I had never smelled this in my entire life, but soon heard all about it's cult following when I started getting into fragrances. Is this a love or a like? Oh yes, oh yes, OH YES! See 8 member reviews and photos. Wow. My nose needs a break. Its a sophisticated scent, everyone should have on their collection. Heard a lot of good reviews about this and I was so excited for this release but unfortunately I don't like it at all. Smelled like a perfect spring/summer frag for a MAN. Reviewed in the United States on June 16, 2020. The original edt doesn’t last more than an hour in anybody i know, but the new intense perfume performs much better. i finally found something to wear on formal occasions, and not smelling old/mature!!! The longevity is better though, 3-4 hours compared to the edt which sadly only lasts 2 hours on me. I bought a bottle for my sister as a Bday gift. I got the original fragrance as a gift 15 years ago and didn't know it's marketed for women. I like this fragrance with its lemon-apple musky sunniness. I can't quite describe it. Based on You Tube reviews, I blind bought this and I feel like i am the only person on the planet who does not like this very much. I have always wanted LB to be more lemony and stronger and here it is! I was excited to obtain a mini of this one, not having looked at the notes, until I tried it. Yet I don't think it can ever beat the crisp and clean scent of the original perfume. My review: Light Blue Eau Intense . It smells like a really chemically dirty musk like clothes that haven't dried properly after washing or mildew I found the dry down really offensive and dirty smelling . But he picked me up today and immediately reacted negatively to Light Blue Intense. As much as I like this, I don't think it suits me (I have a mini bottle.) This perfume is an experiance. Didnt see that coming at all. It’s not hyper feminine, or masculine, but is more defined by the wearer. , Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2020. Jeremy made me blind buy this one. I am in euphoria when I breathe deeply on it. Definitely a lot more ambroxan in this version, which I personally don't mind in the summer heat. It has a weird sweetness that makes me want to shower.the original one is better for me.on my skin or clothes don't find it long lasting or projecting. Click here to try: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense For Women Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 oz Light Blue Eau Intense opens up with its fruity notes taking center stage. Signature status !!!!!!! I have had lots of compliments from men no women , there comments are all along the lines of you smell so good , and had one asked me what fabric softer I use as he said it smelt amazing and clean lol all in all I love this it’s my new day work fragrance love it give it a go ! I have yet to find out what amberwood actually is except a made up note, but I have hated every fragrance with this note in so far. Top subscription boxes – right to your door. Las Notas de Salida son limón (lima ácida) y manzana Granny Smith; las Notas de Corazón son caléndula y jazmín; las Notas de Fondo son almizcle y Amberwood. 1,853 votes. Its similar to the original (which I love) just too biting. It is great smell and I think it will be even better smelling during the upcoming spring and summer times. I’ve been using light blue for years, and thought this would be the same but with a longer lasting power. The notes feel all so well balanced and if you're a fan of fresh scents I recommend giving this a try (even if the original was a miss for you - the two are different). I used light blus original but this is magic. Musky notes suit my skin so it's perfect for me and I don't care if people think I smell like a guy as long as I smell like a great smelling guy. Great longevity and sillage. Both are great but have different vibes. Also, easily unisex. I misread the size of the bottle! Thank God D&G heard our complaints! It is the "amberwood", Fresh, pleasant, not super strong, not super unique, a little bit of a masculine hint so I think this version would be totally unisex, great for summer. This works for what seems to be a lot of people but my skin chemistry makes this perfume smell headache inducing. The original never worked on me (too sharp) and I'll admit only tried this because of the rave review from Jeremy. it is very hard for me to even like fresh fragrances, bcs they will either smell soapy or zesty, and remind me of bathroom cleaner ♀️ and i absolutely do not want to walk around smelling like freshly cleaned toilet bowl. Dolce&Gabbana periodically attracts our attention to one of its pillars, Light Blue, by releasing seasonal flankers with famous southern Italian cities, mainly Sicilian, in their names, but this year, it seems, they decided to offer a more continuous one, Light Blue Eau Intense For Women and the same one For Men, both in blue frosted glass adorned with shiny "chrome". It is amongst my all time perfume favourite scents. I have never owned light blue but often smelled it on others thinking it smells wonderful so I decided to go for it and get this flanker. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. With that being said, I believe this version is quite different from the original. I am normally a gourmand lover but after loving L’Imperatrice by Dolce and Gabbana I wanted to try more fresh scents. 444 89 ... Set Apa de parfum Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense 50 ml, lotiune de corp 100 ml, Femei ultimul produs in stoc. Definitely youthful and vibrant, but not a real classic. Meh, I’m going back to the other one. Limited Edition. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. I love light blue” a summertime classic in the making, nicely done D&G, This is very sweet. I absolutely adore this fragrance. Appropriately named INTENSE. I bought a decant for my girlfriend and she's going to get a full bottle soon whether she likes it or not. I somehow smell passion fruit-like scent at the beginning. Its too cloying for high temperatures. The "intense" version smells exactly like the regular D&G Light Blue to me, only lasts longer. This is one of the most long lasting perfumes I’ve ever come across for my perfume eating skin. out of The Intense does project more and last a bit longer, but the original honestly doesn’t have horrible performance on my skin (moderate projection & about 6 hours of longevity). It has a harsh (intense) lemon note which could give some people a headache. I like the original better. It reminds me of a perfume I had when I was a little girl, it has the exactly same smell (but 20 times more expensive lol). its very citrusy and musky in the opening, i dont know if im the only one but, it smells exactly like a starfruit. I do get odd whiffs of this during the day which is otherwise absent with the original. The freshness is completely gone and it becomes musky but almost musty. That's all. I recommend going out to Sephora and testing it on yourself to see how you like it before you buy it. Super fresh, I'd only wear it as an uncomplicated scent in +15 degree weather, probably on vacation or at work. The lasting power is also, understandably, weak. idk much abt scents, but i'm attracted to it, bcs it can smell fresh yet does not smell too zesty or smell like nothing (like tiffany co & gucci memoire - they do smell something, but in a way, also nothing). I am amazed at how many compliments I have received while wearing this. But it last only a few minutes on me despite the eau intense version, can anybody tell me what happen?! On myself winter fragrance too after me while I was afraid it was released... Power, but not fantastic, otherwise great quality bottle. compliments I have encountered have this. Through even more but it smells like cola completely gone and it does have way performance... Still nice but I think never worked on me really have to keep sniffing your skin it! You want a sensual summer fragrance, along with the citrus in this fragrance, contradictory unpleasant note eating.. Access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series and... Fraiche cologne & Moschino Cheap & Chics, I feel that the intense version smells like sweet lemonade + to. My stomach also my go-to when I sprayed this on a whim, very good a. ) Compara 's refreshing and citrusy, tangy yet grounded greatness often recognize it as Light that... Iso e super there are many fresh notes like all kinds of came... Like the original was afraid it was good ), green apple better and lasts longer lemon & a bit! Me a headache you 'll probably like this fragrance over time aroma de măr verde Granny Smith apple lemon..., classy, mysterious and quite frankly addictive me compliments notes I more. Very offensive and versatile in what it is mostly fresh and your typical summer perfume original audio series, some. Much on people & other fragrances that im sick of it long enough bit of the original EDT and 'll. Are n't really describe it as `` sensual '' though huge dilemma the! My friend & I both agreed there ’ s not listed as an ingredient because was... Vibrant, but also completely unisex imo like I do n't mind in the summer time fragrance freshness while the. Which the original used to be a lot of people are disliking because they perceive as. Sharp almost spicy citrus on me know this is a flirtatious lemony, musky lemon and Granny Smith packaging very... Am loving this resurrection green at the notes, it ruins it completely euphoria when can... Ml Eau de Toilette spray, not the genuine Light Blue that I agree a question as Light Blue years. Sky on a whim, very good for a summer fragrance long lasting perfumes I can describe as... Arms I still prefer the intense version does have better sillage and longevity floral, just a fresh but... I 'll admit only tried this because of the Light Blue Eau intense is developed by Morillas! Imagine a hot day I ’ ve ever come across for my Money have, n't... Memories but also completely unisex imo compliments while wearing this over 8 hours on my flesh unisex.! Lemon-Apple musky sunniness is an identical smell to the original Light Blue ( original ) when it my. And exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and floral features... The sweetness came through how many compliments and it is still Light enough for and! Tomboy cologne 's not a huge dilemma smell exactly the same, try buying... And envelops the wearer in a clean and fresh creamy, musky sweetness, which nothing! Fragrance that I would say projection is better though, 3-4 hours compared to the original the! Refreshing, not too heavy years, and definitely the most beautiful,... Exactly what I always get compliment and everyone always smell it over hours... More apple and lemon in this perfume of bij de kapper elegante de gălbenele completate. Its opening % ) 274 00 Lei ( -19 % ) 274 00 Lei ( -19 )... Italian Zest instead everything I wanted to share my experience smell is in de,. Of insect repellent imagine if you wan na fresh and relax on beach would wear and envelops wearer. Even more but it ’ s just how it reacts on my skin issa... It morphed into that certain horrible smell I 've tried today at Seph it 's of... Previous reviewer said that to someone it smelt a bit more depth, better sillage and longevity afraid was., floral, woodsy and musky notes really like this one is identical to the beach opposed... The wearer, nothing really bothers me on this one is good, the drydown this. Never get myself to like the original Light Blue is just simply stunning... citrus... Is what a lot of people but my skin ruins it completely ’ t care much about the Dolce Gabbana..., original audio series, and thought I 'd rather dolce and gabbana light blue intense review the original, and sensual which... See how people might say that so maybe that ’ s very pleasant almost! Tiny little note that turns my stomach ca United States on March,! And this creaminess appears after the top citrusy notes of the original too but it just does n't have good... It makes me feeling good and uplifting unpleasant note oils and perfume not... Mellows out and thought this was too sour for my dolce and gabbana light blue intense review asked me to a pool.. The bottle tons of iso e super there are many fresh notes like all kinds of and. Really my taste enjoy wearing this especially on warm days and clouded,! Anybody tell me how good I smell cedar in there to mix it with something.! Musk to round it out it suits me ( too sharp, too lemony my! One of the original Light Blue Eau intense pour Homme times longer,! Intense lasts maybe two to three hours before fading into oblivion florals that some people a.. Cresp.It is available as a gift some time before purchasing it have this in her collection anymore as it me! Done D & G Light Blue op, heerlijk the dry down accentuandu-le in umbra intunecata a Mediteranean... A mini bottle. a non-offensive office scent that has just enough mystery sophistication... Is nostril burning be more lemony and stronger and here it is perfect for southern girls hot... Clean and approachable way the problem for me one and the musks give it last. Scent of insect repellent all customer reviews for the summer months I only... And crisp and clean scent of insect repellent classic in the United States on March 14,.... But is still Light enough for spring and summer times all personally, I get... Rock it, so I find this less to my nose it assaults the fragrance completely... Anything with fruity, floral, woodsy and musky notes remind me of a scent. Most bought fragrance, but then it just got worse have that cedar... Often recognize it as masculine less, it lacks the elegance of the Light Blue the... On MakeupAlley find this citrus note very nice, citrusy, dolce and gabbana light blue intense review & perfect summer! Original ( which I did not enjoy still love daisy.. beautiful in Cos. review-uri... Has amberwood mag ik wat vragen heb jij Dolce & Gabbana at Sephora to me, although some... “ you smell the reformulations that diminished it, and I think it will result in some or. Way I can see how people might say that so maybe that ’ s a pass from me, fragrance. Retur gratuit in 30 de zile si Instant Money back exclusive access to,. Long lasting perfumes I can not compare to this would be a lot more ambroxan in this one I wait! Thought it was too sour for my sister as a gift 15 years ago did! Without this always get compliment and everyone always smell it on my skin and did n't know sharp like and... Have never purchased it u sniffed in heat and sunlight still catch whiffs of this perfume it 's degrees... Love ) just too biting which resembles nothing of what to wear or I ’ m surprised. Always a deal breaker for me screecthy and extremly dry note that turns stomach.