He could only look on in shock and fall to the ground, where he shortly died. Death Troopers Stormtrooper Orson Krennic Kylo Ren Star Wars, death star, star Wars Episode VII, anakin Skywalker, star Wars Sequel Trilogy png Star Wars Master Yoda illustration, Yoda Count Dooku Luke Skywalker Anakin Skywalker C-3PO, wars, vertebrate, war, fictional Character png 2 years ago. Serra Keto "Your greatest pupil is no more.. —Anakin Skywalker to Cin Drallig. Cin Drallig verteidigt sich zusammen mit Bene gegen Darth Vader. Affiliation(s) Cin Drallig served as both Battlemaster and head of security for the Jedi Temple. [9], After many years of service and attaining the rank of Jedi Master[3][8][9] (no earlier than 31 BBY),[10] Drallig was elected Battlemaster[2] (or swordmaster),[4] making him the leading lightsaber combat instructor in the Temple. As a Master, he was a teacher of combat who passed his skills onto new generations of. On behest of Emperor Palpatine, Sate Pestage compiled official reasons for each Jedi's death. I have a bad feeling about all this. Tempel am Ende der Klonkriegen und der Ausführung der Order 66, der Auslöschung der Jedi durch die Klonstreitkräfte, von der 501. Click to expand... Proc rate should be roughly 80%, seeing as the skill falls under the 'specific' category. Hmmm, this is a tough one, I don't know how good Cin Drallig is, but he's a Lightsaber Teacher, and knows most forms, Master of Niman. A Remastered edition of the original, 2009 “Movie Duels 2” mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, with updated maps, models, sounds and various other improvements, to bring the mod into the modern age. Cin Drallig was born on Lavisar.He was trained by Grand Master Yoda himself who trained him to be an exceptionally skilled swordsman. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. He is in command of the Temple Guard assignments, and also serves as a lightsaber instructor, as all veteran Jedi are encouraged to pass on what they have learned to a new generation of Padawan learners. 1.74 meters[3]1.77 meters[4] For example, Anakin Skywalker, as a Padawan, lamented the fact that Master Drallig wouldn't let him study Form VII. remember me reset password. And keep the reports coming! 1,77 Meter Asskicking Equals Authority: He was the Battlemaster, or recognized best lightsaber combat teacher in the Order. When the Clone Wars erupted between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Master Mierme Unill took up the rank of General in the newly formed Grand Army of the Republic. starting to like it total posts: 54 since: May 2005. CIN DRALLIG by Roman F and Geektopia. Based on behind the scenes materials, the lightsaber blade was originally to be rotoscoped in yellow. scuttlebuttin. Cin Drallig was a Jedi Master, lightsaber instructor and head of the Jedi Temple Guard during the Clone Wars. Sie kamen erstmals 20 VSY, als ein Anschlag auf den Hangar des Tempels verübt wurde, und dabei sechs Jedi umkamen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Biografische Daten [9] Engaging Vader in the Temple training hall[1][9][17] along with two of his students, Bene and Whie Malreaux, they were nonetheless unable to defeat the Dark Lord. Jedi Order[1]Galactic Republic[1] [14] Master Drallig admired young Skywalker's assertiveness in solving the alarming case,[3] but was most concerned at how vulnerable the Order had become, and how the image of the Jedi as benevolent protectors had become much too fragile. Drallig was taught lightsaber combat by Yoda himself and learned to be a skilled swordsman himself. Jedi Dort wurde Cin persönlich von Meister Yoda unterwiesen und wurde nach einer langen und harten Ausbildung ein legendärer Lichtschwertkampf-Trainer. Dec 4, 2018 - Explore Star Wars's board "Cin Drallig", followed by 172 people on Pinterest. Log in Sign up. [3][11] As the Clone Wars continued to unfold, Drallig grew particularly concerned with the growing hostility towards the Jedi from Republic citizens. Während Drallig im Film mit braunem Haar dargestellt wird, so hat er in der X-BOX und PS2-Version des Spiels zu. Zugehörigkeit Battlemaster Cin Drallig - Slashed by Vader with the Skywalker Saber offscreen during the Order 66 and the attack on the Jedi Temple, on Sidious's orders. Cin Drallig, though, happened to be nearby when the pillar fell on Serra. So how did he get beat by Anakin Skywalker? It's a duel to the death. Im Spiel "Star Wars Episode drei" kämpft man als Anakin Skywalker in einer Mission gegen Cin Drallig, welcher von einem Padawan unterstüzt wird. He is also wearing a different costume. For the production of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series fifth season episode Sabotage, a clay maquette of Drallig's head was made by Darren Marshall. The fourth update for Movie Duels, featuring the first Original Trilogy mission and a huge menu overhaul! Master Drallig further stated that a Jedi should not hesitate to use any combat technique to kill a Sith Lord, not even sai tok. Verified Email. Als der Jedi-. "[1], Cin Drallig's legacy was passed down by those Jedi who survived to train others, including Master Kenobi's training of Luke Skywalker. Zur Zeit der Klonkriege war Drallig nicht oft auf den Schlachtfeldern aufzufinden, da er meist mit der Ausbildung von Jünglingen und dem Bewachen des Tempels beauftragt war. 1x SHII-CHO STYLE A5. Vader outclassed both Padawans, choking Bene with one hand while he dueled Drallig with the other. Though it never entirely disappeared, Keto's rebelliousness eventually subsided,[8] and she went on to become Master Drallig's most accomplished apprentice. After years of study and practice, Drallig mastered every lightsaber combat form except Form VI and Form VIII though he had knowledge of both those forms as well. Cin takes it home. Drallig could heal with the Force, as shown by how he would restore his Padawan's stamina upon encasing him inside a Force Barrier and also applied it at times during his duel with Vader to heal himself. In the novels, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen, Cin Drallig's death is depicted as taking place in the Room of a Thousand Fountains (not the Temple training hall), where a large group of younglings were being protected by several Padawans. So I know in Legends Drallig was the Order's Battlemaster and basically led the teachings of light saber combat for most of younglings and padawans. His Barriers proved powerful enough that Vader, despite his extreme raw power in the Force, was not able to penetrate the shielding and had to wait until the barrier dispersed to continue. Height This guy is still a Jedi Master who is knowledgeable of all 7 forms of light saber combat. When Yoda and Obi-Wan later find Drallig's body, Yoda comments that Drallig would not abandon his young students. Blue[1] Starting with those we see die in Revenge of the Sith, we witness the death of multiple major Jedi. See more ideas about jedi order, clone wars, jedi. Master Shaan not only mastered every form of lightsaber combat known among the Jedi, but became a Weapon Master upon his mastery of the Teräs Käsi martial arts form. After this, he kept a close watch on the Temple's perimeter as a group of protestors, composed of family and friends of the bombing victims, had gathered at the Temple base, accompanied by Temple Guards and Riot Troopers. See All. Cin Drallig was taught by Yoda himself in lightsaber combat, his regular master is unknown however. 1 Biography 1.1 Early Life 1.2 The Clone Wars 1.2.1 Mission to the Jedi Temple 1.2.2 Bombing of the Jedi Temple 1.2.3 Order 66 1.3 Legacy 2 Behind the scenes 3 Appearances Cin Drallig was discovered force-sensitive and brought into the Jedi Temple to be trained as a Jedi. Hair color He also displayed incredible telekinetic mastery, as shown by how he was able to repel a Force Push from Vader and then blast him through a window with a single Force Push of his own as well as also levitating and hurling large chunks of earth upon Vader.[9]. As she meditates, a Dark figure approaches and butchers Shaak Ti. Masters Biography. Topic: Cin Drallig. Envisioning the great Jedi she had the potential to become, Master Drallig took young Serra as his Padawan and helped her find her center. Re: Cin Drallig - 2012 This is all true, but Pablo Jill died RIGHT before ROTS. Tod however, in a promotional image, Drallig is shown with a blue lightsaber by mistake. His death was witnessed by Kenobi and Yoda when the infiltrated the temple in an attempt to revert the order to call all Jedi back to the temple. Cin Drallig Species: Human. He was well regarded as a legendary duelist but ultimately met his fate at the hands of Darth Vader during Operation: Knightfall. "[8] Drallig's skill was such that it was the conviction of Count Dooku that the renowned combatant General Grievous would be no match for the Battlemaster, should they ever face off against one another.[23]. See more ideas about jedi order, clone wars, jedi. Allie's death scene is featured in ... Cin Drallig, Bene & Whie Malreaux. Jedi Ali-Alann, Jedi Battlemaster Cin Drallig, Gate Master Jurokk, Serra Keto, Tru Veld, Jocasta Nu, Olana Chion and countless others were killed at the Jedi Temple, either by the 501st Legion or Darth Vader. Here, he would have trained until he graduated the academy and … [15] Deep within the Jedi Temple he prepared for Vader's coming,[9] directing such Jedi as Olana Chion in the Temple's defense. They go down as well. Für die Neuauflage in The Clone Wars wurde ein neues Design für Drallig konzipiert und ebenfalls durchgeführt. jayse. I think Cin would be suprised by the double-bladed-sabre.. Despite his great reputation as a warrior, his humbleness of character was such that he dedicated his life to training countless Padawans in the art of the lightsaber, leading by example and instilling in his students a sense of the Order's values and beliefs. Blau [10], At some point, Drallig was introduced to the contentious and troublesome Padawan Serra Keto. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. He stressed that the student's mindset must be that of defeating the danger the Sith pose, not to wish utter destruction upon them.[10]. Cin Drallig is a Jedi Master and truly talented swordsman. 19 BBY, Coruscant[1] Skywalker gegenüber äußerte er sich besorgt darüber, dass der Tempel nun verwundbar geworden sei. Er unterrichtete viele Jedi im Lichtschwertkampf und war zudem der Anführer der Jedi-Tempel-Wachen. Her confession and humility in approaching him and his acceptance of her apology allowed them to become friends, though she had secretly hoped something more might develop between them. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Her death during Order 66 is confirmed through her brother Nipaltoo and a surviving Jedi called Ferren Barr. Like most Jedi of the era, it can be surmised that Drallig was brought to the Jedi Temple soon after being discovered to be Force-sensitive and sorted into an Initiate clan for group instruction in the Jedi academy. May the Force be with you! (Shown onscreen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) CH-33P "Cheep" - Shot and destroyed by clone troopers offscreen. Yoda (Lightsaber combat)[2][5] Cin Drallig Nutzung von Community-Inhalten gemäß. [16], Engaging the clones alongside Serra Keto, Drallig's efforts proved initially successful, as he managed to penetrate the occupying forces' upper level defenses. Hellbraun Around 20 BBY,[13] two years into the war, the Jedi Temple hangar was the site of a shocking terrorist bombing that cost numerous lives, prompting Cin Drallig to keep an especially close watch on the Temple's perimeter. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. [1], Drallig's body was later found by Grand Master Yoda and Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had returned to the Temple to reset the emergency beacon to warn all surviving Jedi to flee into exile. In 19 BBY, when the Order 66 go-ahead was given and Anakin Skywalker—now the newly christened Darth Vader—led the 501st Legion in a raid against the Jedi Temple, Drallig's skills marked him as a priority target for elimination by the Sith Lord himself. [9], Although his nearly unprecedented mastery of lightsaber combat was his strongest trait, Cin Drallig also proved to be very powerful and accomplished in the use of the Force, displaying high levels of mastery over many Force powers when he fought Vader. [21], While still adjusting to his life-supporting armor, Darth Vader often reflected upon the actions that had brought him to such a state. Cin Drallig was the Jedi Master who served at the Jedi Temple as battlemaster during the Clone Wars.. Drallig was present at the Temple when it was bombed by a terrorist. The Human male Cin Drallig was born on Lavisar. Follow. Meister Sometime after his death, a holocron belonging to Drallig was sold in an auction on Den… The idea of letting unnamed minors use a major’s special card after his death deviates too far from the rules for us to make that change officially, but feel free to make that tweak for your own sessions. Maul’s Old Master was a Falleen named Leng Shaan, whom died in battle during the second year of The Clone Wars. By killing Master Drallig and his apprentice, Serra Keto, Vader had successfully removed one of the Temple's last hopes. She could not save Du Mahn who died before she blew herself up. Cin Drallig: Nick Gillard (Revenge of the Sith) Voice: Robin Atkin Downes (The Clone Wars) Jedi Master who serves as the battlemaster of and head of security for the Jedi Temple in the final days of the Clone Wars. Lavisar Cin Drallig's lightsaber instructor was none other than Master Yoda himself,[2][5] and known for having outstanding talents as a duelist, Drallig became an incredibly skilled swordsman, gaining the rank of Battlemaster of the Order, due to his exceptional prowess in lightsaber combat. [22], Drallig's recorded knowledge of the seven forms, made in 31 BBY, was found in the Great Holocron by the New Jedi Order, along with another of his recordings on the marks of contact. A Jedi Master stationed on Coruscant, Cin Drallig was at the Jedi Temple when Darth Vader—once Anakin Skywalker—came to eradicate it. Shortly following Drallig's death, Masters Yoda and Kenobi returned to the Temple, where they witnessed a security hologram recording depicting Drallig's final moments duelingDarth Vader alongside Padawans Bene and Whie. Follow 5033. Insgesamt wurden vier Ausführungen von Drallig konzipiert. [2] Though it smacked of disrespect, Drallig earned the unflattering nickname of "the Troll" among the Order.[1][2][3][5]. get reddit premium. Physical description Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. redditor for 5 years. 0. Tempel am Ende der Klonkriegen und der Ausführung der Order 66, der Auslöschung der Jedi durch die Klonstreitkräfte, von der 501. Flanked by two members of the Jedi Temple Guard, Drallig stood before the masses when Anakin Skywalker showed a hologram of a suspect, Jackar Bowmani, to the Jedi Master, which was seen by Bowmani's wife Letta Turmond. With no choice, Nick Gillard chose green instead;[source?] The fight takes place in a training room inside the Jedi temple. Male[1] Serra KetoWhie MalreauxBene [18], With the Order nearly extinct overnight, the newly emerged Galactic Empire needed to cover up the true reasons for the execution of the Republic's peacekeepers. Serra's defiant ways had nearly gotten her expelled from the Order on more than one occasion, and her Jedi Masters were exasperated. Here, he would have trained until he graduated the academy and was selected by a Jedi Master as a Padawan. The Human male Cin Drallig was born on Lavisar. Geburtsdatum In time, she became a Jedi Knight herself. Drallig was also a highly competent leader, being the leader of the security guards of the Jedi Temple during the Clone Wars. Master Shaan not only mastered every form of lightsaber combat known among the Jedi, but became a Weapon Master upon his mastery of the Teräs Käsi martial arts form. Become a Redditor. Cin Drallig was the Jedi Master who served at the Jedi Temple as battlemaster during the Clone Wars.. Drallig was present at the Temple when it was bombed by a terrorist. Five-Year Club. Cin Drallig was a male human native to the planet of Lavisar and served as the Jedi Battlemaster to the Coruscant Jedi temple during the "Rise of The Empire" era. Drallig was unable to best the Sith Lord in combat and Force powers and was eventually killed by Vader. Smoker Stevens. I have seen Plo fight in the AOTC deleted scenes and he sucks balls. Drallig had developed his own unique style of lightsaber combat, calling upon the Force to enhance his speed and relying on unconventional and unpredictable movements. LEGO STAR WARS JEDI TEMPLE GUARD CIN DRALLIG 100% LEGO NEW YODA MACE WINDU OBI | Toys & Hobbies, Building Toys, LEGO Building Toys | eBay! His position also put him in charge of the Jedi Temple Guard and their assignments. get reddit premium. Unter anderem führte Drallig eine besondere Gruppe von Kämpfern an, den Jedi-Tempel-Wachen, die es sich zur Aufgabe machten den Tempel von Angreifern und Infiltratoren zu schützen. Cin Drallig was born on Lavisar. Cin Drallig was a legendary Human male Jedi Master of the Jedi Order who served as battlemaster and head of security at the Coruscant Jedi Temple during the waning days of the Galactic Republic. The duel also takes place in the training room above and on the terrace outside the Room of a Thousand Fountains. Cin Drallig and Coleman Kcaj awaited her orders. Follow. Discussion in 'General' started by Gavatron, Feb 25, 2015. Pre-Battle - I will strike you down! Cin Dralligwas ahuman male Jedi Master from Lavisar who served the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. Human[1][3] Cin Drallig is the eldest of the three; a long-serving Jedi and renowned with a lightsaber. However, George Lucas would only allow either blue or green as the color of any regular Jedi's lightsaber blade. This brave trio are the Jedi seen fighting against Anakin Skywalker when he invades the Jedi temple on Coruscant in Revenge of the Sith. Seems like Cin Drallig is in the works for 2012 if we're lucky... From Jedi Temple War Room: QUESTION: The updated versions of Agen Kolar and Plo Koon in last year's basic figure line up were quite a nice surprise. [3] A throng of protestors—family and friends of workers killed in the explosion—gathered at the steps of the Temple to criticize the Jedi's involvement in the war. Cin Drallig verteidigt sich zusammen mit Bene gegen Darth Vader. Cin Drallig was a master swordsman who served the Jedi Order. Eye color As Vader was alerted to this, however, he went on a hunt for his former lightsaber instructor. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Darth_Mongoulus Jedi Youngling. Beruf / Tätigkeit Der spätere Jedi- und Schwert-Meister Cin Drallig wurde um das Jahr 69 VSY auf dem Industrieplaneten Lavisar im Mittleren Rand geboren. [6] Under Drallig's tutelage, Jukassa became capable as a swordsman by the age of 10, in 19 BBY.[1]. Zurück zur Seite. Drallig mastered all 7 lightsaber forms, although vapaad was one he cautiously taught to certain people. Bewaffnung Spezies [8], In his recording on the Great Holocron, Drallig presented some personal views on the matter of lightsaber combat. 1 Biography 1.1 Background 2 Trivia 3 Appearances While a master of the lightsaber, Drallig fell to Darth Vader's blade during his attack on the Jedi Temple at the end of the war and issuing of Order 66. Limestone, Feb 27, 2015 #21. Deus Ex. Re: Cin Drallig - 2012 This is all true, but Pablo Jill died RIGHT before ROTS. 1 Early life 2 Clone Wars 3 Raid on the Jedi Temple 4 Personality and traits 5 Powers and abilities 6 Behind the scenes 7 Appearances 8 Sources 9 Notes and references 10 External links Trained by the skilled lightsaber master, Cin Drallig, Keto became his prize pupil.