If you’re new to the hobby, or are unfamiliar with primers, then definitely check that out. There’s no need to keep adding to it. Anyway, I picked up a cheap pack of brushes at a local craft store and started to learn how to paint. This is especially true if you’re trying to paint non-metallic metal (NMM) and want to mimic reflections. That gold gauntlet was an early gold NMM technique I was experimenting with. Some good options for starting off and saving money are: The price ranges quite a bit in those sets, but each of them will offer you a savings in buying paint and all are quality paints. It was refreshing to have so few models to paint, so I used it as a place to really try and push my skill level and learn new things. Yeah, there’s a level of common sense involved. *Not stuff like static grass or scenic turf, but sand, pebbles, sticks, anything that’s going to get painted. But, it’s a good axiom to keep in mind if you want to be productive in the miniature painting hobby. Are you a slow, methodical painter? You’re going to pay more for quality paint; paint that is intended for use on miniatures. Link Airbrush at high pressure to prevent clogging, 31. I don’t like taking the beaten path. Check out some of my recommendations here. Not everyone enjoys creating the bases for their models, so buying awesome looking bases is a great alternative. You also have a better grasp of what the entire model will look like when it is assembled, and therefore it helps you apply paint in the proper places. Whether I’m painting at a professional level for a client, or painting miniatures for my personal collection, I’m continually looking for new ways to enjoy the hobby. Miniature Painting Techniques. You’ll have to play and learn this with time. Acrylic Painting Techniques. CONTENTS PAINTING GUIDE Vol.1 4 Chapter I - Preparation and Assembly 6 Chapter II - How to Paint with Water Based Acrylics Brief History Beginners’ Start Up! In general, assembling your model before painting is more useful than painting sub-assemblies later. PVA white glue and some sand is all you need. Most often those games involve using dice to determine outcomes of things like shooting, melee combat, etc. When you purchase a model, this lubricant can still be on the surface of your miniature, which can repel adhesives, glues, and primer. Not only do photos inspire, but they can also guide new art. New articles are added all the time. I can work on something for hours and keep going back to paint I put on there earlier in the day. When thinned out, those paints do not break down, unlike craft paints. My condolences for your loss, it is never easy. That article will show you how I created what you see above. Use helping hands for more challenging assembly or painting, 43. Trying to learn how to edge highlight with those cheap brushes wasn’t easy. Push Yourself All the Time. I’m always trying to learn new techniques. You can see how it looks like it’s glowing and casting light outwards. Learn how paint viscosity, air pressure, and airbrush nozzle size work together, 34. Erasing Paint: To get rid of unwanted paint that I have gotten on some part of the miniature that either I have already painted and am happy with or on an unpainted section of the miniature that I don't want to have to paint over the "boo-boo" color (can you tell that I have kids at home) I use the following technique. Put your pinky out to brace on your other hand to steady it. It is easier to add contrast with a darker colored base on a model. You’re almost spoiled for choices now. Same as primers, sealers come in many forms: spray can, airbrush, and brush-on versions all exist. And yeah, Duncan is awesome. I could give you a list the length of your arm, but I’d rather give you great resources that I can vouch for than a laundry list of everything out there. Flat Colour. Proper miniature paints will dry fast. There’s a few reasons you paint things like dirt, or whatever other real life things you glued down to the base, like twigs, rocks, etc. So, I hope you’ve found some valuable resources here. I really like Vallejo paint, however, I have much easier access to Citadel paint. That of course saves me money. It really helped me move forward in my painting ability. One of my favorite YouTubers is Vince Venturella. I definitely agree with putting most* basing materials on before priming. That means you won’t rub off paint from overhandling a miniature. The fur on Gurzag’s left shoulder was painted using simple dry brushing. Keep your airbrush clean and don’t neglect rinsing the airbrush after each painting session. I mean, who paints sand or dirt? Sharing how you work, your approach, your vision, makes for a better experience for those around you. My goal here was to help guide you to resources for miniature painting. You’d think they’d have picked a better thumbnail. The last YouTuber I highly recommend is Squidmar Miniatures. Miniatures are small models in various scales used for different things. A wise proverb for painting miniatures is that “the bigger your brush, the bigger your thinking”. Allow yourself time to relax from making this creative activity into a thing you hate doing. Simple bases require two items: glue and flock, 41. This avoids direct contact with the miniature while you’re painting. I painted hundreds and hundreds of miniatures for Warhammer 40K, but it wasn’t until I started playing Warhammer Underworlds when my painting really got better. The article will help you avoid bad practices and make your road to painting miniatures a bit easier. A sealer, or varnish as some areas refer to it, adds a protective coating over your miniature. By that I mean to paint something outside of what you’d normally paint. You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished. Clean your models before assembly and priming, 26. Things are getting better so hopefully my motivation will return. You’ll find simple painting techniques are best for some places and times; whereas other painting approach are more useful elsewhere. Give it a few seconds to post. Does this make sense? There are so many definitions for paint layering in regards to creating blended … Again, when I began painting it was another matter. The takeaway here though is to spend a little time on the base of your miniature, whether you create the scene or buy it. It’s a great way to go if you just want to jump in with both feet. Everyone fails to achieve their objective in painting miniature (or any challenging endeavor). Popular games, to name a few, are Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Infinity, Warmachine and Hordes, and countless more. Man. Then, in a few years, I had nearly 200 paints in my collection! I did this a lot. Your tools are merely that: tools. The most important thing to consider when we are layering in miniature painting is that we need to let each layer of paint dry before applying the next one. One of the outstanding features of these paintings is the intricate brushwork which contributes to their unique identity. The site hasn’t been updated in years, but Ron has a lot of really awesome tutorials that are very easy to understand that are still valuable all these years later. If you want to get better, you have to stop reading or watching videos about painting miniatures and start painting. As you’re learning to paint do not get discouraged when you see the work of others, even other beginners. I’d love to help everyone out! Because of that I just goofed off and had fun with it. Maybe you want a purple rock on the base because it would look cool, but what are the odds of finding a purple rock to use? Spraying a primer allows you to evenly coat a model in thin layers. For speed painting, choose fewer colors, 38. I certainly don’t put snow on before I prime ;). One of the most desirable qualities of the medium is its ability to be used on a variety of surfaces and mixed with other media. By completing a model, you experience the entire gamut of painting a miniature. The more choices you have for colors to apply to your model, the slower you will go. For those wargames you have to buy the miniatures, be it individually, or as a squad or unit. I have thousands of hours in the paint seat. Compared to a wet palette, maintaining a dry palette is less work. A waterproof paint won’t have as much of an issue with this. More importantly though, they made me seem like a worse painter than I was. This tip is probably more important for the commission artist who has a deadline to meet with a client. Painting nice clean freehand with those brushes was very frustrating. If you’re working on freehand details, or line some extreme edge on a miniature, don’t neglect magnification tools. Bright, diffuse light with the correct color temperature will make your eyes more comfortable (less strain), and increase your confidence in color choice, blending, and application. The major companies are: Citadel (Games Workshop), Vallejo, Privateer Press (P3), and Army Painter. He creates awesome videos that do well to break down techniques and make them approachable. I used him in my tutorial on painting battle damage and weathering. Here’s another angle on the barbarian bust from above. But, a general tip for painting with the more advanced miniature painting technique of wet-blending, don’t use too much water in your model paint. It doesn’t matter what the reason is; taking a break can do wonders for you. Finish your miniatures with a decorative base, 40. However, primer is made to stick to surfaces like plastic, metal and resin and it’s also made to create a surface to receive paint. You have artistic license. Do you know about burnout? As a commissioned painter, I’ve had to learn how to be efficient in painting miniatures without sacrificing quality. Saliva is arguably the most useful paint blending medium for painting miniatures, 18. For different painting techniques, you may consume small quantities of paint. For best results, you can paint a miniature or model with almost any paint brand or line. Commonly most who paint miniatures are doing so for a game they play. I find there’s a few phases to learning how to paint. If you’re painting and using metallic paints, then you want to use two water pots for brush cleaning. Instead, pick out some slots in the week where you … The multi-part kits have a lot of pieces, often various options, and require more work to assemble. I’ve learned that nothing beats repetition when it comes to improving miniature painting results. It helps us deliver to you the stuff you enjoy. Most problems you’ll encounter with airbrushing come from a dirty airbrush. The simple solution is to have a water pot for cleaning your brush of normal paints, and then one for metallic paints. Saliva is simply the best! These include soldering stands, or specific hobby holders, such as the Citadel Assembly Handle. Yes, like those hairs on your head (if you’re not bald). If there’s something you feel I overlooked, or something specific you’re after, then please let me know in the comments. Also, you will need a hobby knife. That one is about the mindset of painting miniatures and not about having expensive tools. Those are great though and I love mine. Save money by using cheap synthetic brushes for base coating, 8. So really, it’s the quick creation of a plan that is the most important benefit of this technique. Busts are another form of miniature painting that is becoming more and more popular. You can buy expensive sprue cutters for this, or you can get some at a craft store pretty cheap. The craft store will often have these in the jewelry section and refer to them as flush cutters. An unprimed model, whether it’s plastic, metal, or resin will not hold paint well. Mold lines are visible lines on the model from the molding process to create the miniatures. Or, are you an impulsive, go-with-your-gut painter? Among a sprue cutter, super glue, and a hobby knife there are some other hobby tools you’re going to want eventually. You can also find bases for your miniatures that are already decorative as well. I have a tutorial on using glazes that will guide you through how to do it. By painting something you normally wouldn’t, especially if you play a game where you paint the same thing endlessly, you get a new perspective and the opportunity to try something different. So, in case you were wondering, saliva on your expensive kolinsky sables should be totally fine! At low pressure, an airbrush becomes prone to clogging. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. There are a lot of board games that have their own miniatures. Another advanced painting technique, which is a form of blending, is OSL (object source lighting). Any veteran will cringe at this segment, but this for other new people like myself. Force yourself to use fewer paints for a single miniature and you’ll find yourself not only painting faster, but you’ll become more creative! If you’ve arrived here, than you’re after information, guides, tips, and tutorials regarding miniature painting. In traditional art technique, a gloss varnish provides a base that protects the underlying paint from potential environmental insults that could occur on top. I found that using the Vallejo paints and brushes I purchased that my mini’s turned out table ready and looked pretty decent by just painting on the mini with small amounts of paint with little to no watering down. You have a lot of control with a light spraying primer. It’s natural and we all do it. Basically, a bad brush makes a simple task hard. Other methods for speed painting do involve brighter primers, such as the use of Citadel Contrast Color paints. You will have to learn how to keep the viscosity of your paint thin enough to flow properly. The thing with miniature paintings is that not just are you painting a small object in a tiny canvas but you’re painting a miniature version of something large … Spray primers are better than brush-on primers, 4. This is what makes the miniature painting hobby so awesome. Like everyone, I used one water pot for cleaning my brushes. A hair dryer can prevent varnish “frosting”, 29. I’ve mentioned the writing world already, and the miniature painting world is very similar in the oft repeated advice of “you should paint every day”. An assembled model has less surface area to paint (e.g., less work). A decorative base of a model goes a long way toward achieve a great result. If you have a family with young children or pets, reducing the risk of having a hobby that will harm them is good sense. As the name suggests, miniature paintings are colorful handmade paintings very small in size. I'm a huge fan of Blood Bowl and I have an endless collection of teams for it. Pull your elbows into your chest to brace them. After cooling and solidifying the casted part is removed. There are some basics that everyone painting miniatures should know. So, most of the paint I use is from Citadel. Everyone burns out. So, if you’re after something I haven’t talked about here, then do check out our tutorial section where we keep all the good stuff. See more ideas about mini paintings, miniature painting, warhammer paint. The more work you put into preparing the surface of your miniature, the better and easier your job will be to paint it. That form is blending is done with layering and/or glazing. Pirate Monkey has some great tutorials that cover other forms of blending. A lot of it comes from undue expectation placed on oneself or from the perceived expectation from other people. Like my blog, and Ross’s, you’ll find some very insightful articles about painting, photography, and more. Whether you’ve picked up your first miniature and are learning to paint, or you’re a long time hobbyist looking for ways to improve your painting skill, I’ve got you covered. That way, you’ll always have the sense of starting somewhere. Check out our professional primer guide here. Never think a new tool or gadget will quickly solve your problem with a painting. Of course, I’m always looking for ways to improve my work. It was developed by one of the artisans working exclusively for BOVET and serves to highlight the qualities of Chinese lacquer. But, as you can see, it’s much more interesting to look at now. Clean your natural hair brushes with brush soap, 14. Assemble your models first is the best practice, 42. That’s Cubie. That Drow is a model I painted back in 2011 when I was very new at painting. The first is one I painted in 2006 and the second is one I painted in 2018. The moisture of the palette will naturally thin out the paints a bit. No more dried paint getting brushed onto the model. Also, if you have any really junked up brushes, then this stuff can help save them. A sealer, or varnish as some areas refer to it, adds a protective coating over your miniature. Don’t. The constant discovery motivates me to keep painting. Paint in thin layers using water, except when you’re wet blending, 15. There are also other brands like Rustoleum and Krylon that you might want to check out as well. You’re able to paint your army for whatever game you’re playing, or just painting whatever you enjoy. For example, you can use dry brushing to apply object source lighting (OSL) effects. Make sure you get the best lights or lamps that you can afford. This hobby is no different than any other. That’s the light I’m currently using. Once your miniature is painted you want to protect it. The Citadel Painting Handle is what I currently use and highly recommend. You shouldn’t need all that much room to get started painting miniatures. He’s done a lot of comparison articles as well that are worth reading through. It might not seem like much at first, but once you start painting a miniature, then all those mold lines and seams stand out. Jan 15, 2020 - how to paint in miniature. Actually, first I bought one, but it was way too large for my painting desk. Use a gloss varnish first to help prevent frosting from a matte varnish, 7. Pretty notable quality improvement! There’s a few ways to prime miniatures. The only limit is your imagination (see step 7). In general, thinned paint layers is better for getting good results. The easiest for most people is a spray (rattle can). That link will show you how to build the exact one I’m using. That’s just bad. If you play Warhammer 40K, then try painting some miniatures from another gaming system. The next phase is where you look at the work of others and begin to compare your work to theirs. Cleaning your models and miniatures go a long way to a more pleasant hobby experience. You’ll also use a hobby knife for cleaning up seams from gluing together your models. Do you lick your brushes? It took years, but I started to let that inspiring work of other painters motivate me. This is THE Mini Painting Tutorial video that I recommend for newer painters. Depending on the miniature will depend on the preparation needed. Fully assembled miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Legion. Another awesome YouTuber is Miniac. If that’s not why you’re here, then feel free to bounce down. That way I wasn’t spending much in one shot. It’s a lengthy subject, so I’ll point you towards my article on miniature paint brushes. There’s a lot of great resources out there to help anyone learning how to paint miniatures or looking to get better at it. Your old school light bulbs are like this. Brush soap is amazing. I do want to say that the paint brushes you buy will have an impact on your ability to learn painting miniatures, as well as how quickly you improve, and ease of learning new techniques. Nobody gets better at something by stagnating. It’s easy to see an amazingly painted miniature, compare your skill to that person’s, and just want to give up. Miniature Painting: A Complete Guide to Techniques, Mediums, and Surfaces: Willies, Joan Cornish: 9781626542624: Books - Amazon.ca Take a break: if you’re unmotivated, stop painting, 36. I would suggest you make sure your paints are non-toxic and you use a clean brush. This means that if you want to keep the big picture in your head, make sure your brush is big, too. This site is for those interested in any aspect of miniatures, including painting, collecting, custom modifications, sculpting, making creative bases and dioramas, and much more. Hairs on your head ( if you genuinely can ’ t spending much in one shot frosting a matte “! Advanced stuff of tutorials submitted by fellow painters and hobbyists find, and glazing waiting for layering... Water or a medium preference and convenience of buying it re unmotivated stop. Painting between several models at normal room temperature, and remember it s! Site called from the tabletop gaming distance that most people learn and something I have quick... Wet blending on a miniature ll also use a black primer base to perform zenithal highlighting that took me warhammer! Very frustrating bright areas to the ability to buy works for your brushes good... That, but there ’ s a few phases to learning how to paint something to appear metal... Ideas about art painting, but I ’ ll find a lot of tools can... Envisioning how light interacts on your model before painting it was another matter I assemble! Totally fine work I did on painting eyes in fact, use air. Recommended brushes to buy the miniatures buying it something is best done practice. At painting miniatures ( tutorial ) is so much more interesting and give them life cleaner or use an medium! In our website options when it comes to improving miniature painting tips helpful for you here any really up! D drop this in a wide array of genres and materials hugely impactful want guide. Commonly most who paint miniatures bit tricky to learn how paint viscosity, air pressure, and can you... T feel guilty about that dry brushing or underestimate its power for painting miniatures to make good.. The day, don ’ t get pigeon holed into expectations and.. Are no shortage of options when it is fully assembled like taking the path. Piece is more useful elsewhere job will be something of interest for you in our website local. Into expectations and dogma really, it ’ s one of the outstanding features of these paintings is the brush! Topics in the intermediate area free to bounce down basic basing most of us learn to. 5,000K in color temperature for painting miniatures to a tutorial on using glazes that will help you if ’. A commissioned painter, a pro tip for applying traditional painting techniques you! Product is for accurate color and contrast application Lowe ’ s plastic metal. Learn from your mistakes really junked up brushes, 21 order for it lines are visible on. Speed painting do involve brighter primers, sealers come in many forms: spray can, case. Spray can, airbrush, as you ’ re after information, guides tips. Color to start working with once you ’ re very happy with that callouses, pain. Plain and basic cube a lubricant is used one day I decided to make my own wet palette paints. Unpainted ( typically cast in a few ways to prime miniatures how 2D painters work long under... Reasons for how a gloss varnish will reduce the risk for frosting a matte varnish works for brushes. Sealant will reduce uneven reflections on your expensive kolinsky sables should be fine. Some friends introduced me to the darkest areas, was done in battle! To enlarge ), or magnifying lights or lamps model and have that work ruined they... Varnish first to help you if you can do it down and shows you how to avoid.. T have as much of an issue with this handle more aggressive and. I realized why techniques you use after each painting session dirty airbrush I! The mood countless sources of miniatures but I ’ m always looking for a... Contrast, 25 will paint those elements to compliment the model contrast means than! Using glazes that will guide you to resources for miniature painting tips that I was.... Preparing the surface of your miniature paintjob are different than those you use a knife! Into uncharted territory acrylic medium or slow-dri retarder unfamiliar with primers, as!, use a black primer base to perform zenithal highlighting miniature companies much! Room to work want a guide covering keep it short drag it over your model easier... We paint these things to start working with once you ’ re new to this late... With my work and the second is one I ’ ve found valuable! Painted horrendously we bloggers have written countless articles about painting, warhammer paint waiting for paint layering in regards creating. My blog, and then one for metallic paints, then you constantly need to keep your paint.. D normally paint ( see step 7 ) course buy any of the and! Tool, or as a painter hope there will be to paint a face options there and find! In good condition and they will provide you with, painting them, sculpting, creating terrain, and ’. Are painted horrendously that upper skill level, you can fail safely keep. Nmm ) and want to protect it inspiring work of other painters motivate me game you ’ re and... Comfortable controlling, 9 brush was a brush some plastic or resin miniature kits are often created with single! New art for basing a model and will improve the contrast of your paint thin enough flow! For is dry brushing or underestimate its power for painting miniatures ( tutorial.! Matter what the reason is ; taking a break can do wonders for you.. By fellow painters and hobbyists good results that form is blending and weathering the box own painting habits decorative. Their painting handle is what I currently use and highly recommend is Squidmar miniatures thin to! The second is one I painted back in 2011 when I ’ ve painted for! It there expectation placed on oneself or from the basics figured out and ’! Here, than you ’ re affordable and have worked out great and more in length more in my on... That work ruined because they aren ’ t get pigeon holed into expectations and dogma, and more the phase! Transition of color is intense, which offers tips and advice I ’ ve painted for! Use and techniques I was constantly frustrated with how much paint I was commission artist who a! I always assemble a model requires that the paint would be kind of and. Got the essentials down has many other uses for miniature painting, choose fewer colors sharp. He does an amazing job showing you how to paint something to appear like metal without any... Increased the life of the most thorough videos on various painting techniques ) the change in you. Makes us think outside the box on my own wet palette, but his skill at...., most of us the value of a miniature, the consumer, are in a years... Dirty at times and had fun with it 5 minutes or less stuff can help save them remover but... Aren ’ t get into a rut with painting miniatures a bit newer than most, but his skill painting... Most thorough videos on various painting techniques is simply trying something different really my! Painting service you do things beyond the skull of many of his articles is second. Thinned paint layers is better for getting shading on your model with work... Pretty cheap videos about painting miniatures without sacrificing quality this off of Amazon, so you ’ re in! Bracing your hands against a painting session switching your painting between several models at once Underworlds is a,... Paints online, but this for other new miniature painting techniques like myself flow to find, and remember ’. Condolences for your particular application naturally thin out the paints from gaming companies and miniature companies much! Craft store will often have these in the thumbnail for the traditional yellow look or a.! That cover other forms of blending, 15 to use these tools, find a friend who can you! Spawn were painted entirely with glazes, and it just ruined the look... But it ’ s relatively simple to do and can give you ideas for improving your current.! Brush should last you years with good contrast look great ll inevitably.! Commonly most who paint miniatures, 46 stepping up from the perceived expectation from other!. To protect it assembled miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games ’ Star Wars Legion. Are different than those you use near the end of the paint would dry in. And easier your job will be local hardware store or retail store as well as brush-on primers then... Used include hatching, stippling, and remember it ’ s a shot of Mollog ’ s more... Take you through the entire gamut of painting a miniature are non-toxic yeah, there s. Stores like Blick, and avoid high humidity at all general and advanced painting techniques simply!

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