Meaning:   Chant the many Names of the Lord: Govinda, Gopala, Rama, Krishna, Sai and Janaardhana and the loving prince of Nanda: Nandalala. O Embodiment of Bliss and Virtues, O Beautiful dancer, Thou art supremely enchantin in Three Worlds. Brindavan Sri Raghavendra Teertharu Sri Yogeendra Teertharu (1671-1688) Sri Sumatheendra Teertharu (1692-1725) Sri Upendra Teertharu(1725-1728) Sri Muneedra Teertharu News Archive Sevas Photo Gallery Videos Contact us O Lord of Gauri! O Darling son of Goddess Amba and Lord Shiva! On that day, their beloved Kirshna Remover of obstacles, Lord Sai, protect me. Meaning:   Worship Lord Govinda, Chant the name of Lord Sai Ghanashyama, the Divine Flute-player. Chant the name of Lord Shiva Shankara and Lord of Parthi, Lord Sai Nath. You are fond of the cosmic dance. Victory be to Govinda. Chant the names of Venkatesha, Srinivasa. Jan 17, 2021 - English Topper`s Answer Sheet - 2019, Class 10 Class 10 Notes | EduRev is made by best teachers of Class 10. O Lord Sai, You are the Mother of Vedas. Chant the name of Govinda (Master of the senses) and sing of his divine qualities. Salutations to Thee, the One who frequents Puttaparthi, the One full of compassion. Recite the mantra "Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Om, Sai Hari Om". Chant the name of Lord Ganesh, beloved Prince of Mother Gauri, I surrender to Thee, Lord of all Demi- Gods, beloved Prince of Lord Shiva and Mother Guru. Thou art the One Whom all worship and pray. You are in the form of the Primeval 'Om'. Meaning:   Hail Ganesha, who is worshipped before all others; Ganesha, sustainer of the universe; The giver of all boons who destroys worldly fears; Ganesha, who is revered by Saints and Sages; Ganesha, sustainer of the universe. Thou art ocean of compassion, Thou art mind captivating Divine flute player, Lord of Meera (devotee) and resident of Giridhara Nagara (town). Chant the name of Ram, Rahim, Krishna, Karim (Mohamed), Yesu (Jesus), Buddha and Mahavir. O Lord Gnanashyam! O Embodiment of the primordial sound Om. Meaning:   O Lord Shankara!, Sai Mahadeva, please protect us. Victory to Seetha and Ram, and Radha and Krishna. Hari Krishna, Lord of Guruvayoor (temple in South India) Narayana! Thou art full of mercy and compassion; treasure of bliss and virtues; protector of devotees and uplifter of miserable and dejected. He is the very embodiment of auspiciousness. The sustainer of the Three Worlds and the protector of the good and virtuous persons! I have come to you (to the door of your temple), please give me Peace. Hey Govinda, Murari, Madhava, Hari, Gopala, Keshava (different names for Krishna), O Sai (who lives in Parthi), You are the wealth of the people. Lord who gives all that is asked, Lord of all creation; Dwelling in the purity and peace of Mt. O Lord, come and light the lamp of wisdom in me. Light up in the temple of my mind a flame (of knowledge) that will glow continuously. Hey Rama of the Raghu dynasty, the Universe depends on You; Thou art the uplifter of the Universe; Thy name is the most sacred. Meaning: Victory to Sri Krishna, the pride and wealth of Brindavan, son of Devaki, the Madhava who bewitched every one's mind including the cowherd gopis, the Krishna who carried aloft the Govardhan mountain. Victory to charming Mother. Meaning:   First pay obeisance to Lord Sai Gajanana, the beloved Prince of Lord Shiva and Mother Gauri. I prostrate before Lord of Shirdi, Lord of Parthi, who is Lord of Lords. The Lord of Puttaparthi, Sai is none other than You. Chant the name of Ram, Rahim, Krishna, Karim (Mohamed), Yesu (Jesus), Buddha and Mahavir. Worship Lord Shankara, Who wears the Moon on his Forehead, He is beloved of Gauri - Mother Nature. Arpanam (Offer ) 10. O Lord Sai Gajanana! May You be victorious in this task. O Easy - to - please, Supreme Dancer; Lord Shiva Shambho! Holder of Trishul, Pure One! Victory to Krishna, beloved Prince of Yashoda. Chant the name of Prince of Nanda, Who moves about in Brindavan garden, wearing a garland made up of many pretty flowers. Meaning:   O Lord Shankara, the Dweller of Shirdi and Parthi who is beyond the perception of the senses, who is beyond time and Who has conquered time. Meaning:   Chant the Divine names of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Sathya Sai. Meaning:   This is sung in praise of Lord Krishna - Madhava, Gopala, Govinda, beloved of Radha. He is Shiva, the Supreme Lord. Meaning:   Chant the names of the Lord: Gopala, Shyama, Keshava, and Lord of Parthi, Lord Sai. Meaning:   The Beloved son of Mother Gauri, Lord Gajanana is dressed in a white cloth. O Resident of Kailash (pure hearts)! Meaning:   This is a naamavali (string of names) to Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. Meaning:   Bow to the one who has gained victory over death, Lord with three eyes, Lord of the Lingam, Lord Sai, Lord Shiva. Chant the name of Rama, the valiant hero of the war. Chant the name of Lord: Panduranga, Vitthala of Pandhari who is bestower of auspiciousness, enchanter of the heart and supporter of those afflicted and miserables. Protect and shower Thy Grace on us. Grant me protection. Meaning:   O Lord Sai Ram ! Victory to the Lord of Brindavan, who is smeared with the sandal, giving joy (like the fragrance of sandalwood) to His devotees. Pray: Lotus-eyed Rama of Raghu Dynasty; Lord Narayana, resting on coiled serpent: Lord Sathya Narayana, Who is embodiment of Truth and bliss. (all are different names for Krishna). O Lord Sai Gajanana! Lord who reclines on the ocean of milk, husband and Lord of Lakshmi; Narayana, protector of destitute, Lord who resides in heaven; Enchanter of Seetha's mind; Lord who incarnates in the form of man, Narayana. O lotus-eyed, blissful Krishna, our salutations to you. Son of Parvathi! Ram, You are the Lord of the helpless, come again as Sai. Thou name and glory engulfs the entire world. Hey Narayana, we surrender to Thee. Sing the Divine Name of Lord Narayana and Govinda with joy and love; Prostrate, with a mind humbled through devotion and repeat the sacred mantra. This site is totally a personal work. O Lord Sai Ram, in the Temple Thou are worshipped as Lord Ram, In the masjid You are worshipped as Almighty Nur Mohammed. O Lord Sai Shankara! Meaning:   Chant the many names of the Lord: Krishna, Madhava, the Lord of Radha and the darling son of Nanda. Meaning:   Lord who gives all that is asked, Lord of all creation; Dwelling in the purity and peace of Mt. Meaning:   Sing the name of Gopala (Krishna), beloved of Radha, the beautiful form with the complexion of a rain-cloud, the One who loved to dance and play music on His flute, and who as Lord Vishnu carries a Conch, a Wheel and a Mace. He removes obstacles. Sai Om fills me in my sleep and in my dreams Sai Om fills the heaven and the air. O Divine Sai, You are Allah, the compassionate One. Kindly grant us protection. Chant the name of Lord Sai who is also Vithhala; who is also Govinda Vithhala; who is also Rukmini's husband Vithhala; who is also Gopala and Panduranga. Meaning:   Victory to Krishna (the Son of Nanda), Sai Gopala Who wins the mind with His captivating flute. Meaning:   Sing the Glory of Sai Rama, our Lord, Who is Rama and Krishna (Radhey Shyam) Victory to Ghanashyama (Name for Krishna meaning "of deep, infinite blue color"). Worship Goddess Narayani. Uplift and help me to fulfill my mission of crossing the ocean of life and death. Salutations to Thee, the auspicious One, the destroyer of demons. Victory to Lord Sai Ram, who is Savior of the world and abode of auspiciousness. Lord Rama holds Kodanda (bow) and destroyed Demons or evil forces. You are the bestower of auspiciousness and grace. Knower of the hearts of all. O Our beloved Lord! This is sung in praise of Lord Krishna - Madhava, Gopala, Govinda, beloved of Radha. O Divine Mother of the Universe, Mother Partheeswari Sai! Life force of Radha (devotee). You destroy the demon of "I and mine" (selfishness), O darling boy of Brindavana, You wear a rosary of tulsi beads dressed in beautous yellow cloak. Chant the Divine names of Sri Krishna, who is Radha's consort, Sri Rama, who is the pride of Raghu dynasty, Shiva and Sai Baba. Namami Brahma Namami Vishnu Namami Maheshwara, Nandalala Nandalala Nacho Nacho Nacho Nandalala, Narayana Hari Narayana Hari Narayana Veda Parayana, Nataraja Nataraja Narthana Sundara Nataraja, Natavara Krishna Natavara Krishna Radhey Nandalala, Om Shiva Om Shiva Sathchitthanandha Shiva, Panduranga Vitthala Jaya Pandarinatha Vitthala, Par Karo Uddhara Karo Hey Parthipuri Bhagavaan, Parthipuri Mey Janama Liya Jo Sai Rama Nama Hai, Parthipurisha Prashanthi Vasa Sai Murarey, Punya Naam Pavithra Naam Rama Naam Sai Ram, Rama Rahim Ko Bhajanevale Therey Pujari Baba, Sai Prem Dey Shanti Dey Ananda Dey Sai Prem Dey, Sai Ram Ghanashyaam Bhagawaan Thumhara Naam, Sai Ram Ghanashyam Bhagavaan Thumhara Naam, Shambho Mahadeva Shiva Shambho Mahadeva, Hara Haraya, Shirdi Sai Dwaraka Mayi Prashanthi Vasi Sai Ram, Shyama Sundara Madhana Mohana Radhey Gopal, Srikari Kripakari Kshemamkari Sayeeshwari, Sundara Sundara Nache Sundara Sai Ghana Shyam, Vinaayaka Vinaayaka Vighna Vinashaka Vinaayaka. Meaning:   Chanting the many names of the Lord destroys the sins. Chant the names of the Lord: Gopala, Shyama, Keshava, and Lord of Parthi, Lord Sai. Victory to Mother Sai, Who is supreme Shivayani (Power). Jaya Nandalala Jai Jai Gopala He is protector and uplifter of devotees and extremely auspicious. You are Allah, You are Eshwara (Lord Shiva), You are the Lord of Parthipuri (Parthi). Praises Lord Rama of the Raghu dynasty, son of Dasharatha, son of Kausalya, all Glory and Victory to you. Glory to the One who bears river Ganges in His hair; Glory to the One who is the husband of Parvati; Glory to the One who is beyond death; Glory to the One whose Feet spell good for every one; Glory to the One who rides the Nandi. Thou art the protector. Meaning:   Chant the name of Lord: Srinivasa; Sri Venkatesha; Krishna; Rama; Sai and beginingless infinite and eternal Lord Govinda, who has assumed ten different form of Incarnation such as Rama, Krishna, etc. The resident of Pandari, O Lord Panduranga! O Lotus-eyed Lord Narayana! You are the resident of Pandari - Lord Narayana and Lord of Parthi - Lord Sai Narayana. Lord Shiva, Who is auspicious and whose form is Truth, destroys fear, sins and bondage of birth and death. Adoration to the Lord Vishnu, Shiva, who abides and shines in all beings and is one with Om (Vishnu). Thou remove our sorrows, O Lord Sai Ram. O Narayana, who has the celestial bird Garuda as His vehicle O Lord Narayana who reclines on the serpent Sesha who is the beloved Lord of Lakshmi, who is the Embodiment of Om and the destroyer of evil. Please perform Your beautiful, enthralling divine dance. Chant the name of Vitthala, our Sai Vitthala. You uplift the mountain (support the worlds) in protection of Your devotees. Meaning:   Hey Govinda, Gopala, Narayana, Hari (all different appellations of Lord Krishna), Hey uplifter of this world, Thou art the uplifter of the devotee, Thou art the Lord of Puttaparthi (Sai of Puttaparthi), Victory to Thee, Hey Narayana. Kutumb . Sing the name of Lord Sai who is also known as Allah, Maula, Nanak and Gobind. Meaning:   Hey Gopala, Nanda's son, Sai Krishna, dance; Dance, son of Nanda; Your anklets make the sound of Rhuma Jhuma as You dance. Meaning:   Chant the names of Venkatesha, Srinivasa. Son of Parvathi! Victory to the Divine Preceptor, Lord Sai. Glory to the Divine Mother, to Parvati! Kindly shower mercy and grace on me. What are the teachings of Chaithanya? In his early years, he became a follower of Lord Krishna and learned the bhakti marga from Goswami Vitthalnath and began living in Brindavan and spent his whole life there. the son of Nand [i.e. Indweller Lord Sai! Meaning:   Sing (chant) the names of Govinda, Gopala, Ram and Hari; the names of Allah, Nanak (Guru Nanak), Zoraster, Buddha and Mahavira; all these names are the props in life. Chant the many names of God. You are the life-breath of the devotees. O Compassionate One! Glory to You, Lord Shiva. O Lord Sai Ram, Thou art One, but worshipped by different names and forms in various places; Together let us chant Sai Ram! Hey Sathya Sai Rama, You are the jewel of the Raghu dynasty, You have beautiful eyes, You are the son of Eshwaramba. Worship Lord Shankar - Lord of Bhavani, Who has sacred ashes smeared all over the body ( a sign of highest renunciation). O He is so divinely beautiful! Meaning:   O Resident of the heart of devotees and holder of "Kodanda" bow! Once more, recite the Name of Lord Sai Ram. Meaning:   O Lord Sai Baba! Meaning:   Chant the mantra, " Om Shivaya, Shambho Shankara Om Shivaya ". All these you give up once you practise love Shower mercy. Ibrahim's curiosity having been aroused, he began discussing spiritual matters with him. When he got there, he was refused entry into the temple on the grounds that he was a Muslim. Aanandha Maya Bhagavaan Hey Prema Maya Bhagavaan, Akhanda Jyothi Jalaavo Sai Mana Mandir Mey, Allah Ho Akbar Allah Ho Akbar Allah Ho Akbar, Amba Mandha Hasa Vadani Manohari Sai Jagath Janani, Ayodhya Vasi Ram Ram Ram Dasharatha Nandana Ram, Bhaja Mana Panduranga Vitthala Jai Vitthala, Bhajo Rey Sada Bhajo Rama Krishna Govinda, Bhasma Bhooshithanga Sai Chandra Shekhara, Dhimiki Dhimiki Dhim Dhimiki Dhimiki Dhim, Dina Dukhiyon Sey Prem Karo Mera Sai Presanna Hoga, Govinda Radhey(Sai) Krishna Govinda Govinda, Guruvayoor Pura Sri Hari Krishna Narayana Gopal, Hari Narayana Hari Narayana Hari Narayana Bhajorey, He Indu Shekhara Raja Shiva Raja Shankara, Jai Jai Jai Gana Nayaka Jai Jai Vighna Vinashaka, Jai Jai Janani Sai Janani Ambey Bhavani Ma, Jai Jai Prabhu Giridhari Natavara Nandalala, Jaya Ganesha Pahimam Sri Ganesha Rakshamam, Jaya Guru Omkara Jaya Jaya Sadguru Omkara Om, Krishna Bhajo Krishna Bhajo Murali Govinda Bhajo, Krishna Rama Govinda Gokula Nandana Gopala. Chant the names of Lord Yogeshwar, Sai, Murari. You grant auspiciousness and gifts. Chant the Divine names of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Sathya Sai. Merciful gracious and the purest One - Lord Sai is destroyer of demonic attributes. info)), also known as Brindaban, is a historical city in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, India.It is one of the most sacred places in Vaishnavism. You were Shirdi Sai and You are now Sathya Sai, Glory to Ram, Lord of Seetha. Always chant the name of Lord Rama, Krishna, Govinda and Sai Ram. O Treasure of Compassion! He is the dweller of Puttaparthi. Meaning:   Bow to Lord Shiva, the supreme Lord, the bestower of good, and to Lord Sai. Always remember the Sacred Feet of Lord Sai; and take refuge and surrender at the feet of Sai, who will bestow supreme bliss. O Sai! The victorious Lord Hari! Chant Govinda, Gopal. O Vinaayaka, You are adorned with a single tusk, You are the embodiment of goodness. Meaning:   Chant the name of Lord Narayana, who is reclining on serpent coil; guardian and protector of devotees; indweller of all beings; giver of the Sama Veda (one of the four Vedas) which is the basis of knowledge of art relating to rhythm, tunes and melodies (Ragas). Lord of Parthi, the dweller of Prasantinilayam, we chant thy name, destroyer of demon Mura, Krishna, the indweller of our hearts. Meaning:   Worship lotus-eyed Lord Rama, Who is the auspicious Symbol of the Raghu dynasty Worship the lotus-eyed Lord Sai Ram, Son of Mother Eashwaramma and Who is the Symbol of the Ratnakar dynasty. Victory to Lord of Janaki, Lord Rama. Meaning:   Chant the name of Lord Shankara: Who is Protector of miserables and afflicted; Who is Ocean of compassion; Who is resident of Kailasa mountain; and Who is Lord of Lords, Lord Sai residing in Parthipur. contact webmaster Thou art the Sustainer of entire creation and of those who are miserables and dejected. Meaning:   Victory to the Mother of Universe, Mother Sai. Again and again, I bow to Lord Laxmi, Lord Narayana Sai. Chant the various names of God Krishna. Victory to the mind captivating Lord Krishna! He is our Sai Krishna. We stand at Your door step, help us cross the ocean of samsaara. Shower Thy grace on us. Chant with love, once again "Sai Ram". You are Sai Ganesha, who lives in Parthi. You are the Geetha, Ramaayana, Vedas and the Puranas. You are the incomparable enchanting One with divine qualities. Chant the name of Lord of Lords, Lord of Shirdi, Lord of Parthi, Lord Sai who confers grace, the One who was the consort of Seetha (Rama). O all pervading beautiful Mother Maheswari! Thou art King of the Divine Forces. Lord Sai Gajanana! Sing always the glory of our Lord; Let the bhajan resound with love and devotion; Come to the feet of Lord Sai; In your heart's temple, light the lamp of love; He will take you across the ocean of life. Chant the Name of (Rama) the Lord of Seetha, who is the supremely unattached Lord Narayana (Vishnu), the Destroyer of all fear whose Feet are eternally worshipped by all. Be merciful, be compassionate and protect us oh Lord. O sweet and mind-pleasing Ram, O handsome- faced Ram, You are an Ocean of Mercy, Lord Ram You are the uplifter of the sinners and fallen ones, victory to Lord Sai Ram. The mischievous parrot Amma: It is through selfless sacrifice that one becomes fit to receive God’s grace. Meaning:   Glory to Shiva who is the embodiment of Pranava (Om sound. Meaning:   Worship Lord Shambho, Shiva, Shankara and Lord of Gauri. It is like the ocean - Raskhan is widely acknowledged as a great poet, having dedicated most of his creations to Lord. Victory to charming Mother. Victory be to Govinda. O Lord Sai Baba! Thou art kinsman and relation of the dejected and afflicted. Sai Baba, like Rama and Krishna, your name is God. Chant the many names of Lord : Mukunda, Gopala Govinda. protector of the fallen and miserables! He is the beloved son of Nanda who loved to dance. Meaning:   O Mother of the Universe, Victory to Thee, O Jagadambe, Devi, Bhavani (all appellations of Parvathi), O Devi, Saraswathi, Durga, Lakshmi (different names for Parvathi), O Mother You are the destroyer of the demon Mahisha. Thou art the supporter of those who are destitute. Chant the name of Ram, hero of the Raghu race, brave, skillful in battle; Lord Vitthala of Rukmini; Hey Ram, You are so beautiful and delicate. Without service to Him, it is not possible to attain liberation. Thou remove our sorrows, O Lord Sai Ram. Knower of the hearts of all. Meaning:   Worship merciful noble guru Lord Sai Krishna whose form is Brahma - infinity, Savior of world. Meaning:   O! Victory to Mother Sai, Who is supreme Shivayani (Power). Meaning:   Victory to Lord Ganesh. The poetry of Raskhan focuses on Lord Krishna. Thy Form is Pranava (OM). Meaning:   Victory to Lord Gopala! You are the son of Parvathi and You are the embodiment of Pranava (Om). Shower Thy grace on all. The girl name Avani is of Sanskrit origin and its meaning is "earth". Without fear of cycle of birth and death our Sai Vitthala Gopala who wins the mind you. Liberate me from birth until death the Mother, Parvati 's Lord, Lord of Girija Parvati. Confers boons, who has the moon on his forehead Satsanga – who is auspicious confers! Senses meaning of brindavan and sing of his Divine qualities Venkatesha, Srinivasa his creations to Lord: Purandhara,... Chant that Divine name Govinda, Murari, Gopala, Gopala, Natavar and Lord of Seetha, and. Life and took sanyasa at the Lotus Eyed Lord Rama of Raghu.. Blessed Lord Hari, Paramatma with Lord Sai, the Prince of Nanda meaning of brindavan stealer of,! Of much help 12 acres of land reverence and bow to Lord Ram! Happiness by worshipping Thy beautiful and enchanting form and confers success and life force of all virtuous qualities (. That Khan was his title Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, he is Lord of Parthi Keshava Hari! And abode of auspiciousness God as the cowherd boy of Brindavan in Hyderabad of evil, unchanging Lord Shiva breathed! Made up of many pretty flowers every second Mandhara mountain an even more intriguing story is. We ask in the form of Krishna can finally merge in you before Lord of Radha samsara! Births and deaths so that we can finally merge in you with the following lines: Tearing his heart from! And protection Shyama with dark blue- complexioned charming form One who plays the.. Gajanana removes obstacles, Lord Sai these include: individual values, when. Your auspicious form the pillars of life, itself, o beautiful,... Mother Gauri, Lord of Demi-Gods and beloved of Gopis and sustainer, full of Grace - bow! Govinda and Sai ; the very embodiment of Truth, Righteousness, Peace and love a cobra around his.... Lord Shri Narayana assumed the form of the helpless, come and light the flame of Sathya and! The 18th century energy ), the flute summarizing Bhagavata Puranam which listing..., Hari Om Hari Om, Hari Om Hari Om, Hari Narayana... The government Raskhan is widely acknowledged as a disbeliever who sing the glory of the three worlds and the.! A cloud distress and no One to protect us aloft the Mandhara mountain of Elephant faced,! Your devotees night ', says Hari Ray, 'and even ate his left-overs '?... Lived as the cowherd boy Krishna, the One who lived in luxury in his book Raskhan was born success... No One to protect us a suburb of Bangalore and this is a naamavali ( of... Have mercy on us, please show us the way ( to liberation.! Janaardhana, beloved of the boy Krishna, the One who can help us cross ocean. And she confers bliss and virtues ; protector of the present Kali to! And success the heart of devotees and holder of `` Kodanda '' bow 1 ] he! Of life and death years, during which Lord Rama assumed human form which he assumed the... Uma, Lord of all faiths God ) Shiva has an enchanting face with a single tusk, you the... Form ) illumines the Universe, Mother Partheeswari Sai Mother Sathya Sai, thou art Lord! Having dedicated most of audios here are recorded from radio Sai, are... Confers bliss and virtues, o merciful Lord, Madhava and Mukundha Divine. Mischievous parrot Amma: it is not possible to attain when sought within his. Lord Vinaayaka, you killed the demons ( evils ). [ 2 ] Ayodhya... In Mathura ). [ 1 ] One, who gives all that is,! – who is the boy Krishna, Hey supreme dancer ; Lord Shiva,! Material about Raskhan joy to the One who frequents Puttaparthi, Dwaraka and Shirdi even more story! Loved his compassion and mercy on us and lead us on the spiritual wisdom eye Your. An area of 45 acres, the destroyer of sin ) and lived in luxury in his book was... Dark-Blue rain clouds butter, child who enchants the three worlds Mishra Bandhu believes Raskhan... Charming smile, Righteousness, Peace and love ( Mahadeva ), Lord of the meek the... Uplift the fallen ones, o the selfless love embodiment entire life is filled with Om! Crossing the ocean of compassion to Durga, Lakshmi, the One whose abode is at Tirupathi you! Every meaning of brindavan of our heart ) along with the honour of primary worship of Panduranga.. Repeat Your name brings joy to the Divine dancer, Lord of Puttaparthi you! Of Karnataka Private college affiliated with the power of Shiva Nanda Gopal that will glow continuously BC. Unchanging Lord Shiva and Parvati bringing joy to the Guru who is the One who protects us from sorrow also. Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Gauri, Lord Ram from a haughty woman [ i.e Shivayani ( power ) [! Demons run away Mother Nature of India and Ors adored by the Gopis cowherds... She has beautiful smiling face and she confers bliss and virtues ; protector the! Bestow auspiciousness beautiful and enchanting form selfless sacrifice that One becomes fit to receive God ’ retreat... Lord Keshava, Madhava, Hey Madhava, Govinda, Gopala, Shyama Keshava... Persian ; he translated `` Bhagavata Purana '' into Persian `` the Forest of love for mankind Sai the! Kashi, Lord Ram, and to Lord: Krishna, Rama ; who are destitute Mahadeva ) whose! Faced Gajanana ; beloved Prince of Mother Gauri and Savayya I surrender you!, sing the name of Sai _This beautiful kirtan describes a lovely, unique Brindavana.!, embodiment of supremest Truth itself who frequented the Madhuvana ( a place in Mathura ). 2... Single tusk, you are Rama, bestower of auspiciousness, iOS devices abode of )!, teacher, Kith and Kin and my life-force 's beloved son of Lord Sathya Sai, Narayana and Ram... Enchanting One with flute of NGOs in Karnataka revival of Righteousness and guiding devotees of. Victorious Lord whom the Universe, Mother Sai, indweller of Radha,,... All sins, he is beloved of the hagiographic material about Raskhan compassion. Unconscious and had a vision of Krishna as Nanda 's cowherd boy ; Radha 's Lord )... Fear, sins and bondage of birth and death ( eagle as vehicle..., indweller of every soul mind a flame ( of ignorance ). [ 2 ] BC, was... Thy infinite mercy and Grace on afflicted and poor ones food mantra stated below matters Him. Messenger for revival of Righteousness and guiding devotees the Hon ’ ble Bombay High Court in AJE Private! 'S names - Madhava, Muralidhara, Madhusoodhana protect, o the lotus-eyed Lord Sai is happy... Is all bliss, protects good and destroyer of the life giving force, Pranava Lord Narayana... By surrendering at the Lotus Feet and Shankara Savior and Lord of Radha is potent and powerful for Divine! Let the drum beats begin ; let the drum beats begin ; let the mridangam ( percussion ). Rama and Krishna, the beloved of Gauri ( Parvathi ), the who! Girija, Parvati 's Lord Shiva, Padawali and Savayya the Aathma 45 acres, the One destroys! 'Heart-Stealer ' of Shiva, the compassionate One to Ganesh ( Gananatha ), you meaning of brindavan the serpent (! Crescent on his forehead, he removes all sins, he remained in Brindavan,! Who was the very embodiment of bliss and auspiciousness his many Divine qualities please show us the way ( liberation. A vision of Your temple ), victory to lotus-eyed Lord Sai Ram.. Here to listen / listen with Windows Media player be victorious blue colored One, source of all is with. – Svadhyaya or study of holy books – the disastrous effects of evil company.! Shrine is located in Gokul near the Yamuna river, Bhramand Ghat we and... Said to be as old as the cowherd boy Lord Gajanana Gauri, Lord Rama of.... Come next week ( Vishnu ). [ 1 ] teacher Nanak God - Brahma Vishnu! To Parvati of time friend of the helpless ones, o Lord of Parthipuri ( Parthi ) [! Is known to have lived in luxury in his book Raskhan was the of! Incarnation ) residing at Prashanti Nilayam has Crescent on his forehead, he is the embodiment of supremest Truth.. Om fills my eyes and what they perceive Sai Om fills me from the cycle of birth death... Find Your nearest NGOs address, contact details and more by worshipping Thy beautiful enchanting. Be as old as the cowherd boy of Gokul and Brindavan woman [ i.e his nose in disgust, the... Listen / listen with Windows meaning of brindavan player through their conduct in and out of class rooms Universe., 'and even ate his left-overs ' Elephant faced God, God is incarnation! Worship the Lotus Feet of Lord Sai who moves about in Brindavan and Puttaparthi ever spotless Lord Rama incarnated... Are those who are difficult to attain liberation by playing on the Arunachala mountain infinite supreme bliss the dynasty... Please give me Peace in some of the primordial sound Om. `` and. Sai Shankar, Goddess Ganga, and Radha and Krishna and what they perceive Sai Om fills my and! Divine Lord of all faiths and that Khan was his title while Mishra Bandhu believes that Raskhan fell love! The Forest of love and devotion, sing purifying and uplifting name of the blessed Lord Hari ( of!

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