Honda calls this the ‘i-MMD Hybrid system’. NEW 21YM Honda Jazz Hybrid Range. Are you as passionate about cars as we are? 2020 Honda HR-V Hybrid Engine 2020 Honda HR-V Hybrid Price And Release Date. I love the approach Honda have taken with hybrid in this car, utilising the electric more for drive and the petrol engine more for charging; basically a range extender EV but with a tiny battery. You have seen the new rav4 ? And, on the latter score, that’s entirely as Honda intended. Where Stapleford, Leicestershire Price £37,305 On sale now Engine 4cyls in line, 1993cc, Atkinson Cycle petrol; plus electric motor Power 143/181bhp (petrol engine/electric motor) Torque 129/232lb ft (petrol engine/electric motor) Gearbox Single speed automatic Kerb weight 1726kg Top speed 112mph 0-62mph 9.2sec Fuel economy 51.4mpg (NEDC Correlated) CO2, tax band 126g/km (NEDC Correlated) Rivals Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. It also costs more money, Honda charging $2,700 more for the CR-V Hybrid than a standard CR-V, which is rated to get 29 mpg in combined driving when equipped with AWD. It's the coolest new electric car on the block but what's the Honda E like to live with? There's no need to wait - they're available right now. The car’s new ‘multi-mode drive’ hybrid propulsion system is interesting because, unlike older Honda hybrid set-ups, it aligns the piston engine in series upstream of the electric motor, rather than in parallel when it might have driven into a shared transmission; because that transmission consists not of CVT-like planetary gearing but instead of a single-speed ratio onto which the combustion engine is coupled by an electronically governed clutch; and because, when the car’s running in hybrid mode, there’s no connection between the combustion engine and the wheels at all. You might even say that ‘peak CR-V’ has finally been achieved. In the car’s own super-sedate, marvellously boring way, that’s quite something to behold. Toyota Yaris 1.5 VVT-I Hybrid Design: Honda Jazz i-MMD EX: On the road price/total as tested: £20,970/£21,555: £21,385/£22,035: Residual value … Handling is secure and as precise as it needs to be; which, because you’re never inclined to hurry this car along or feel even remotely encouraged by the wider driving experience, needn’t be all that precise. Explore Used Honda for sale as well! That says a lot about how much CR-V customers are expected to care about such things, doesn’t it? Now officially called … The Honda CR-V Hybrid is the first hybrid SUV that Honda has sold in Europe and gets a totally new powertrain. If the last part of that equation sounds like it might suit you, don't let the £37,000 price tag of our test car put you off the idea: the entry-level front-driven version (which is more economical than the AWDer) starts from under £30k. As such, we’ve yet to learn about any common reliability issues. Basically: good car, clever concept, will deliver exactly what's expected of it by its staple audience, badly positioned by the journalist. This honest latest Honda HR-V dons a price with $21,500 for any basic LX FWD design. It's a clever idea. Might even make a good towing vehicle, if the electric motor torque is good. Petrol-electric SUV isn’t exciting, but what CR-V ever was? Comfy, refined, spacious and dynamically competent, with respectable performance and drivability, Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar takes your privacy seriously. Not even a fraction of half of a jot, bless 'em. Simply fill up with petrol and electric energy is generated as you drive, using energy recovered while coasting or braking. Let us know if you would like to be there. The petrol engine drives a generator, which is powering the electric motor that drives the wheels. On real-world economy, meanwhile, our test car returned just over 45mpg on a mixed route. If you want an example of truly awful take a look . London. Find Hybrid – Petrol/Electric Honda CR-V SUV used cars for sale on Auto Trader, today. To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us please see our. That engine runs very quietly, though, and while it’s always spinning in closer proportion to the demands made by your right foot than in any useful relationship to prevailing road speed, it doesn’t resort to apparent over-revving until you’re at least fairly close to the pedal stop. Honda CR-V Hybrid 2019 UK review. Expect fuel consumption of … 4 door Automatic Hybrid – Petrol/Electric Saloon, 5 door Automatic Hybrid – Petrol/Electric Hatchback, 5 door Automatic Hybrid – Petrol/Electric SUV, Be the first to own one of these cars. Honda calls this mode Hybrid Drive. No Honda CR-V is in its element on a country lane, and the hybrid adds a further 100kg to the SUV's already bulky frame, with additional body lean as a result. Vauxhall Crossland 1.2 Turbo 130 2021 UK review, Xpeng P7 Super Long Range Premium 2021 review, Hyundai Tucson Ultimate 1.6 T-GDi 2021 UK review, make the CR-V an interesting car to drive, the softer side of the SUV class’s dynamic spectrum, getting exactly what they’re expecting in this car. Honda expects two-thirds of its global sales to come from e-vehicles by 2030, with hybrid cars making up 50 percent. 1. Sadly, Honda failed to capitalise on the hybrid market as successfully as Toyota managed with its own model, the Prius; while that became a bestseller and Toyota now offers hybrid versions of a number of its passenger cars, Honda’s hybrids have had a lukewarm reception (the CR-Z coupé and Civic Hybrid, for example). Choose from a massive selection of deals on second hand Honda CR-V Hybrid - Petrol/Electric Cars from trusted Honda dealers! Externally the latest CR-V Hybrid is an improvement over previous models in visual terms, and the interior space has grown, with a large 497 litre boot.

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