I understand there is no such thing as an all around rod, but this one comes very close. The list below shows all the kayak brands that have been reviewed by our editors and community members. Specifications: The Dobyns Champion XP Series dobynsrodsinc 2020-09-03T14:51:08-05:00 The new standard for sensitivity, strength, weight and balance and now featuring Fuji Guides! For striped bass and other hard fighting species, I use it for bucktail jigs, magnum topwaters, oversized jerkbaits and soft swimbaits up to 2 ounces. I own multiple models from the Savvy, Champion, and Extreme rod series which each have distinctive actions and applications. Quality supreme! If your looking for a rod that can handle light swimbait duty, Alabama rigging, flipping heavy cover, and putting the screws to big fish without being so fast action that hooks can be easily ripped out, this is a rod to strongly consider. The Champion 765 Flip, however, is my favorite model from all the Dobyns offerings. Serving Northern California Anglers. $259.99 New. WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Incredibly powerful, durable, and sensitive rods made for bass anglers at the top of their game. I use this rod primarily for shallow/medium crankbaits. $229.95 New. Where else can that happen? Champion Series rods are light, strong, sensitive and perfectly balanced. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, For black bass species I use the 765 Flip for pitching creature baits, heavy jigs, heavy chatterbaits, swimjig-swimbait combos. Dobyns Rods Champion XP Full Grip Casting Rods are Dobyns' flagship line of 1-piece bass casting rods with full-length grips. Dobyns Champion XP Crankbait Rods feature AA grade cork grips, Fuji graphite reel seats, proprietary high modulus graphite blanks, Zero Tangle Kigan … Champion XP Series rods feature proprietary high modulus graphite blanks, Fuji Alconite guides, Kevlar wrapping, Fuji graphite reel seats and AA-grade Portugal cork. ... Dobyns Rods Champion Series Heavy Power Fast Action Casting Fishing Rod, 7'3" $237.19. Rigorous in-house testing ensures only the best makes it to your local tackle store. Priced between $159-$179, the Dobyns Rods Sierra Series provides anglers with all the actions and powers needed to compete in bass tournaments. It has a rather interesting solution in terms of the implementation of the handle. $79.99 Dobyns Fury Series Rods. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dobyns Rods Champion XP Series Full Grip Casting Rods 1-pc Tournament Bass Rods at the best … I have mounted a Zillion Coastal and Smoke inshore on the rod and it just looks "right" to me. Guaranteed by Mon, Sep 14. I have bought two Dobyns Rods Xtasy series rods, a DRX 724C and a DRX 755C. From correct orientation along the spine (spline) of the blank, to innovative hook keepers, and comfortable, balanced handles with high quality cork, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyns' pursuit of bass rod perfection. Perfect rod to throw big baits for monster bass. After you submit the form we'll email you an activation link with a temporary password. For shallow to medium crankbaits I will always reach for this rod first. I have used it for spinnerbaits, Carolina rigging, and light swimbait rigs. The DRX 724C is seven feet two inches, which is a little shorter than all my Champion Extreme series rods. The colors (like all Champion series rods) is very fitting for a reel with blue accents. Secondary Techniques: Carolina Rigs / Swimbaits / Umbrella Rigs / Wakebaits. I switched from much higher end, or the highest end in some cases, Loomis rods and went to Dobyns a couple of years ago. While I own many Dobyns rods from all of their lines (Savvy, Coalition, Champion, and Extreme), this review will focus on the 704CB. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; The Champion 765 Flip, however, is my favorite model from all the Dobyns offerings. document.getElementById('cloak10865').innerHTML = ''; Featuring the same winning blanks as the original Champion Series, the Champion XP Series now come equipped with premium Fuji guides. All content provided by YakAngler.com is copy written and any use, without express written consent of Yakangler, is a violation of applicable copyright and or trademark laws. $259.99. Select how many times you have used this product. There are not many rod manufacturers who will stand behind their product like Dobyns does. As stated earlier, I originally purchased this rod for 5" Senkos, but I have learned this rod can do so many other things. We do not currently have the quantity you desire in stock. It can easily handle shallow and medium running cranks, and if pressed into service for deep divers like the DD22, it can support your needs there as well, though, again it is not our first choice. Tackle & Gear For All Species !! Dobyns Champion XP Crankbait Rods set the new standard for strength, sensitivity, weight, and balance! Fuji ECS reel seat which I like but understand some folks don't care for. The reel seat is built into the handle. The brainchild of the West’s all-time leading money winner, Gary Dobyns, the Champion XP series rods are not just made for a specific technique, each rod is built for improving and maximizing your effectiveness with that given technique. The 733C SH (split handle) is a great rod. It is in fact their lowest end economy rod. $79.99 Dobyns Colt Series Rods. Dobyns Rods Fury FR 703c Heavy Power Fast Action Casting Rod 7ft0in Black/green. Aaron Lesieur describes Dobyns Rods Champion Series - YouTube It's 1/4 to 3/4 oz rating is spot on although I think it excels at the 1/2 to 5/8 oz range. FAST 'N FREE. The Dobyns Champion 765 Flip is a 7 foot 6 inch, 5 power flipping rod with a unique, parabolic action not found on any other flipping rod on the market. As already stated, that's not the case with the Champion Series. Do yourself a favor and give a Dobyns rod a try. Length: 7'6" Med/Heavy Flip Fast Action Dobyns Champion 765 Flip //-->, By visiting this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 3.7 out of 5 stars 6 ratings. I'm not impressed with the E6X probably because of this. $259.95 New. $229.99 - $259.99 Dobyns Champion XP Swimbait Casting Rods The Sierra Series are built on the spine, are balanced and offer an exceptional quality at an affordable price!FEATURES:High modulus graphite blanksFuji Alconite guidesFuji reel seatsKevlar wrappingPortugal AA-cork Sierra Spinning Rods This is a review of another one of my Dobyns Champion rods. $169.95. var addy10865 = 'support' + '@'; And if you give them a call you are quite likely to talk to Gary Dobyns himself and where else it that going to happen? Primary Techniques: Flippin' Stick This email address is being protected from spambots. 4 … Dobyns Champion XP Series DC 794sb Swimbait Rod - Authorized Dealer. The new standard for sensitivity, strength, weight and balance! Info 714-666-2628. The Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Series dobynsrodsinc 2020-09-03T14:48:38-05:00 The ultimate in sensitivity, strength, weight and balance! This action lets the fish get a good bite on the crankbait and makes it less likely you will lose that trophy bass at the end of your line. Xtasy Series Toray Nano graphite blanks Fuji titanium Torzite guides Painted Fuji graphite reel seats All custom cosmetics and handle Kevlar wrapping Full handle AAAA-grade Portugal cork grips Unique serial number on each rod Price Range: $549.99 view details Champion Extreme HP Series Toray High modulus graphite blanks Fuji 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Dobyns Sierra SA 704SF Spinning Rod - Authorized Dealer. The now recessed butt cap of the Dobyns Rods Champion Series lineup. It is 7'3" long and has a split handle design. I feel like you certainly will not be disappointed! The review that said Dobyns is Chinese garbage does not know the tight quality control Gary Dobyns keeps on his rods. addy10865 = addy10865 + 'yakangler' + '.' + 'com'; "Champion Series" rods by Dobyns Rods feature proprietary high modulus graphite blanks, Zero Tangle Kign guides with SIC inserts, Kevlar wrapping, Fuji graphite reel seats and AA grade cork grips. Dobyns Champion Series Spinning Rod Brand: Dobyns Rods. View on Amazon. Tell us what you think the pros of this product are. ex: Shimano Stradic FJ ST1000FJ you would enter ST1000FJ, Versatility, lifetime warranty, durability, balance. In addition to adding the available stock to your cart, you may also backorder the remaining quantity. Featuring Kigan SiC guides with stainless steel frames, and ultra sensitive--yet durable--graphite, Dobyns Champion Rods are made for performance, but also made to last. This unique action not only excels as flipping for bass, but it gives it the versatility to take on multiple heavy duty presentations in both salt and fresh water. It is no shock that I am a huge proponent of Dobyns Rods. Gary Dobyns designed the Dobyns Champion Series XP 736 CB Glass rod specifically for vibrating jigs. From correct orientation along the spine (spline) of the blank, to innovative hook keepers, and comfortable, balanced handles with high quality cork, no detail has been overlooked in Dobyns' pursuit of bass rod perfection. I know some fishermen don't like any split handle rods, but this one is very comfortable. If you believe this is inappropriate and should be removed from the site, please click the "Report" button below. The Champion Flip is an outstanding rod for Alabama rigs and hard swimbaits up to 6 inches, but don’t be afraid to use it for live baiting striped bass and chasing big reds, jacks, or other saltwater species. Tell us what the cons of this product are. Dobyns Colt Series Panfish Special Rod. Price: $259.99 It has a great parabolic action without feeling "whippy." Was: $319.99. Contact Us Total Score: 7.95 - GOOD Introduction: Dobyns Rods Champion series has become one of the most popular domestic rod lines here in the States. 800-237-3511. The Dobyns Champion Rods represent the culmination of the decades of tournament experience (and success) amassed by the West's all-time leading money winner. The warranty that Gary Dobyns puts on his rods should say a lot about the quality of the rods. Creating essays and in addition various...", "Like the title says, if you can afford these rods do it. $259.99 - $289.99 Dobyns Colt Series Rods. Fury was great, Sierra even better. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. The shining star of Dobyns' casting offerings, the Champion XP Series rods are incredibly light, strong, sensitive, and perfectly balanced thanks to … Not only did I want to experience a super high-end rod, but I wanted to experiment with the new sizes. The Sierra Series not only provides a world class tournament rod, but it does it at a price bass anglers on a budget can afford. Are you sure this review meets the standard for removal? Dobyns Champion Series Casting Rods. Free shipping. Dobyns Rods is the brainchild of tournament angler Gary Dobyns. However, in doing so, he created a multi-use rod perfectly capable of launching large ledge busting spinnerbaits and oversized cover plowing squarebill crankbaits. Featuring Kigan SiC guides with stainless steel frames, and ultra sensitive--yet durable--graphite, Dobyns Champion Rods are made for performance, but also made to last. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Dobyns Rod Casting Sierra 6ft 8in Medium SA 682c. The Champion Rods are light, yet very balanced for long days on the water. What makes this rod so versatile for me is the ability to use it for so many other different presentations. Primary Techniques: Crankbaits, Jerkbaits, Spinnerbaits, Topwaters; Secondary Techniques: Small Scrounger Heads, Square Bills Keep tabs on all the latest from YakAngler. document.getElementById('cloak10865').innerHTML += '' + addy10865+'<\/a>'; Dobyns Champion Series XP 736 CB Glass. A limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and worksmanship. //