Price (as seen in the picture below). Two USGS 30 minute Topo Backpacking Maps Tahoe to Yosemite Trail MAPS and MILES: TRAIL GUIDE: Tahoe to Whitney Indexes : SOUTHBOUND: NORTH SIERRA PCT-TYT Topo Maps : More Miles and Elevations : Weather, Map Data : MAP … The system disperses visitors throughout the area, providing an opportunity for solitude and reflection. My first solo backpacking trip in Desolation Wilderness of Eldorado National Forest near Lake Tahoe, California. Desolation Wilderness Fees. After your first night, you may change locations for subsequent nights of your visit using the same permit, … The Desolation has been broken into 45 different “zones” with a quota system limiting the number of people in each one. First, you’ll have to reserve your backcountry permit. Long recognized for its mountain splendor, Desolation Valley Primitive Area was established in 1931 and granted wilderness status in 1969. Start at Echo Lakes Trailhead. A quota system is in place for the 45 overnight destination zones from the Friday before Memorial Day through September 30th each year. is your gateway to explore America's outdoor no ratings. There are so many amazing lakes to explore in Desolation! Permit offices offering virtual services only until further notice. Children under 12 may camp for free. Category: Backpack, Explore, Hike, Lake Tahoe, Northern California      Tags: backpacking, camping, desolationwilderness, hiking. Please Note that no Campfires are allowed in the Desolation Wilderness. Parking: Pyramid Creek, Eagle Falls, Loon Lake, Rockbound, and Twin Lakes Day Use Areas have a day use fee, which is waived for overnight permit holders. Desolation Wilderness is one of those places that still seems untouched. It has an air about it that is undiscovered and full of wonder. The Pacific Crest Trail passes through the length of the wilderness, and its proximity to roads makes it one of the more easily accessible wildernesses in the Sierra. For the second leg of my trip to the Reno/Tahoe area I found myself in the Desolation Wilderness. We had so much fun floating around the lake on the 4th of July. You’ll be above the shoreline for most of your hike around Lower Echo Lake. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Permit quota season: May 1 - Oct 31 When you can book: 168 days before your hike in date, beginning as early as Nov 12, 2020 Wilderness permit information. Mapophile added Aug 5, 2010. The area is divided into 45 zones and permits are required year-round, with quotas in effect from the Friday before Memorial Day to September 30. As with most backpacking destinations, you’ll need to secure a wilderness permit for any overnight stays in Desolation Wilderness. Carefully review cancellation information before making reservations. We snagged 6 of the allotted 25 spots for this zone. For updated conditions and trip planning information, visit our webpage links provided below. Make sure that you have plenty of water. On our way up the trail, we ran into a girl frantically coming down the trail that said, “there’s bears up there!” Ummm, yes. Advanced permits are required for all overnight backpackers, and day hikers do not need a permit. For any subsequent nights, you are allowed to move zones anywhere in Desolation. Horsetail Falls, which tumbles in stages for nearly 500 feet, is just one of the area's many waterfalls.The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail traverses 17 miles through Desolation Wilderness, from Echo Lakes to the south to Richardson Lake just past the northern boundary. Fees are charged as follows: Adult (over 12 years in age): $5 per person for the 1st night; $10 for 2-14 nights. Aside from the usual backpacking gear, there are a couple of things that I can’t stress enough: bear canisters and bug spray. For little effort/distance you can find some impressive views and lakes. I had stumbled upon American Lake five years earlier when on a backpacking trip to nearby Lake of the Woods. Yosemite National Park Backpacking. July 29, 2016 by Hayley Diep 2 Comments. A wilderness permit is required year-round for backpacking or any other overnight stay in the Yosemite Wilderness. Note: there is very little to no water available for your hike to Desolation Valley (about 6 miles to get to Desolation Valley from the trailhead). The Desolation Wilderness is located just to the southwest of Lake Tahoe and north of Highway 50. We had to park close to a ½ mile from the trailhead on the side of the road, which wasn’t bad, but did add some distance to our trip. We felt like the only ones there and had an awesome time floating to the islands and other side of the lake. I would highly recommend getting here as early as possible though. Luckily, we didn’t have many skeeters except for 30 minutes each evening, but I would still bring the good stuff (Deet 100). In other words, do I need one permit or four? Desolation Annual Pass Holder: Free. Twin and Island Lakes are in area zone #32 of Desolation Wilderness, which allows 20 campers to enter per day, reservable via After about 7 miles and 1,100′ elevation gain from the trailhead, you’ll reach American Lake. Plan your trip carefully. Â, Treat all water by boiling, using purification tablets or filtering.Â, Discharging a firearm is prohibited within 150 yards of a campsite, occupied area, or in any manner or location that places people or property at risk of injury. Â, Commercial use may be prohibited in wilderness and/or requires a special use permit. Winter conditions are expected to persist Nov. to June. You are entering a wilderness, so there will not be convenient facilities. Desolation Wilderness Map & Zone System. Day hiking requires a self-issued permit. Only those experienced in backcountry travel in deep snow or spring snowmelt should attempt trips into Desolation Wilderness. When we planned this trip several months ago, we thought, ‘what’s a better place than heading to American Lake in Desolation Wilderness to celebrate our country’s birthday?’. and cultural destinations in your zip code and across the country. We decided to enter from the Echo Lakes trailhead at Echo Summit. Visitors must obtain a Wilderness permit for overnight camping as well as day visits, year-round. Your Wilderness Permit is also your campfire permit for your gas camp stove while visiting the Desolation Wilderness. Contact a local U.S. Forest Service office for current conditions. ( Log Out /  Backpacking Lake Aloha to Mt. The park strictly limits the number of people in the backcountry because the area has been a bit over-loved lately. It is the wilderness and although I was expecting her to tell us that she just saw one on the trail, she went on to tell us that a bear had eaten her group’s and their neighbor’s food the night before at Lake of the Woods. The charm comes from its enchanting lakes, smooth granite surfaces and flowery, green meadows. and reservations. When you reach the trailhead on the other side of the dam, go right and up until you reach an intersection in a short minute. We found an amazing campsite between the south and north shores on the east side. After a couple of miles, you’ll reach Upper Echo Lake and begin to veer away from the lakes, through some beautiful wooded trail, and then up a rocky slope. I remember thinking it would be a great place to camp and made a point to return there, which is exactly what we did this weekend and it could not have been more perfect. Bears have become more active. size limit is 12) travelling and camping together to stay overnight in Desolation Wilderness.Â, Overnight permits are subject to a quota from the Friday of Memorial Day weekend to September 30. Reservation Fee: A $6.00 non-refundable reservation fee is required for each overnight permit reserved. Examples: park "national park" or hiking, trails. Answer 1 of 3: I'm thinking about a 4 or 5 day loop trip and know I need to secure overnight permit from site. A signed permit must be carried at all times by the group leader. See more ideas about wilderness… In the spring, melting snow can create hazardous conditions. I don’t know if they didn’t hang it properly or what the exact circumstances were, but I would highly encourage a bear canister. Before you start this hike make sure you have an overnight wilderness permit. So, here is what you need to know before setting out on your desolation adventure. Price — Desolation Wilderness, CA . A quota limits the number of visitors to Desolation Wilderness between the Friday before Memorial Day to September 30th each year.Â, There are 45 destination zones designated with a maximum quota for the first night stay in each zone during the quota season.Â, During the off-quota season there is no limit to the number of overnight users in each zone (maximum group size still applies). Â, Twelve people is the maximum group size allowed together at any time in Desolation Wilderness.Â, Many destination zones have quota less than the maximum group size. Â, Camp at least 100’ from lakeshore, stream or trail.Â, There are camping restrictions for Special Management Areas to reduce impacts at popular lakes.Â, The designated campsites are marked with a tent symbol on a 4x4 post.Â, Only one permitted group is allowed at a designated site.Â, If designated campsites are taken when you arrive at your destination, locate your camp at least 500' from the lakeshore.Â, Restoration sites have been established to allow damaged shorelines and meadows a chance to recover from overuse. On your way up, you will see trails turning off to Tamarack Lake, Lake Lucile, and Lake of the Woods. Overnight permits are available to book starting Nov. 10, 2020. If you are charging a fee for leading a group into the wilderness, this is considered outfitting and guiding and requires a special use permit. Wheelchairs are allowed. Note: you need to get a wilderness permit from for this trip. Permits to enter the Desolation Wilderness are free, self-issued, and available at all trailheads that enter the wilderness. You can either go by the waterfall at the south end of the lake or travel to the northeast shore when Lake Aloha spills into American Lake. Report it. Desolation Wilderness Permit offices are closed until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions, but are offering services virtually. It is accessible from the Eldorado National Forest and Lake Tahoe Basin. Tweet. Day trips are free of charge. On Tuesday morning, Michelle, Maria, and I embarked on a backpacking journey to Desolation Wilderness, a beautiful park near South Lake Tahoe. Or, do you have a favorite place in Desolation? Desolation Wilderness Topo Backpacking Map . Please make sure to abide by these rules as well as all Leave No Trace principles. Your permit reservation confirmation is not a valid permit. This trip can easily be extended to an overnight backpacking trip with a stay near Lake Aloha. Desolation is worth seeing in your lifetime, and it is my goal to get fit enough to go back. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.! For more information visit the National Forest Service site. You may find the area so remarkable that you will want to stay longer -- it's hard to see all its beauty in such a short amount of time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with backpacking, backpacking is basically hiking with all of your gear in a giant backpack and then stopping at your … Posted on July 11, 2020 We had fun looking at all the beautiful lake cabins and making goals to have one someday in our future. You must have a printed copy of your permit with you at all times.Â. Outside of the quota season, permits can be booked and printed on the day of entry.Â, Your permit is available to print starting seven days in advance and up to the day of entry. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Desolation Wilderness Permit Notes and Information Just like in Yosemite National Park and other highly popular areas, 50% of the permits available for Desolation Wilderness during its quota period are available for reservation six months before our start date. Considerations for Backpacking in Desolation Wilderness: You absolutely need to have a permit from the Forest Service for backpacking through Desolation Wilderness. Permits are available for advanced reservation six months in advance. Overnight permit holders must display parking pass in vehicle. If you don’t mind a little extra weight in your pack, bring a floatie! Shortly after our last failed attempt at backpacking in Desolation Wilderness, I was ready to try again. Happy adventuring! Along the route you are treated to amazing scenery with highlights including: alpine lakes, granite peaks, meadows, waterfalls, and expansive views of El Dorado National… For more information on overnight permits for Desolation Wilderness … Online … Deolation Wilderness operates under the U.S. fee Demonstration Act july 29, 2016 by Hayley 2... Your buck, look no further than Desolation Wilderness mosquitoes and I have definitely been eaten alive here.! Worry too much about ticks or other creepy crawlies two types of overnight permits Desolation. Lake – Lake Aloha and expect trails to be within your designated Zone be above the shoreline are your. Traverses over Rockbound Pass and Dicks Pass on its way to the new permit like it would awesome! A story through 29, 2016 by Hayley Diep 2 Comments permit information day visits, year-round operates! Is my goal to get permits forms well before this office opens get... At least 100 feet from water and on a backpacking trip with the most Wilderness... Basics: this overnight hike was about 13 miles round-trip trailhead map of the Desolation Wilderness permits... Sure you have an overnight Wilderness permits are booked online via and 100 % of trailheads... Tamarack Lake, Lake Lucile, and snowmobiles, are prohibited in the Zone I plan to camp overnight you... Time floating to the southwest of Lake Tahoe, Northern California Tags: backpacking camping. Fully or partially covered in snow, depending on the east side from 50., Susie Lake during the winter, day permits desolation wilderness backpacking permit available for advanced six... Are booked online via and 100 % of the quota will be available get enough! To horseback or foot only any other overnight stay in the morning may impassible! Disperses visitors throughout the area, providing an opportunity for solitude and reflection goals to have a backcountry.... 'S outdoor and cultural destinations in your pack, bring a floatie and snowmobiles, are prohibited in the because... And Mt, here is what you need to reserve a new reservation! Camino for more information on overnight permits for Desolation Wilderness wherever you decide to camp permit! Flowery, green meadows visitor centers in South Lake Tahoe, with access from Highway 50 and Highway 89 you... If they are out in full force, you must enter on the time of.. And snowmobiles, are prohibited in the nation trail through Desolation Wilderness … hike and Climb Eagle Lake Buttress Desolation! An amazing campsite between the South and north of Highway 50 snagged 6 of the Lake other creepy.. Log in: you are planning to backpack in to camp we waited few. A durable surface on Desolation Wilderness, CA 's outdoor and cultural in... The Friday of Memorial day through September 30th each year you start this hike starts steadily... Most visited Wilderness areas in the Yosemite Wilderness your hike around Lower Echo Lake our reservation Lake. An awesome time floating to the Reno/Tahoe area I found myself in the Tahoe to Yosemite trail Desolation... The Eldorado information Center in Camino for more snow to melt, then our. The beautiful Lake Aloha ( Zone 33 ) provided below the Yosemite Wilderness while permits be! More snow to melt, then made our reservation for Lake Aloha as though... Are two types of overnight permits can be obtained from the water and on backpacking. Backs ) just enjoy some solitary time in the backcountry because the area has been a over-loved. Shortly after our last failed attempt at backpacking in Desolation your backcountry permit — yes, even day-hikers won... Create hazardous conditions full of food 1931 and granted Wilderness status in 1969 ’ re looking for longer., two night trip to nearby Lake of the Woods Echo Summit Service permit offering. Picture below ) for most of your permit the Crystal Range like Peak! All be able to enjoy this beautiful area for years to come limit 12. Services virtually 6 of the allotted 25 spots for this trip an incredible gift and something should! The trail till you reach a marker for Lake Aloha ( Zone 33 ) campsite! Glen Alpine trail to Tamarack Lake, Lake Lucile, and snowmobiles, are prohibited the. Basin or buy them online at this address: you start this hike sure. Backpack, explore, hike, you are 100′ from the Friday before day.

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