Active Condition: Must be Catholic If the requirements for this are earned while playing as Matilde di Canossa (January 1st, 1046 - July 24th, 1115, Duchess of Toscana from July 1055 - July 23rd, 1115), one earns the similar, but different, True Matilde Bloodline. Anyone of your earned bloodline will also not be able to create a bloodline through this ambition. Lord over half of Iberia, Alfonso claimed the title "Emperor of all Spain" and sought to unify the peninsula under his rule. The type of bloodline is dependent upon your decisions on the event chain. The following table provides examples of each of these situations: Certain famous historical characters start with bloodlines, or found them at a certain point in their life. [3] It is also possible to create a Kingdom of Carinthia with different de jure land. due to "self-serving crusader" stance). Having a Bloodline in your character will convey a bonus based on who founded it, and there are many different Bloodlines to be found (and Founded). Be Prepared in these Dangerous & Unpredictable Times of Pandemics, Wars, and Violence! Cannot exist under the Pope. A leader of the Fourth Crusade, Baldouin fought alongside the Venetians to topple the last remnant of the Roman Empire, becoming the first Latin Emperor of Constantinople. It is generally held by a King ranked character; emperors also usually hold the kingdom title which their capital belongs to de jure .The portrait of kings (or equivalent) has a golden border. She was a patron of literature and a military commander, as well as a leader in the Second Crusade. A great military leader and warrior who became known as 'the Lionheart'. A legendary Varangian warrior. Bloodlines aren't truly genetic but rather reputation-based, as such depending on the type of bloodline in question it can be inherited patrilineally or matrilineally. It costs between 300 and 1000 Prestige to use the decision, depending on the modifier or trait to be removed. Hover over a command in the table to view detailed argument-related help. 867 and later: Brunswick. Before 1109: Portucale. Yusuf was invited by the emirs of Andalusia to come to Iberia and stop the Christian onslaught. Many foundable bloodlines in game files have both a Patrilineal and Matrilineal variants. Advisors_script is a standalone mod that add a new decision, that give 100 % women advisors 4,957 downloads ... You can give NPCs an Asian Goddess portrait by appending their character ID to the end of the command. Doesn't already own a duelist bloodline (this or the, Doesn't own any famous historical Roman bloodline (, Possesses a real (not temporary) emperor tier title. Only exists under the Pope. His rule saw huge economic and cultural advancements take place in Croatia. Additionally, independent counts located in their de jure kingdom or have the same culture as the king are more likely to accept diplomatic vassalization if offered. This decision is available to independent dukes with 1000 prestige as well as either 35 holdings in their realms, or else three duchy titles. Replaces Asturias by the king's decision: Pruthenia, Latgalia, Lithuania, Livonia, Courland, Samogitia, Yatvingia, Luxembourg, Upper Lorraine, Lower Lorraine, Alsace, Brabant. King of the Catuvellauni tribe when the Romans invaded Britain, he led a resistance that nearly prevented them from conquering the island. The Moors dubbed him 'El Cid' ('the Lord'), while the Christians called him 'El Campeador' ('Outstanding Warrior'). Each path will lead you to unlock a different bloodline, each coming in different variants. Before 1212: Galicia. If William succeeds in his invasion of England he’ll found his bloodline. Win a war against Byzantium/Roman Empire as either attacker or defender. Note: be aware that you can only start one Reconquista war per character lifetime, so you'll have to join others Reconquista wars to achieve this. If founded on a male character, then it will be Patrilineal, if on a female character, Matrilineal. (Time required for complete assimilation may be changed by the player on game rules panel at game session start). Whether or not a bloodline is passed on to descendants depends on two specific properties of the bloodline in question: Inheritance and Transfer. An extremely brutal and efficient leader. If you were at least kingdom tier when choosing the ambition, then after 800-1,600 days you will get an opportunity to invest resources and select from an additional pool of potential bloodlines, if you have not yet created one. Warning: if you earn any created bloodline after starting this ambition (including in particular decision bloodline, warrior lodge hero, immortality, Alexander bloodline), you will not be able to forge a new bloodline. If a duchy is assimilated into a titular kingdom, it is no longer considered titular and the assimilated duchy becomes de jure territory of the new kingdom. All saintly bloodlines do not allow for bastard inheritance. Provide some basic information and get a real time decision to split your purchase into 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments from 0-30% APR*. This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 06:18. Offspring will not receive a Matrilineal Bloodline. Completing all of these successfully will earn you a bloodline. Has triggered positive battle events 20 times more than negative battle events in Crusades (?). Tribal titles no longer exists from patch 2.2 onwards. Special effects are handled as flags by the game and having the same flag set multiple times doesn't do anything for you. Possesses a title above count tier (when Inspiring Meliorism). Some historical bloodlines might be founded after the game started. but only from fathers. First step is to find the bloodline that interests you. See entry "Eastern Marches" in the table "List of titular kingdoms". From 1066: Castille, from 1085: Toledo, from 1212: Cordoba, from 1249: Sevilla, from 1266: Murcia, Bryansk, Chernigov, Karachev, Murom, Novosil, Ryazan, North Germanic culture group or East Slavic culture group, Khazar culture, Alan culture or Gothic culture, Bosnia, Croatia, Dalmatia, Slavonia, Syrmia, Yaik, Turgay, Ob, Tarbagatai, Irtysh, Ishim Kimak, Kirghiz, Khazakh, Ubakan, Gilan, Mazandaran, Tabriz, Azerbaijan, Dihistan, Skane, Sjaelland, Slesvig. Has Inspired Meliorism on close relatives 8 times (Should earn the bloodline next time Inspired Meliorism on anyone). The Legendary Gathering decision to start this requires: After taking this decision the society Legend progress bar will be unlocked. Reform Hellenism. Founder of the Ottoman dynasty, Osman rose to prominence as a daring commander, achieving victories against both Greeks and fellow Turks in his campaigns. A legendary viking hero. Also, forging the Dragon King bloodline adds Cannibal , forging the Silent Killer bloodline adds Paranoid and forging any of the others adds Cruel . Settling from nomadic to tribal will also create a king tier titular title based on selected county if one don't already have a king title or greater. But even if they didn't, all the "merged" patrilineal bloodlines will still stay merged with the sons, and the "merged" matrilineal bloodlines still stay merged with the daughters. The Solomonid Dynasty claim direct descendance from the biblical Solomon, a king of Israel famed for legendary wisdom and wealth. The proper title of a king-rank character and their respective land titles are generated according to the combination of their religion, government type and culture, for instance: With the Charlemagne DLC, rulers can create a custom de jure kingdom. Active Condition: Must be Catholic If the requirements are earned while playing as Matilde di Canossa (January 1st, 1046 - July 24th, 1115, Duchess of Toscana from July 1055 - July 23rd, 1115), one earns this True Matilde Bloodline. All warrior lodge bloodlines are somewhat randomly selected by an event (HF.12300 or, if dead, HF.12301) among ones eligible once the legend is completed. To create or usurp a de jure kingdom title, a character is required to: De jure duchies within a kingdom may be assimilated into another kingdom over time through de jure drift, and many kingdoms do not de facto control all of their de jure territory at most start dates. His reforms stopped the imperial decline, restoring much of the former glory. Thus, if the King of France keeps Toulouse for at least 100 years, that duchy will become de jure territory of France. In contrast, agnatic governments will never be able to have a super bloodline in power forever, not without inbreeding. [2] It is also possible to create a Kingdom of Bavaria with different de jure land. He was a figurehead of the Third Crusade, scoring numerous victories against the Muslims. A natural corollary from the rules stated above is that each child can only have one type of bloodlines each, and they can only pass on one of it. Most bloodlines will end up being referred to as Blood of [Character Name]. A legendary ruler who through skill and military might united the Kingdom of Norway and the people therein. Conquered Italy, regained the old lands of the Holy Roman Empire and raised its banners once more. Most of those bloodlines will be named as Blood of . A similar "Saintly" bloodline exists for impious Christian saints, usually when there is a wicked Pope. Gwynedd, Deheubarth, Cornwall, Powys (769 only). Born an illegitimate bastard, he more than proved himself after successfully claiming the throne of England - becoming known as 'the Conqueror'. Since the founder may not be the historical founder, and may have a different nickname, the bloodline may have a different name. 115 名無しさんの野望 (ササクッテロ Sp1b-TSi2) 2020/12/15(火) 03:18:35.65 ID:rYy5HshJp モンゴル、チベット周辺まですら来れずに死んだことがあって いやいやいやと思って見たら国ができて数年でペストでほぼ一族壊滅してたというオチだったことがある Offspring will receive a Patrilineal Bloodline. Primary title is the kingdom of Sicily and capital is located in the duchy of Sicily, Chooses the special action (throw in the Brazen Bull or try something original) in Torture a prisoner random event. Bloodlines will be treated as universal. The Saintly Bloodlines in game files describe variants of the Saintly bloodlines for specific pagan religions, but seem to be not earnable (, /Crusader Kings II/common/events/HF_sainthood_events.txt, /Crusader Kings II/common/events/HF_ancestor_worship_events.txt, /Crusader Kings II/common/bloodlines/01_saintly_bloodlines.txt, Having Intrigue 15 or above halves the cost. If Pope gets de jure Romagna, he creates Papal States, replacing Romagna (see Papal States above). He is famed for conquering and establishing the Qarmatian Republic. Last of the great Norman conquerors, Roger unified Sicily under his rule, transforming it into a local power responsible for raids across the Muslim lands. Whether a created bloodline will be patrilineal or matrilineal depends on whether the founder is male or female. Doesn't own any bloodline that has Resilient to Battle Injuries effect, or leads and win a Shepherds' Crusade (can't be achieved by player). 867 and later: Holstein, Alexandria, Damietta, Cairo, Aswan, Sinai, Northumberland, Lancaster, York, Norfolk, Bedford, Warwick (Mercia), Gloucester, Kent, Somerset, North Germanic or Finno Ugric culture group, Berry, Anjou, Normandy, Orleans, Valois, Flanders. The Daura claim descent from Bayajidda and Magajiva – the first of whom slew a great serpent, and the second of whom instituted the matriarchal system of the Hausa people. In his native tongue, Timur means 'Iron'. A legendary high king of Ireland and founder of the Ui Neill dynasty. Meaning, for this specific matrilineal marriage, all children get all bloodlines from both parents. His conquests included the Andamans, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and even territories in Burma, Thailand and Indonesia. There are five possible bloodlines from pure murder. If a bloodline is patrilineal, it can only normally be inherited by both sons and daughters. It is earned through a similar beatification event chain as the traditional saintly events, but it looks for impious traits instead. See entry "Eastern Marches" in the table "List of titular kingdoms". The target is given a choice to either pay tribute or go to war. The tasks provided by the ambition are as follows. He joined his tribal forces with Rome to drive the Huns out of Gaul, ending Atilla's ambitions in the area. However, more bloodlines can be inherited per person through the use of bloodline transfer (override). He also introduced Buddhism to Tibet and created the Tibetan Alphabet. Is an independent South Slavic/Dalmatian female Pagan. Sardenya i Còrsega, Sardhnia kai thn Korsikn, Sardegna e Corsica, Galloway (Strathclyde), The Isles, Lothian, Albany, Moray (Fortriu), Mann, Skotland, Skottland, Alban, Alba, Pictland, Caledonia, Benevento, Capua, Apulia, Salerno, Calabria, Sicily, Uppland, Norrland, Ostergotland, Vastergotland, Norrland, Bergslagen, Smaland, Tioharad, Aleppo, Antioch, Tripoli, Damascus, Syria, Chola Nadu, Pandya Nadu, Chera Nadu, Tondai Nadu. Offspring will receive a Matrilineal Bloodline. The ledger includes a page detailing all bloodlines that have existed in the history of the current game, regardless of how they were formed, in order of most living descendants. Active Condition: Aztec or a reformed pagan religion with Bloodthirsty Gods Doctrine, Note: Can also earn this bloodline through event chain when having Forge Bloodline ambition, Active Condition: Must be Pagan or tribal, must not be Byzantine, Roman nor believe Hellenic or Reformed Hellenic, Active Condition: Must be Byzantine, Latin or believe Hellenic or Reformed Hellenic, Note: once you meet the experience minimums, each duel where you earn experience gives you a 20% chance to earn the bloodline (50% if you have no bloodlines), On winning a Antipapal / Excommunication war against the Holy Roman Emperor, must. He was later canonized as a saint. In the Bloodlines menu you can then click the blood icon next to the founder's portrait to pull up a menu with each living member holding that particular bloodline. Finally, consortage effectively acts like a semi-matrilineal marriage -- the consort can only pass down patrilineal bloodlines, even though their woman will pass down both patrilineal and matrilineal bloodlines. Has won two Reconquista wars as defender. The initial event trigger requires: Requirements: Requires the successful completion of an rare event chain. Offspring will not receive a Patrilineal Bloodline. One of the greatest rulers India has ever seen. Known as a champion of the faithful, diplomat and friend to Christians, Muhammad managed to keep alive the light of Al-Andalus despite the Castilian invasion. Despite being crippled by two arrows, he was both a military genius and a statesman capable of instilling great loyalty. Not only recording, but you can also take a screenshot with this software. CK2 Title IDs CK2 Trait IDs CK2 Artifact IDs CK2 Culture IDs CK2 Decision IDs CK2 Nickname IDs CK2 Religion IDs CK2 Society IDs CK2 Blog Type the name of a culture into the search box below to search all 127 culture IDs. A king-tier character will have a Casus Belli for each county in their de jure kingdom they do not control. If a woman takes a consort, her children will inherit all her bloodlines. Bloodlines will be treated as universal. Offspring will inherit all patrilineal bloodlines of the father, Offspring will inherit all of the mother's bloodlines, whether patrilineal or matrilineal. The Kende (sacred ruler) of the Magyar tribes. A kingdom without any de jure lands is titular. He ruled over the Kiev area, becoming its first king. If the target rejects, attacker can still backout, at the cost of prestige. On generation, it is possible for different characters to have the "same" type of bloodline (the same bonuses), although they will differ in name. Wins a crusade as the most participating crusader and has Crusader King trait, Hasn't already founded any Crusade bloodline, Not given if the most participating crusader is the beneficiary (e.g. A brilliant warrior as well as a great statesman, he established the Franks as undisputed masters of Gaul and led the army that defeated the Muslims in the battle of Tours. The founder of the Gahznavid dynasty. 1066 and later, also Saxony, Brandenburg, Meissen, 769 and 867: East Francia (becomes Germany if no longer held by a Karling). One of the greatest of the East Roman emperors, his rule brought about an era of glory, prosperity, art, and imperial might. All bloodlines allow for bastard inheritance. Offspring will receive Patrilineal Bloodline(s) and Matrilineal Bloodline(s) of the mother. A powerful woman, Arwa was known for her intelligence and knowledge of both heavenly and earthly affairs. Some can be gained through special actions, such as by building a Legend as a Warrior Lodge Hero, others can be unlocked by performing impressive feats, such as being an extraordinarily dedicated Viking raider or restoring Israel. The founder of the Sassanid dynasty. It has a single, automatic installer and consists of: + EMF: Extended Mechanics & Flavor - Core overhaul + SWMH: SomeWhat More Historic - … A king in sub-Roman Britain. The legendary founder of the Merovingian dynasty. Thuringia, Köln, Franconia, Baden, Swabia. Create the Ecumenical Patriarchy decision, Österreich/Graz/Regensburg/Kärnten (depending on decision taken), N/A (its name and COA is applied to k_italy in the, Title must have existed in the past (start dates after 1302.8.31), Catholic religion or Catholic heresy. She also engaged in several building projects across Yemen. Bashkiria, Komi, Perm, Ural, Veliky Ustug, Votyaki, Zyriane, Mafaza, Fars, Khozistan, Jibal, Kurdistan, Mazovia, Greater Poland, Silesia, Lesser Poland, Kuyavia, Mecklenburg, Pomerania, Pomeralia. 1066: Asturias. A descendant of one of the seven Parthian clans under Sassanid rule. The founder of the Rurikid Dynasty. It is necessary to get a kin who doesn't have your bloodline to enable this ambition again. He was a Varangian chieftain who ruled over the Rus' and built several settlements, the most famous of which lies in Novgorod. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 3.0. Like the Warrior Lodge Bloodlines, the ancestor's bloodline is selected from amidst those eligible when the canonization (or the pagan ancestor worship event equivalent) occurs (Event HF.40020 / HF.40101 repectively). Vanquisher of both Moors and Leonese in his campaigns for Portuguese independence, Afonso cunningly battled many enemies to establish the roots of his own realm. Kubrat claims descendance from Attila - one of the most feared enemies of ancient Rome, who united numerous tribal clans under his banner. By picking this ambition you will be provided with several paths to create your own custom Bloodline, tailoring it to whichever kind of ruler you wish to be remembered as. For example, in 1066, the Duchy of Toulouse is part of the de jure Kingdom of Aquitaine, but is entirely controlled by the King of France. Forging one will grant an appropriate nick name like "the Dragon" or "the Little Nightmare" based on which bloodline is acquired, assuming you don't have one. Founder of the Tughluq dynasty, he expanded Muslim reach across the Indian subcontinent and successfully repelled the Mongol menace. It can then be used as a site of pilgrimage and on being looted can provide saintly artifacts. The first Sultan of Egypt and Syria. Capital is located in the duchy of Dioclea or Rashka. The Ashina clan rose to prominence after revolting against the Rouran Khaganate. The seven clans, or houses, played key importance in Persian history. Offspring will receive a Matrilineal Bloodline. A legendary military leader who won scores of military victories against invading Germans and Swedes. They can be formed through various events and are inherited the same way as historical bloodlines. He successfully led the Muslim military campaign against the Crusader States in the Levant. Bloodlines will be treated as universal. (Gives 5000 prestige and 2000 piety on creation), Yerusholaim, Yerushalaim, Philistia, Judea, Kalyani, Gangavadi, Nulambavadi, Raichur Doab, Aqtobe, Sakmara, Itil, Bandja, Aryrau, Sarkel, Altishahr, Hvamna, Uyghurstan, Xiyu, Ytarimypoy, Kiev, Minsk, Pereyaslavl, Polotsk, Smolensk, Turov, All: León. After defeating an English army, he was appointed 'Guardian of Scotland'. from 1109: Portucale, from 1147: Beja, from 1249: Algarve, Maru, Jangladesh, Stravani, Medapata, Ajmer. In the code there are also universal and individual bloodlines (all_descendants/no_inheritance), the former can be inherited from both parents, the latter can not be inherited at all. Hasn't already founded Reconquista Cid bloodline. Clicking on a bloodline will take you to the character profile of the bloodline's founder. He was a strong leader, but is notorious for hiring the Saxons as mercenaries and allowing them to enter the Isle of Britain. He was the last Zoroastrian ruler who fought back against the Muslims in Persia, trying to restablish the Sasanian Empire. He also sponsored many construction projects. He came to rule a massive kingdom, encompassing all of Bengal. Famed and respected as the ruler who pushed the vikings out of the British Isles, and the first King of England., Axum, Semien, Afar, Gondar, Wag, Gojjam, Damot, Shewa, Berbera, Tunis, Tripolitana, Cyrenaica, Kabylia, Syrte, Mzab, Jerid, Anatolia, Thracesia, Charsianon, Nikaea, Cilicia, Samos, Cibyrrhaeot, Bucellarian, Cyprus. Active Condition: Must be Christian, Hellenic or Reformed Hellenic. A Kingdom is the title tier below empire and above duchy, and the most common rank for independent realms.It is generally held by a King ranked character; emperors also usually hold the kingdom title which their capital belongs to de jure.The portrait of kings (or equivalent) has a golden border.. To create or usurp a de jure kingdom title, a character is required to: As a rule of thumb, raw effects (such as personal combat skill increase, or monthly prestige) stack between multiple bloodlines, while special effects do not. It is filled by members of the society completing missions. It was developed by Bandisoft and is available in many languages other than English. Can only be attempted once per character, Founds Latin Empire through the fourth Crusade. Known as a great warrior, hunter and high priest of the Zoroastrian faith. Warning: Any created bloodline, which means any bloodline except historical and saintly (including ancestor veneration) ones, on the character will prevent taking this ambition. Plus, find out your terms without affecting your credit score. Known for combining the two separate parts of Burgundy to form the new Kingdom of Arles. Conversely if it is matrilineal, then the bloodline can only normally be inherited by both sons and daughters, but only from mothers. Mostly associated with the formation of specific empires and other realms. A military leader and hero of great renown. (Available to earn as Matilde de Canossa from January 1st, 1046 - July 24th, 1115.). Finish before age 16, or start before age 12 and finish before age 35, Build 24 holdings without building 10 of any single type, Rule at peace for 15 years, murder 20 people, Rule at peace for 15 years, build 5 cities, Rule at peace for 15 years, build 5 castles, Rule at peace for 15 years, build 5 temples. He was also known as a patron of arts. Has won four Reconquista wars as attacker. Tribal titles cannot assimilate land, and are automatically destroyed if their ruler acquires a non-tribal title of the same rank. Character ID visible in the tooltip. In his youth he lived as a slave, but in later life came to rule a mighty kingdom which expanded far towards India. Additionally, this means governments with enatic succession is much better suited in the creation of a "super bloodline", as they should be marrying matrilinealy anyway, and with raiding they can take male consorts with bloodlines. An Oghuz Turkic warlord, Seljuk started out an officer in the Khazar army. Has Inspired Meliorism on council members (other than oneself, close relatives, or advisors) 8 times (Should earn the bloodline next time Inspired Meliorism on anyone other than close relatives). A Kingdom is the title tier below empire and above duchy, and the most common rank for independent realms. teleport (ID da província) Transporta qualquer coisa para uma província específica: allowdiplo: Os comandantes usam ações diplomáticas sem precisarem se justificar: debug_nuking: Usar armas nucleares é permitido em qualquer província: instantconstruction: Todas as construções ficam prontas rapidamente: event (ID de evento) (TAG do país) Has at least 50 duel experience and 20 ruthless duel experience. The initial event trigger requires: Ragnarr 'Lodbrok' will gain his nickname and bloodline 780 if the player starts in 769, and in 818 if the player starts at a later date. So be careful of your actions. If Pope loses de jure Papal States, holder can create Romagna instead, replacing Papal States (see Romagna below). This describes the situation where the marriage in question is a matrilineal marriage (or there are no known fathers), in which case all bloodlines from all parties are treated temporarily as universal bloodlines. In 769, also Burgundy, Champagne, 769: Middle Francia (becomes Austrasia if no longer held by a Karling), Adrar, Alger, Fes, Marrakech, Sijilmasa, Sous, Tahert, Tangier, Tlemcen, Vidharba, Konkana, Nasikya, Devagiri, Rattapadi, Dadhipadra (Avanti), Akara Dasarna, Anupa, Beshbaliq, Altay, Otuken, Khangai, Uvs, Kara-Khorum, Baygal, Gobi Altay, Barkul, Juyan, Ikh Bogd, Bjarmia, Kargopol, Mezen, Pechora, Velks, Zavarot, Iceland, Orkney, Agder, Vestlandet, Ostlandet, Oppland, Trondelag, Jamtland, East Slavic, Finno-Ugric or North Germanic culture group, Nobatia, Nubia (Makuria), Sennar, Hayya (Blemmyia), Daksina Kosala, Tosali, Kalinga, Dandakaranya. These (pairs of bloodlines, technically) are listed below as "Depending on Founder Gender". One of the oldest Christian dynasties in the world. Aegean Islands, Thessalonika, Athens, Achaia, Krete, Gurjara Mandala, Anartta, Saurashtra, Lata, Pecs, Esztergom, Nyitra, Ungvar, Pest, Translyvania, Temes, Ulster, Connacht, Meath, Leinster, Munster, Irland, Éire, Iuerthon, Iwerddon, Iwerzhon, Hibernia, Verona, Susa, Lombardy, Genoa, Modena, Tuscany, Pisa, 769: Lombardy, until held by a ruler without Lombard culture, Oultrejordain, Ascalon, Jerusalem, Galilee, Christian religion.

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