He was released on a $2,000 unsecured bond and is scheduled to return to court Aug. 30. Her hearing in that case is scheduled for Sept. 27. Brown was released on a written promise to appear and is scheduled to return to court Aug. 30. He was released under a $1,000 secured bond. After Silent Sam’s toppling, UNC, which had long refused to remove or relocate the monument despite years of protests, labeled the protesters’ actions “dangerous” and a form of vandalism. The deadly event, which was centered on the University of Virginia’s statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, prompted protests at UNC as well as the removal of a statue of the Confederate general at Duke University, just a few miles away from Chapel Hill. They are among 11 people arrested since Aug. 20 when the Confederate statue was toppled. The statue, which earned the nickname “Silent Sam” in the 1950s and was commissioned by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, served as an emblem of “the welfare of the Anglo Saxon race,” Carr said. More than 2,000 alumni vowed not … “Protesters on Monday night toppled Silent Sam, the prominent Confederate monument whose presence has divided the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s campus for decades,” The Chronicle for Higher Education reported. Gov. Created to honor more than 300 students and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War, the statue was erected decades after the war ended, as an increasing number of Confederate monuments were built during the Jim Crow era. About 100 yards from the statue, he said during his speech at his alma mater, he had, in the weeks immediately after the end of the Civil War, personally “horse-whipped” a black woman “until her skirts hung in shreds, because upon the streets of this quiet village she had publicly insulted and maligned a Southern lady, and then rushed for protection to these University buildings where was stationed a garrison of 100 Federal soldiers.”, “I performed the pleasing duty,” he continued, “in the immediate presence of the entire garrison, and for thirty nights afterwards slept with a double-barrel shot gun under my head.”. More than 1,000 scholars have urged administrators not to punish teaching assistants threatening to withhold final grades in protest. He was released on a $5,000 unsecured bond and is scheduled to return to court Sept. 4. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. - Kristin Emery, 26, of Durham, who was charged Saturday with misdemeanor resisting a public officer. Four people were charged in connection with that event. Defenders of these statues and symbols say they represent an important part of American history and Southern heritage. - Lauren Aucoin, 23, of Hillsborough, was charged Aug. 20 with two misdemeanors: causing a public disturbance and defacing, writing on, marking or injuring a public statue or monument. Sam is silent because he carries no ammunition and cannot fire his gun. Silent Sam, as the statue is known, stood in a prominent spot on this state flagship campus for more than a century. UNC and state leaders have criticized the toppling of the statue, which is protected, along with other monuments on public property, by a 2015 state law. - Jonathan Fuller, 27, of Durham, was charged Aug. 20 with two misdemeanors: causing a public disturbance and defacing, writing on, marking or injuring a public statue or monument. - Lillian Laura Price, 20, of Chapel Hill, who was charged Aug. 20 with misdemeanor injury to personal property. It was pulled down by protesters in August after more than 100 years on campus. The four people who appeared in Orange County court Monday were represented by attorneys at their hearings, given new court dates and released on $2,000 unsecured bonds. The protest was billed as being “in solidarity with Maya Little who faces criminal trial for covering Silent Sam in paint and her own blood”. Please try again later. Cooper shared similar sentiments in a statement Monday night on Twitter. Her next court hearing will be Jan. 22. - Thomas Bruefach, 18, of Charlotte, who was charged Saturday with two misdemeanors: resisting a public officer and causing a public disturbance. In fact, protests against the statue began in the 1960s during the Civil Rights movement, according to the school’s library. In November of 1971, a protest was held by … One of those charged, Raul Arce Jimenez, was also among those charged with toppling a Confederate statue in Durham a year ago. The Black Student Movement and the the Afro-American Society of Chapel Hill High School hold a gathering and protest at Silent Sam in memory of James Cates, a young black man murdered in the Pit by members of a white motorcycle gang on November 20, 1970, and William Murphy, a black man shot and killed by a highway patrolman in Ayden, N.C. on August 6, 1971.
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