Hier kannst Du Dich kostenlos registrieren. Nilsen was a Scottish serial killer and necrophile who murdered at least twelve young men between 1978 and 1983 in London. Biographie de David Tennant - Acteur, Voix Off VO, Interprète : découvrez sa filmographie, ses dernières news et photos. Neal revealed in an interview with UK media why the drama is titled Des and not what Nilsen was known as in the headlines … ITV. ‘Des’ Review: Depravity, Brought to You by David Tennant. Biographie Jeunesse. The police are strapped for funds, and Jay can’t get his hands on a word processor, let alone the personnel he needs to track down leads on missing persons. 35, 10243 Berlin, Letzte Änderung: Freitag, 13. These threads, however, along with the elements of standard police-procedural work and courtroom drama, are all secondary to the psychological puzzle at the center of “Des.” Masters, the biographer, and Jay, the cop, offer various tentative answers: Nilsen’s needs for attention and control, a Freudian link in his youth between love and death. Nilsen hat in den 70er und 80er Jahren über ein Dutzend schwule Männer in seiner Londoner Wohnung umgebracht, die meist obdachlos waren oder keine Familie hatten. Einem Detektiv, einem Biographen und Nilsen selbst. We are speaking via Zoom. David Tennant stars as the sociopathic killer, and if you’re used to seeing him playing The Doctor or a troubled cop, then this performance may surprise you. Regisseur Sheree Folkson setzt seine Hauptdarsteller gekonnt in Szene. Die Registrierung und die Nutzung der Community ist kostenlos. One of the central dramatic tensions is his push to identify all of the victims before the higher-ups shut down the investigation to save money. Great line up too." Nilsen picked up, brought home and killed at least 12 men and boys from 1978 to 1983, keeping their corpses around a while for company before butchering them, sometimes boiling off their flesh and stowing their remains around his apartment or flushing them down the toilet. Pictured, David Tennant as Nilsen with his solicitor in his first police interview with DCI Peter Jay (Daniel Mays) after his arrest. Tous les clients bénéficient de la Livraison GRATUITE dès 25€ d’achats expédiés par Amazon Ferocious eloquence overcomes deathbed infirmity in Michael Pennington's superb portrayal of John of Gaunt, and Oliver Ford Davies gives a fine edge of grumpy comedy to the Duke of York's conscience-stricken dithering." All four men are portrayed in the three-part series, which stars David Tennant as civil servant and former police officer Nilsen in a performance that … David Tennant schwebt auf Wolke 7. New David Tennant drama Des has only aired one episode, but it has already broken a ratings record for ITV.. The natural inclination in dramatizing Nilsen’s story would be to show him in action, however luridly or soberly you chose to play it. DVD Zone 2 - Série TV - France Télévisions Distribution - mars 2014 Stock épuisé En stock en magasin Choisir . Des, une série criminel mettant en vedette David Tennant qui raconte l’histoire vraie du tueur en série Dennis Nilsen, est sur Sundance Now How David Tennant transformed himself into serial killer Dennis Nilsen About to star as the notorious murderer in the new ITV drama Des, the actor explains the … David Tennant – bekannt aus “Good Omens”, “Doctor Who” und “Jessica Jones” – verwandelt sich dafür in den schottischen Serienkiller Dennis Nilsen, der 15 Männer und Jungen getötet hat. Stella Tennant, mannequin, star des défilés depuis les années 1990, est décédée ce mardi 22 décembre, à l'âge de 50 ans. David Tennant plays Dennis Nilsen ITV/Getty Dennis Nilsen – or ‘Des’, as he preferred to be called – was a Scottish Jobcentre worker who murdered up to 15 men across London from 1978 to 1983 Hier der deutscher Trailer zur Miniserie „Des“: Der Artikel Des: Miniserie mit David Tennant ab November bei Starzplay wurde von Adam Arndt am Donnerstag, den 22. The “Doctor Who” and “Broadchurch” star plays the real-life serial killer Dennis Nilsen in a mini-series that asks why rather than showing how. There is also the theme, touched on fairly gingerly, of the particular vulnerability of young gay men at the time and Nilsen’s calculated exploitation of them. They take turns, as interrogator and interviewer, sparring with the glib, smart, narcissistic Nilsen, trying to pull from him the names of his victims and a reason for their deaths. David Tennant (pictured left) adopted the voice of one of Britain's most notorious killers, Dennis Nilsen (pictured right), for ITV's gripping three … Michael Sheen et David Tennant incarnent un ange et un démon qui tentent d’empêcher l’Apocalypse, dans la série «Good Omens», qui débarque sur Amazon Prime Video. Casanova wird am 2. if (!d.getElementById(id)) { Da seine Mutter, Giovanna Farussi, durch ihre Theaterreisen wenig Zeit für den kleinen Casanova hat, wächst … Erst als Nachbarn aufmerksam wurden, kamen die Ermittler dem sogenannten Muswell Hill Murderer auf die Spur, der daraufhin wegen sechs nachgewiesener Fälle (und zwei Fällen von versuchten Mordes) zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt wurde. His portrayal is technically flawless and, moment to moment, absorbing, but it feels completely exterior. In Des, David Tennant plays Dennis Nilsen, another in a line of villainous Tennant characters (Jessica Jones, Deadwater Fell, Good Omens, Fright Night).However, there’s nothing charismatic or even particularly compelling about Dennis Nilsen, a real-life Scottish serial killer and necrophile, who killed at least 12 men between the years of 1978 and 1983. The case plays out against the backdrop of the Margaret Thatcher years in Britain, and the series weaves in connections. Wir geben Deine persönlichen Daten nicht weiter. As David Tennant plays serial killer Dennis Nilsen in ITV drama Des, he says he would have hated the monster – who murdered up to 15 men – to be alive to see it That may accurately reflect Nilsen, but for the sake of the drama you wish there had been a way for him to let it rip at least once. When Nilsen opts for a diminished-capacity defense at his trial, his gayness subtly complicates the government’s effort to prove that he’s sane. If not, it's howdunit. He is of Scottish and Ulster-Scots descent. Avec Olivia Colman, David Tennant, Jodie Whittaker. Un petit tour sur Internet suffit pouvoir la trouble ressemblance de David Tennant avec Dennis Nilsen. Die Drehbüchern stammen von Kelly Jones und Luke Neal gearbeitet hat. 'http' : 'https'; List of David Tennant performances on IMDb This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 15:00 (UTC). David Tennant and his wife Georgia welcomed their fifth child in October 2019.But apart from a couple of photos, little is known about the tot – until now. In der Hauptrolle: David Tennant („Broadchurch“, „Jessica Jones“). David Tennant wurde am 18. Hier ist das Video dazu - ebenso findet Ihr hier einige Informationen zu... [mehr], Von Mariano Glas am Tuesday, 19. Those aren’t the only ways in which “Des,” a three-part British mini-series that begins Thursday on the streaming service Sundance Now, tries to fill in its picture of Nilsen. DAVID Tennant looks a far cry from the chilling role of Des as fans get a first glimpse of him in the BBC reboot of Around the World in 80 Days. Dennis Nilsen was a local civil servant who murdered at least 12 … Often considered one of Scotland's greatest actors, David Tennant was born David John McDonald in West Lothian, Scotland, to Essdale Helen (McLeod) and Sandy McDonald, who was a Presbyterian minister. At the end of the show’s two and a quarter hours, Nilsen remains as opaque as he is when the police first knock on his door. Nur registrierte Mitglieder können Kommentare verfassen! This is partly, maybe largely, a function of the script, which in its determination not to be sensationalistic errs on the side of vagueness. The first thing you notice about David Tennant in “Des” is the hair, a helmet-like thatch armoring his forehead. Then, just below it, the glasses, oversized aviators that nail the early-1980s period and, with the hair, give Tennant a remarkable resemblance to the man he’s playing, the necrophiliac Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen. His victims were vulnerable, often homeless, and the London police had no idea he existed until a plumber found bones and flesh in the drain of his apartment building. David Tennant : Dennis Nilsen, tueur en série; Daniel Mays : inspecteur en chef détective, Peter Jay; Jason Watkins : le biographe Brian Masters; Production. DAVID TENNANT - the star of ITV serial killer drama ‘Des' - warned about the 'dark times' ahead in a recently resurfaced comment about the vote for Scottish Independence. Masters even appears as a character in the show (played by Jason Watkins) as Nilsen’s confidant and biographer, with the man himself (now 81) on hand behind-the-scenes to advise. David Tennant plays British serial killer Dennis Nilsen in three-part drama Des airing on consecutive nights this week. Der junge Casanova wird gespielt von David Tennant, den in die Jahre gekommenen mimt der große Peter O´Toole. (If the point is that Nilsen was just an empty shell, it’s not made in a way that I found very compelling or particularly chilling.). (Tenants — including Nilsen — had complained about the plumbing.). In November 2019, production began on Des, starring David Tennant as Dennis Nilsen. January um 18.00 Uhr. Am Sonntag, den 29. Dennis Nilsen criminologist says killer 'would love' that there is a TV show about him; Read More Related Articles. Im Dokudrama-Dreiteiler spielt David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones, Good Omens) den Serienkiller Dennis Nilsen. Starzplay wird die Serie ins Portfolio aufnehmen. @AwesomeArndt folgen !function (d, s, id) { But it also has to do with Tennant, who’s been wonderful playing showier villains in “Jessica Jones” and in the British TV movie “Secret Smile” but doesn’t get under the skin of the more prosaic serial killer here. November startet die dreiteilige Miniserie Des bei Starzplay. Distribution. Lupin: Französische Netflix-Serie erfolgreicher als Queen's Gambit? Then, just below it, the … April 1971 im schottischen Bathgate als Sohn eines presbyterianischen Geistlichen geboren. Georgia Tennant wurde 1984 als Tochter der Schauspieler Peter Davison (eigentlich Peter Moffett) und Sandra Dickinson in London geboren. In his gorgeous, gold-embroidered robes, this Richard is wrapped in the mystique of medieval majesty. Der Dreiteiler Des mit Doctor-Who-Darsteller David Tennant hat eine deutsche Sendeheimat gefunden. Oktober 2020 um 11.45 Uhr erstmalig veröffentlicht. David Tennant est décidément un acteur très versatile. David Tennant plays Nilsen, in further confirmation that we are now safely out of the actor’s manic phase, characterised by Doctor Who and DI Alec Hardy in Broadchurch (both showy and – … There isn't a weak link in the cast. Bis zu seinem Tod im Jahr 2018 soll er von seinem Ruf in der Öffentlichkeit besessen gewesen sein. Lire la suite. Nilsen hat in … "Elle ne correspond pas au glamour des années 90. Heute ist sie Schirmherrin einer Stiftung, die sich um Aufklärung und Unterstützung bei Teenagerschwangerschaften bemüht. }(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs'); AwesomeArndt folgen, Dieser erstaunliche Keller, der Fans der Serien Star Trek und Doctor entzücken dürfte, wurde nach über zwei Jahren Bauzeit fertiggestellt. Tennant has spent much of lockdown perfecting his videocall manner – no fiddling with his laptop or technological mishaps for him. Star Trek und Doctor Who: Männerhöhle nach zwei Jahren fertiggestellt, Netflix: Neue Serien und Filme im Februar 2021, The Seven Deadly Sins: Weitere Staffel und neuer Film noch dieses Jahr. Nous vous l’avions annoncé il y a un mois, la nouvelle série Des avec David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones) est disponible depuis le 29 novembre 2020 sur la plateforme de vidéos à la demande Starzplay.Si vous hésitez encore à découvrir cette série, peut-être que cet extrait de 4 minutes 30 vous donnera envie de vous plonger dans ces 3 épisodes basés sur une histoire vraie. In “Des,” David Tennant stars as the Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen, a predatory monster wrapped in a banal exterior. Als zehnter Doktor hat der schottische Schauspieler David Tennant die Herzen der Fans der britischen Sci-Fi-Kultserie "Doctor Who" erobert und bleibt für viele Whovians der beste Time … Du bist noch nicht bei Serienjunkies angemeldet... Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügenSerienjunkies als Suchmaschine, Impressum & Nutzungsbedingungen | Datenschutz | Kontakt | Schnäppchen | FAQ | Mediadaten | Jobs | Wikipedia | #staythefuckhome | PayPalMe, © 2003-2021 Serienjunkies GmbH & Co.KG, Kopernikusstr. The creators of “Des,” Lewis Arnold (who directed) and Luke Neal (who wrote two episodes), avoid that route entirely. The murderer, who changed the conversation on killers in the UK after his killing spree between 1978 and 1983 is the star of ITV and Sundance Now's new drama and his story is one that reads stranger than fiction. November startet die dreiteilige Miniserie Des bei Starzplay. js = d.createElement(s); Which brings us back to Tennant, and the hair and glasses and cigs. Produktionsgesellschaften. There are also the cigarettes, an omnipresent prop and indicator of something — Nilsen’s edginess, or emptiness, or his need to connect with the interrogators and jailhouse visitors he cadges smokes from. Stella Tennant : une carrière auprès des plus grands. Die Miniserie wird aus den Blickwinkeln von drei Männern erzählt. David Tennant, Actor: Doctor Who. Angeblich wusste er bereits mit 3 Jahren, dass er … The first thing you notice about David Tennant in “Des” is the hair, a helmet-like thatch armoring his forehead. David Tennant plays Dennis Nilsen in ITV's Des (Image: ITV) Read More Related Articles. David Tennant and Jason Watkins in “Des.” Sundance Now. Stella Tennant voit le jour le 17 décembre 1970, en Ecosse. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Die Leichen richtete er auf bestimmte Weise her, ehe er sie versteckte oder entsorgte. Leben. David Tennant wurde als David John McDonald am 18. In keeping with the overall tenor of the production, Tennant keeps things under wraps. js.src = p + '://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js'; Darum geht es in "Des" Dennis Nilsen wirkt wie ein unbescholtener Bürger, geht seinen … Enjoying “Des” — well, appreciating “Des” — has to do with its details, which include the seamless, highly capable ensemble work among Mays, Watkins, Tennant and Barry Ward (as Jay’s right-hand man) and the appropriately musty evocation of the period by the production designer Anna Higginson and the cinematographer Mark Wolf.
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