If Bcgba still dont sanction competitions then we have no choice but to cancel. The competition will be run in a safe manner and we will require details of all competitors which I will ask for when you enter. Statistical leaders are compiled every morning from data provided by the member schools through the KHSAA website and the partnership with the KHSAA and the KHSAA/Riherds.com Scoreboard. Senior women — Ann Dick 210/579 & 180/508, Pearl Colby 194/493, RoxAnn Artzer-Crowder 193/464, Debra Guay 464, Elsie Ingels 181. Following an emergency meeting today we have taken the decision to cancel the 2020 Lune Road 31up Competition due to be played next week (21/3/2020). The team want to be proactive in the face of slow directives from our governing body in the light of what seems to be current legislation being passed as of Thursday next week from the government. et them all sent back to you tomorrow evening. I will start to develop this website ahead of the 2020 competitions and seasons starting. However if the season can start at some point the club will run the comp in another format. Based on the advice announced we need to avoid all mass gatherings and sporting event as these will no longer be supported by the emergency services. So that I’m not keep doing one refund at a time I’ll be aiming to get them all sent back to you tomorrow evening. Both our physical and mental health and well-being will be severely tested in the coming days, weeks and months. For those of you that entered; thank you but you can have your Saturday back. What a day of bowls to look forward to get the date booked in your calender. Matt Bower.46. the April and May qualifiers for tournaments like the Ladies Waterloo and Charlie Tattersall will be rearranged to later dates). Bowling Expense Information Inevitably, this year's Brighouse Classic has had to be postponed because of Covid-19. Please contact me a.s.a.p. 2: All Events Div. Brian Lee (P).44. Any future proposed date will require ALL finalists to be available and we hope that a mutually satisfactory date can be reached so that no competitor is disadvantaged. Joshua MordueEither on Messenger or text 07780361147. Paul Morgan.26. Hindley and District Men's Bowling League. 2020 Iowa Co-Ed State Bowling Tournament Feb. 24-26 • Cadillac XBC, Waterloo. I have been in contact with all 32 invitees and we discussed different options. Following the Government announcement this afternoon it is with great sadness that we now have to suspend all bowling for the foreseeable future. Danny Hallas (P).36. Stay safe and see you all next year. If anybody who has entered wants a refund please contact Robert Hitchen on07812 713881 or they can leave the entry fee with Elland WMC & be entered directly into next year's competition. 2016 RESULTS. Craig Newton (P).42. Swimming & Diving. If we have the new lease in place in time - we will still go ahead with the Autumn tournaments (with some amendments to some of the provisional dates weve issued i.e. 2021 Tournament Cancelled. We will carefully monitor any developments over the next few weeks and make a decision about the Cleckheaton Sports Classic nearer the time. Andrew Whittaker (P).50. ‘. Anyon. Steve said: ‘ The decision to cancel the June event has not been taken lightly, but the emerging coronavirus situation has forced our hand. If anyone would like to enter please message me with the session you would like to enter. 2006 RESULTS. December 18, 2020. If anybody has any questions by all means call me - 07764699881. On a personal note this decision is made with a very heavy heart. For players that were due to play this coming weekend if you can message me your bank details we will refund your entry fee. And 2 legends fighting for £100 winner takes all prize. I hope they take into consideration ones that are already established at that time of the season. sponsorship agreement with us, whenever it is played. Important Dates: Latest information: Sat Oct 17th . EZZ Blast Sunday Singles Squad on January 17, 2021 at 6pm If anyone finds they are unable to play on the new dates, they can request a refund. All unclaimed division, main board and sidepot money in addition to the raffle prizes will be mailed out in the coming week or so. If youve entered you can either get in touch for a refund or Ill hold on to your entry for hopefully later in the season. Steve Oliver (P).29. Alternatively if you direct message your bank details I will refund as soon as I can . Even though this comp isn’t affiliated by the BGCBA there are a hand full of reasons to cancel this competition. Local bowling results for Dec. 26, 2020. I am pleased to say that our sponsor, DAMART, has agreed to honour its sponsorship agreement with us, whenever it is played. Matty Griffiths.20. Class 3A State Individual Results. Women’s series — Kristi Renyer 581, Ashley Benoit 555, Janell Burke 511, Vicki Vawter 403, Pamela Szuba 402. After the announcements from the government this afternoon and a directive from the BCGBA we regret that we have made the tough decision to cancel the rest of this years competition. I will be in consultation with them to ensure any entries are paid back. If anyone within your household has symptoms then the whole family need to isolate for 14 days. Craig Beck (P).41. Steve Moore (Festival Director)Juan Kermode (Finance Officer). Waterloo statement 22/4/20Hi allFirst and foremost we hope you and your families are safe and well through these unbelievable times.We last updated you in March and when we cancelled the spring tournaments and outlined what we needed to do to get the autumn tournaments on – which was quite a lot - both on getting to the bottom of the structural work on the stadium that the owner is insisting is completed as well as getting a new lease in place with them.Covid-19 has obviously got in the way of that and our view now is that we should cancel all bowling for 2020 and focus on getting everything done for spring 2021, resuming then.It’s a real shame but we think it if for the best to make an early decision on it and let everybody know – so if we are out of lockdown by the autumn people who perhaps would normally come to the Waterloo can make other arrangements for breaks/holidays etc. 2018-2019 RESULTS. N TonksD NichollsA DavisP TonksK McGranaghan (sorry if l spelt it wrong )G KnightT EadesS Day.C BakerD MatkinD Sinclair.M AllenJ SavilleL BurdettG Dunkley. The comp as it stands is cancelled in its current and usual format. 2. Rosters, Schedules, Scores, Stats. Trending. 2021; 2020; 2019 If there is anything that you think would be a good addition or needs changing or improving then let me know on robertcburroughs@btinternet.com or 07901 229623. ‘. We are fully supportive of the decision made today by BCGBA to suspend all bowling leagues and competitions for the foreseeable future. Nick White.53. Women’s games — Ashley Benoit 212, Kristi Renyer 212, Janell Burke 188, Vicki Vawter 169, Pamela Szuba 151. 2021; 2020; Tables. We hope all players and spectators understand this decision and it is one not taken lightly but health comes first. Due to the club having to shut and key members of the club undertaking self-isolation for health reasons we have no choice but to reluctantly cancel this years event. Andy Spragg (P).23. JUNE 2020:I still hold some entry fees for the NOW-CANCELLED June Festival which I wish to clear from the finances.The options for those entrants are1) if your cheque is still unbanked I can simply rip it up, or,2) if it has been banked I cana) transfer the entry/entries to September or either of the 2021 Festivalsb) refund the money by bank transfer; if so please send me your Sort Code and Account Number, Some dates for your diary:Sept 2020 - entries close 3rd August (Subject to changes)June 2021 - 21st to 25thSept 2021 - 6th to 10th.
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