I’m so glad that Suarez and Daglish have sort of revived their fortunes and I’m hoping they compete for the title next year….along with Arsenal, http://ginabowes.posterous.com/dear-mrsirking-kenny-dalglish. Oh o.k. Calificación. Yours is the perfect lineup for: Official parade for the team is on Friday and I miss it – will be in Stockholm, damnit! Anyway, I am looking forward to celebrating our CL win!!! Chau salud campeones salud. great pass and just WOW! “At the start, we had doubts about how the world champions would hold on. When we were manita-ing everbody and their brother, this day seemed inevitable. The players barely get paid. Also I laughed so hard at this: ¡Campeones!¡Campeones! And maybe it’s because I’m currently editing my essay before I submit it to my professor, but I am SO itching to edit your comment! Feeding Portland one burrito at a time! WHO IS THROWING THE HOUSE PARTY?? Gracias, éxitos, y nos vemos el día martes. They never recovered after that.. Heard that Luis Enrique is joining Atletico Madrid.He is a nice coach and hope he succeeds in there. I should have put in the claps too, if you were going to share it. best XI obviously, leave everything on the pitch. Deja todo por la familia. Get your answers by asking now. I hope they stay up. Therefore Keita > Xavi. Who else I wonder…. so happy for Villa’s first liga trophy, and for the 4 signings to experience this on their season is just awesome…of course kudos to the whole squad and pep, and to the staff and to all of us amazing fans! Why isn’t Pep challenged about the persistent play acting? The actual trend is, top 2 gets stronger and the rest weaker. 0 0 ¿Aún tienes preguntas? Welcome to the blog! As far as I’m corcerned, Messi and company shouldn’t even look at a soccer pitch for a week. This is the same club that has anti-racism clauses in new contracts, right? Over the years voted the best bet for cheap eats. 54 lM. If they buy Ibra now, they can’t sell him this transfer window. …or perhaps they gave them to the Levante players. It’s really nice that Barca B, is in no danger of relegation so Pep can borrow whomever he likes for the next two weeks. We should hear one pretty soon, I would imagine. Thiago – Mascherano – Afellay Pro-Trump rocker who went to D.C. rally dropped by label. Could it be possible that they buy Ibra for 24 and then sell him for 35 to City? Their official site has you covered http://bit.ly/kNUlmA. Everyone has really contributed to the team even if just to complete the numbers (during those days when players were falling like pinballs to injuries…). But Xavi is not a massive earner at the Nou Camp and, at 31, has achieved just about everything he can with club and country and is approaching the time when he might like to cash in at the end of his illustrious career. wooooooooh… Campeones again! como busco esa cancion para bajarla?? Posed this question last thread but got hectored—. Olé! I’m based in New York but am from the Philippines. Hope we get to see lots of rotation for the next two games. And they have the least number of supporters (did I read right??) Just saw Keita’s goal. Belatedly, sorry. People out yelling and screaming, fireworks going off! Even if they had presented it as something like ‘basic knowledge about MCFC for new fans’ or something, fine. (And the other games, but La Liga is ours!!! Why do republicans call themselves republicans but then get rid of pubs instead of reviving them? ¡Campeones! When we lost Puyol in January, this day seemed unlikely. Ole Ole Restaurant & Cantina, Carson City: See 423 unbiased reviews of Ole Ole Restaurant & Cantina, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #2 of 171 restaurants in Carson City. Job done. Pregunta ahora para obtener respuestas. They’ve done so well this season with the little they have. Adriano (if fit) – Puyol – Fontas – Abidal if soccer is called football around the world what do they call regular football? He is still training apart from the rest of the group, which seems to indicate that his knee is not completely healed. So happy for Davhveed!!! I need some pebrots in my life now, love the new shirt. I just want to download the celebration video…any link? La final del fútbol americano se disputará el próximo 7 de febrero en Tampa. I’m so happy for all the new guys who’ve never won such an important trophy. , Villa: “We dedicate the win to all the people who have always stood by our side. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. We have just won our third Liga in a row! Nos vemos. Burrito. I dug this up – I think I got it from ONTD_Football. Yep. Now, a drunken celebration with the fans, four or five days off for Pique, Puyol, Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Villa and then down to work. This was indeed one of the toughest titles to win. # CopaDiegoMaradona Los campeones del fútbol argentino celebraron, en San Juan, con la canción del hombre que le puso nombre a la Copa que ganaron: Diego Armando Maradona. CELEBRATION VID! Also I don’t think what Owen said was necessarily classless. Alexandria Jackson Author Profile. ... Also, Man City owns Caicedo I believe. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2011/may/12/sid-lowe-barcelona-win-la-liga. (Hence the title saying ¡Campeones! Are you from Manila? I especially like this bit: A similar situation occurred at Real Madrid, when they allowed one of their all time greats, Raul, to leave to try a new adventure with Germany’s Schalke. No matter that so many here think some of the players’ performance have been dire, we needed each and everyone this season. Someone should ask Raul how he feels about Mourinho “allowing” him to leave, LOL! It rather commit suicide than remain for one year in Madrid. Yeah – that’s the rumour around Barcelona. . thanks Team! Abidal started~! Define ole. hace 1 década. ¡Campeones!¡Campeones! tlcncincadoosa ol ueopar pcido en co sa qlce Ma n. ecuentea en la peo r encruzijada de en un cincalo de fuerza, y no dre- el centenario de uca santidad, anticiparse que conrurrirn, par gobiernos del Cvnasnenle, al ob- d est unelev mun tr.n p are rr er.a laclea, que s Reende ont sob aela nta sud Would he fit in with us? b t, a ~ p o C. 1, dIomin L Ab usnan S ai d mmom mnntinoo. AND- Barca96, Sheena, etc BFBers living in KL: I’ma treat any of you KL-BFBers that can come if we win the CL final! I see no problems in that. I know our main guys need rest, but i think it would be nice for them to still get some time in at least one game. Used to express excited approval. A little bit here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga_e9ZACGSo but after they went down the tunnel they came back out again, and ran over to the fans. History had showed that could cause problems. If Milan do buy Ibra do we get a percentage of the sell-on price? interj. If this is true, I will be very interested to hear Barcelona’s official statement on this. ‘Please, try to remain calm,’ he said.”, –yahoo.es (http://es.eurosport.yahoo.com/11052011/47/liga-bar-lia-avion-vuelta.html). Let’s hope that’s the only trophy they win this season!” [@themichaelowen], nothing wrong his prayer, but really, no need to say it in public…, I’m sure EE is probably thinking the same thing lol while they hold on to their fake trophy , Let’s hope Barcelona can shut him up and make him choke on his un-classy words . I don’t dislike Man City, cos Silva and Yaya play there mostly, but that is just pathetic. May 11, 2011. Can’t wait to sing the cant for the Wembley final. Do they have the 1st option of buying him for 24 mil? Europe, Activities: Culture, Global Internships, Global Option. Can’t believe the Liga season is essentially over for us….and now.. Talking of Man City, Mancini said he would like Ibrahimovic. It’s not like he was hoping we just don’t win anything, the only trophy left in contention is the CL and his team are the ones playing against us in it so obviously all he means is that he hopes United win the CL final. Trump becomes an interloper in Palm Beach, Biden's 'Amazon tax' could make things complicated, Ricci obtains restraining order against husband, Biden's granddaughters turn heads at inauguration, Hoops team cancels season after coach accused of abuse, Official names U.S.'s most significant strategic threat, GOP Rep: Give stimulus check to those who get vaccine, Mickelson denies lobbying Trump on gambler's behalf, New dad Josh Hartnett: Why I dropped off the radar, Report: Biden plan could close 10M job gap by 2022, New Time cover depicts chaos Biden must address. And the award for most hilarious story of the day goes to Mirror Football for this gem: On the surface, they would seem to have no chance of landing a player who has been at Barca for his whole career, and is assumed to want to end his playing days there. Xavi has scored 3 goals. I bet Pique was the one messing with the emergency doors lol. Questions questions questions. *wipes stray tear*. 0 1.n n Pa1tnoei rocon, 'c n o at mn - But in general, it’s shocking to see that Sevilla, Valencia and lately even Villarreal, have become worse teams than before. Xavi is one of the most overrated players ever (imo) Why list him among the Greats when dozens of midfielders were infinitely more talented? Oh, I’m sure they laugh themselves silly! Tsk…. I have a lot of sympathy for him for what happened to the Togo team, but I just cannot like the guy. Also, Man City owns Caicedo I believe. This team answers every question it is posed and that in the end is the sign of greatness for me. The CL Final, Sat, May 28(dangit, I’m working ) <3). Campeones may refer to: . . They should all go to Disney World and have their pictures taken with Mickey Mouse or something. Who would you rather have on your team a prime pele or a prime Lionel Messi? Respuesta preferida. RM were there or thereabouts throughout and we really had to deal with some bad luck in final two three months. Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona are better than Cruyff’s Dream Team. , Kari – seriously, we did not need that last link to the singer! I might be more inclined towards them if they didn’t cheat so much. Hah, after leading 2:0 against Osasuna after the first half, Sevilla did manage to still loose 3:2 by two late goals in the final minutes. A fun ‘El País’ photogallery link for being so grouchy: http://www.elpais.com/fotogaleria/Barcelona/campeon/Liga/2010/elpgal/20110511elpepudep_3/Zes/1. Just re-reading the LB now and didn’t see you say hi to me earlier so wasn’t able to greet you. I'm sorry never heard of Los Meren....QUE. CAMPEONES ! Lev. Ocho equipos siguen en carrera para llegar al partido decisivo, incluidos los actuales campeones, Kansas City … I torture myself by reading each and every biased and ignorant comment there…, Kenny Dalglish has been given a 3-year contract at Liverpool. Maybe because Els Segadors means The Reapers…. what a goal by Keita! Sell Xavi! I don’t care how he played. If Pep is going to do what makes Messi happy, then I have a bad feeling we’re going to see Messi starting instead of resting. Ha triunfado Anand, pero también nuestro deporte, el ajedrez. The team jumping up and down in the middle of the pitch and celebrating with the fans was fantastic. You have a very nice voice. Question—Is there a limit to how many B teamers we can play in a league game? #CopaDiegoMaradona The champions of Argentine football celebrated, in San Juan, with the song of the man who named the Cup they won: Diego Armando Maradona. I don’t know about you, but when I came home and saw we won La Liga officially, I preceded to do this in my living room: No, I haven’t watch the match yet (or do that for 10 minutes. The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body will deal with the case on Sunday 15 May and the decision will be communicated to the club on Monday 16 May. Hehe, didn’t think you’d post that link of me singing! Woooooooo! the shirt looks funny by the way, it got peppers… , note about peppers: and it means “without fear”, “fearless”, “with a lot of guts”, “with courage”. Might want to rotate in some starters for: Curious.. Jornada 37-Sun, May 15 at 21:00 Barca v Deportivo Do they have the 1st option of buying him for 24 mil? ¡Campeones! This time, they would be almost certain to get their man, especially if a space in midfield is opened up for him. I hope they and Sociedad stay up and Gijon. VISCA BARCA!!! , Found a blog with some pretty cool pics and a fantastic gif around the middle of the page! – Bojan – Jeffren. And then this little tidbit (I didn’t make this up, promise): “Winning the Liga title has caused problems in FC Barcelona’s return trip [to El Prat], since some of the team players were playing with one of the emergency doors during the flight.”, “The captain had to intervene twice to get everyone under control: First, he announced over the intercom that someone was tampering with the emergency exit door, a problem which was soon remedied. I hope everybody takes a week off now before starting to prepare for the CL final. Campeones de la vida, Argentine telenovela; Campeones Cup, North American soccer tournament; Campeones - Oliver Y Benji, long-running Japanese manga series; Campeones de la vida (Mexican TV series), Mexican telenovela Campeones (film), 2018 Spanish comedy-drama film directed by Javier Fesser Campeones del 36, multi-use stadium in Sullana, Peru It’s the cumulation of a season long effort. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible and have no meaning. Sports in Spain: ¡CAMPEONES, CAMPEONES OLÉ, OLÉ, OLÉ! Villa is one of my favourite players so yeah me too . Perfectly fine with me. I already feel sure that even few decades from now, i will be revisiting the match and feel equally happy. Grim finds after Indonesia plane crash me refiero a con que titulo buscarla. We’ll strengthen the squad in some positions. Hoping to see JDS get some time and Deulofeu make his debut. Pep will do whatever keeps the flea happy. Dia 9 alt 10:46 AM; Bajas 4:12 A.M IY Mr ie. He looks like he’s going to cry in this photo I saw. Great juice is offered at this place.. . Ole' Ole' is family owned. A similar situation occurred at Real Madrid, when they allowed one of their all time greats, Raul, to leave to try a new adventure with Germany’s Schalke. Escucha gratis la canción Campeones Olé Olé Olé, y consigue las letras de Ponferradina. The game was not the brilliant of briliant games and we looked lazy.But…..WHO CARES. Still have questions? it reminded me of Carling Cup final… , and I feel sorry for the victims of the earthquake in Spain… . We can still improve.”, Also, if anyone wants to trying singing el Cant del Barca and wants to hear a very clear and very pretty voice singing it, jazzler in the comments has provided this link: http://chirb.it/cbAkHE, (If that’s you singing, great job! In one year alone, World Champion, Liga Champion and hopefully, The Champiiooonnns!!!!! Amazing how according to some, two matches continue to define our entire season. “Because we played against a great opponent, it’s worth a lot to be champions 2 games before the end of the league.”. haha… Ha sido un duelo interesante y los organizadores han conseguido una puesta en escena profesional y bonita. Then again, a happy Messi is a productive Messi. UEFA Opens Proceedings Against Sergio Busquets [UPDATE], And Villa wins his first ever Liga. but who seem very loyal to them. I agree that he is not completely healed, but I don’t know if they can throw him into the CL final without at least some minutes in another game first. Suits right these loosers after embaressing themselves like they did at the weakend against the EE. “Next season? Great goal by Keita, great pass by Xavi, great runs by Messi, and when you see him squirt the trainer with the water bottle during the the game you just knew that his perspective was all fun and team and the individual award wasn’t even on his radar. I didn’t want to be right, and I don’t want to be right. The proceedings have been launched on the basis of evidence provided by Real Madrid (video and statement of club and player). The capture of Xavi would herald a new dawn at Eastlands, with the club now determined to cut the wage bill by getting rid of surplus personnel and paying squad men much less, while at the same time paying top dollar for real stars of his ilk. They all deserve it.”, Messi: “As always this was a hard season, we’ve worked a lot, the games against Madrid were tough… We have to enjoy this.”, Mascherano: “It’s really special to win the title 3 years in a row, it’s impressive what this group has been doing.”. I think there is a limit of 5 in a CdR game. Or at all), but who cares! Pep was ecstatic – he either had a cold or had been crying – he sniffed his way through the press conference. It wasn’t clear because TV cut away to see the end of the R. Sociedad vs. Zaragoza match, and then came back to the Barca celebrations. They haven’t said anything until now, so why start now? If City offload the many players they currently have out on loan, they can reduce the wage bill and STILL offer one of the best midfielders in the world more than £150,000 a week. Subs: Sergi Roberto, Gerard Deulofeu, Bartra. The club should add its own sanction, the severity of which will depend on how serious it is about this whole matter. I am not surprised that happened. We have played some of the best football I have ever seen in my life. Es que el mundo está lleno de campeones. What exactly is our deal with Milan? I just want to thank all our players from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful, wonderful season. Spain, GO BUS. And it’s not over yet! Not a problem Barcaleya – thanks for taking the time to do it now. 9.4K likes. Barcelona fíxose acreedor de la copa, dempués de vencer al club inglés Manchester United por 2:0 con goles del camerunés Samuel Eto'o y l'arxentín Lionel Messi. Adebayor seems pretty convinced he will be going back to City instead of staying at RM: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/13363694.stm. Olé! Respuesta Guardar. http://www.crunchsports.com/category/Soccer/FC-Barcelona-to-sell-Xavi-to-Man-City-and-sign-Fabregas-from-Arsenal-FC-201105120011/, http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Manchester-City-want-Barcelona-lynchpin-Xavi-which-could-clear-way-for-Cesc-Fabregas-to-leave-Arsenal-for-Barca-City-also-after-Zlatan-Ibrahimovic-and-Jack-Rodwell-article734546.html. and oh, i’m goin to northeast china for summer (july) and Philippines again on winter, and maybe S’pore also if we win the CL. to keep up their match fitness. On their day they can provide a whole host of problems to any top team, but it sure hasn’t been their day in a while. Anybody sees a team that will not be at least 15 points behind us or EE`at the end of next season??? God, it must be screaming “Barca! Good things happen when you join Barca. I said that exactly to my friend, the cup hates its destiny, it wanted to be with us…, that’s why it jumped and committed suicide… . The CdR was so distraught at the thought of heading back to Madrid, that it jumped! Looking back, this was a great year with 5 – 0 drubbing of Madrid being the undisputed highlight. SOMOS LA BANDA QUE TE AMA EMELEC I’m hoping the RFEF, in their infinate wisdom , sets this game for Saturday. Los tiempos han cambiado, está será nuestra via de comunicación, unete a nosotros y viviremos con intensidad todo deporte Mundial. I think that he will only be risked for the most important games. Isn’t there a Lego World somewhere for Messi to visit? Keita: “Now we’ll start preparing the Champions League final.”, Abidal: “How do I feel? We were the best team over 30+ games and we have our reward! We still have the CL to win! Now that this day has come, it seems unreal. ole synonyms, ole pronunciation, ole translation, English dictionary definition of ole. How good were the Real Madrid sides of the early 2000's ? . ... 1998-2021 Ole.com.ar - Propietario Arte Gráfico Editorial Argentino S.A. Piedras 1743 - Director: Mariano Dayan. Adriano, Alves and Maxwell did a little samba dance! n. A cry of "olé." Wish I was there! What a season! Well done! BARCA!! Now we can relax a bit and rest some people and work on match fitness for others. A.MAZ.ING. Barcaaaaaaa!!! Así que, vamos. Besides they seem happy with him to stick 6 months at least.. Oh and this is completely off topic but on the subject of songs in Catala, I’ve always loved Els Segadors after hearing it properly during the Catalunya – Argentina friendly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA5p2X1fxdo, So pretty and a little haunting at the same time. I know I know, I’m sooooo mean. Best of all, Abidal started~! , It’s been painful to see Liverpool play so badly before he took over. “It’s the 5th title in 7 years, the 11th in 21, it shows this club is doing great. I think that’s just normal, not necessarily classless. Certainly I would write the same about ManUtd when they have mathematically won the league on next Saturday . This is the lineup I would like to see for the next game: VV (Zamora is still on the line, no rest for him!) Olé premiered on 16 September 2016 at the Toronto International Film Festival. Any pics? : Olé Olé Olé! I can imagine the celebrations. Star golfer apologizes after muttering antigay slur. Campeones campeones ole ole ole? http://www.uefa.com/uefa/footballfirst/matchorganisation/disciplinary/news/newsid=1630422.html?rss=1630422+UEFA+opens+disciplinary+case+against+Busquets. Big screens up in Placa Catalunya and a huge party with bands and lots of blaugrana fans in their best team gear. so, how’re ya gonna celebrate this one culé? Want to pretend to be a Man City fan? : A Trip Across Latin America is a documentary produced by The Rolling Stones that documents their Latin America tour in 2016. Así llegue tarde y último, deja todas las energías en la pista de carreras. busca ole ole. three times instead of the usual two). http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v402/lovelymofo/homergol.gif. Campeones campeones ole ole ole? January 8, 2019. Ole Ole Ole Ola Que Vamo A Salir Campeones. Leya, wooohoo indeed! The menu of this bar is recommended to Mexican cuisine lovers. I feel happy about winning the Liga. LOL... Is going to be a sad year in Madrid... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT2WodLTpqE. El Campeonato del Mundo entre Viswanathan Anand y Vladimir Kramnik ya es historia. Barca 2, Athletic Club 3, aka “It was always going to be this”, At long last, it’s Dembele’s first season, FM21 – A Blaugrana Tale – Chapter 5: November 2020, Huesca 0, Barça 1, aka “We want what we used to have”, UEFA Opens Proceedings Against Sergio Busquets [UPDATE], http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga_e9ZACGSo, http://es.eurosport.yahoo.com/11052011/47/liga-bar-lia-avion-vuelta.html, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-HZiKHlZsY&feature=player_embedded#at=267, http://www.thebusbybabe.com/2011/5/11/2164272/an-introduction-to-f-c-barcelona, http://www.crunchsports.com/category/Soccer/FC-Barcelona-to-sell-Xavi-to-Man-City-and-sign-Fabregas-from-Arsenal-FC-201105120011/. Pedro? According to Rac1, UEFA will study on Sunday to ban Sergio Busquets for 5 matches for his alleged racists insults to Marcelo. I want to find thos e celebrations that are on the gif! Yeah, Sevilla just don’t seem the same when Navas isn’t there. Happy to see a fellow Filipino here! 1998-2020 Ole.com.ar - Propietario Arte Gráfico Editorial Argentino S.A. Piedras 1743 - Director: Mariano Dayan. ciort p, ,n[i~ a,, n n I, o, esmbrroo ole' no fullt nIo d micai Pen a-in min iuc l mp i- I, ,lu. Barca! I e I ois oa do msion Tn -an m nonst o ole ra Q n Run s eb c O r c s itos I om n m o e0om On' Cnhtm c 0 t m ai n s h d o uac o b rmo. I can’t even read the comments section in the Guardian anymore. Guardiola: “I dedicate the title to these players. Offering fast, fresh, affordable Mexican Food since 2000. I am so very happy. I can’t bear to part with our players who will be leaving soon. Period. Get Ole Ole delivered right to your door through Uber Eats! But actually presenting it as ‘we are going to get plenty new fans now we’re in the CL, so learn this to bluff and seem like a real fan’ is just sad. MADRID Y MOURINHO CAAAAB*OOONNN, SALUDA EL CAMPEON!!! Too many of these: And, as others have mentioned (you must have noticed), there is a part of their play that is not loveable in the least. And yes, it is me singing. Cantos de fútbol de SDP Who says Barca are crap in the air? dirtytackle Brooks Peck !”, Heard about the quake in Spain, hopefully things dont get any worse :S, oh, by the way, that goal from Levante is very Arsenal-esque… Keita has scored 6 goals in the league. Ooooh….envy, envy. That is some achievement, especially when you take into account the lack of depth in the squad and all the crazy injuries that plagued our backline. Yes as Now 2012 Liga Champion Ronaldo is free to win Pichichi. Three years in a row? Since I have nothing to add at this point, except ¡Madrid, c*bron, saluda el campeon!, here are most of the post match quotes via barcastuff! Well, I don’t like Sevilla either, especially after their match against EE. Just rewatch the 2nd leg of the CL semifinale and the commentator did tell a really good anecdote about Puyi and Pique: after Puyi come back after his injury, Pique said to him: I really missed you (on the pitch with me) and Puyi responded: Shout up and concentrate. http://keren4562.tumblr.com/. Menu / Price List. 4.9K likes. I have to say that after all the turmoil of classico’s, my joy is muted. Jornada-38- weekend of Sun, May 22, Málaga CF v FC Barcelona I’m greedy for my Blitzen Awards. i think what owen said was not meant as an insult but as a newcastle fan, the man is classless. We need more competition in the league, but it seems to get even less competitive. It’s as if they’ve all been brainwashed. 1 respuesta. Talking of Man City, Mancini said he would like Ibrahimovic. La final de la Lliga de Campeones de la UEFA 2008-2009 foi la quincuaxésima cuarta final de la Copa d'Europa y la decimoséptima nel nuevu formatu, apostada'l día 27 de mayu de 2009 nel estadiu Olímpicu de Roma, Italia.El F.C. Sports are a huge part of Spanish culture! esque no la encuentro. I haven’t gone to the beach this year. This is the most important trophy of the season. I’m gonna disagree, we won the title after the manita. nzMichele or Poipoi, how are the celebrations in Barcelona? So award me the “Big Mean Momma Award” or something , I want the Messi water bottle moment clip as well…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-HZiKHlZsY&feature=player_embedded#at=267, This video is pretty interesting…although something which we are all too aware and used to But if the allegations are founded, 5 matches isn’t enough. hahaha, so happy… Thank God for another awesome league season! In the longterm, this won’t be good for the top2 either…. Levante – Barcelona Liveblog, Next Post 2 more games ! toet.. aprob e to clencl ocupo el cargo ole nubserel ap rod erio olnG e ao .i Oa Tor-e e c o le nochenl-de Ia madr adt s os l en dsrir i da. I want answers answers answers. Cita de Campeones. Olé! Olé! ), Previous Post And Fontas and Thiago must be in absolute shock at how amazing their lives are right now. Here you will be offered mouthwatering guacamole, carnitas and salsa & chips.The chef at Ole Ole cooks good ice cream and tasty cheesecakes.You will hardly forget delicious margaritas, mexican beer or tequila that you can find. Great, but let me go and celebrate now.”, Iniesta: “Very happy, we have to enjoy this Liga win now.” Especially since it’s also your birthday today, eh, Andres? , This is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard and I rolled on the floor, laughing so vigorously that I’ve hurt my head by colliding to my table. To comfort RM, they just had to show their Copa del Rey celebrations on TV too. What exactly is our deal with Milan? nzm – HELLO! Would he fit in with us? If he isn’t ready for the Deportivo game, then I want to see a Bartra-Fontas backline. Do you think these journalists feel bad when they create these ‘rumors’? It would also allow them to move for Fabregas, who almost rejoined the Spanish giants last summer but then Barca ran into financial trouble and were forced to drop their interest. If anyone can bring Liverpool back to a semblance of its former glory, it’s King Kenny. 7 i1 A la reijin General oe Igenier cle Agr lt e minitro mnstro a en a le deTranspor leMonsle Cirrulo de erordistso eln ol- … Los espectadores en el Palacio Federal de Arte y Exposiciones y también en Interent han seguido el certamen con mucho interés y emoción. The initial trailer for the film was uploaded on the band's official YouTube channel 7 September 2016, with a United States trailer released 10 November 2016. Xavi has a rollover contract that could be renewed for four more years, but Barca are unlikely to stand in his way if he decides he’d like to taste a new football style. Or do they laugh and say, “this one’s even better than the last!” ? I’d be really surprised if we see Puyol before the Champions League final.
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