The business venture involved undertaking various important jobs for a means of profit. Ohnaka claimed that he had learned this and much other wisdom from his mother, even quoting her at one point. [16], The group then fought their way out of the outpost, with Hondo himself destroying numerous battle droids with a cutlass, and traveled to Hondo's secret hangar on a tank and several speeder bikes with the droids close behind. Vinyl series While Ezra proposed that the two criminals split their profits and let him keep the generators, Vizago took the opportunity to snatch back his droid controller and order his droids to attack the intruders. After freeing the remaining pirates, Hondo and his Jedi rescuers managed to escape the prison section before it was leveled by Separatist tanks. He happily accepted and was tossed into the air but crashed into the ground, revealing the band of young performers to be the Jedi Initiates who came to rescue Ahsoka. Hondo then convinced the Spectres particularly his former one-time partner Ezra Bridger to rescue him in return for disclosing this valuable information. Palpatine sent Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to confirm that Dooku had been captured by the pirate gang. [27], When Ezra and the others returned to the cargo bay with sentry droids behind them, Hondo and Melch were attempting to load a crate onto the cables. Male[2] Hondo had Obi-Wan and Anakin brought out to be tortured, using electricity. The two rebels were cleaning the rebel starship Ghost which was parked on the planet Garel. After a brief encounter, Aurra stole an air speeder and was quickly pursued by Ahsoka, who had stolen another. Hondo offered Kenobi a ride to the crash site to confirm if the two were dead. Grievous opened a holo-communications channel with Count Dooku, who conferred with Hondo. Alama headed to the surface of Florrum to escape the firing frigate. Chopper, Ezra, and Zeb followed soon. [6] Ohnaka proceeded to take the Jedi as hostages too, and had them locked into the same cell as Dooku. There, he taunted the suspended Tano, and revealed that he intended to sell her to an underworld "businessman" who would pay "handsomely" for a beautiful female Jedi. Hondo was a pirate/scoundrel/Bounty Hunter and belonged to the Weequay race. STAR WARS AGE OF RESISTANCE TITLES. Despite the odds, the rebels and the Lasat refugees managed to navigate safely through the maze due to Zeb's bo-rifle. [3] Ohnaka then took his Jedi guests hostage and imprisoned them in the same cell as Dooku. With Imperial reinforcements bound to show up, the rebels began their return trip to the Ghost. Having completed the transaction, Hondo invited his Jedi guests to banquet with his pirates. [23], When Ezra was later captured by the Imperial Viceroy Gar Saxon during a mission to the third moon of Concord Dawn, Ezra claimed that he worked as part of Hondo's scavenging party. TIE FIGHTER. Compare. But Hondo was anything but a fool: Though he liked to put on a show for his own pleasure, he recognized a fortuitous opportunity when he saw one, and would ultimately agree to any deal which promised him a win. He also made sure to hide his lightsabers so as not to show his status as a Sith Lord and important figure within the Confederacy, which could make the pirates choose to hold him for ransom. When questioned by Ezra, Hondo claimed that he had won the Broken Horn in a game of sabacc with Vizago. Hondo informed the two Jedi that Aurra and Boba were waiting in a bar and had set a trap for them. Really Gets Around: Hondo is implied to be quite a prolific womanizer. Ohnaka was then forced to help agent Kallus and Admiral Kassius Konstantine hunt down the rebels. Hondo Ohnaka Species He also had pet Kowakian monkey-lizards named Pilf Mukmuk[3] and Pikk Mukmuk. The younglings managed to impress Ohnaka and his pirates during an entry act and subsequently convinced the drunken pirate captain to take part in the second act. [21], When the Ghost began penetrating the unstable star cluster, Hondo marveled that the rebels were trying a dangerous feat. [3][9][13] Ohnaka carried his avaricious and treacherous nature into the Age of the Empire by exploiting and betraying several "business partners" he collaborated with including Cikatro Vizago, Ezra Bridger and the Lasat refugees Chava and Gron. Hondo praised the Jedi for their nobility, and in return promised that he and his pirates would allow them to leave unhindered. This list of characters from the Star Wars franchise contains only those which are considered part of the official Star Wars canon, as of the changes made by Lucasfilm in April 2014. Or at least how smooth he thinks he can be while carousing and enjoying a traveling circus act in “Bound for Rescue.” He dials his charm way up, while simultaneously transforming an apparent weakness, not being full of the vigor of youth, into a strength: the experience of age. Hondo and the other rebels managed to escape before detonating the Dome, which wiped out the Imperial garrison on Lothal. Hondo then came under attack from it and decided to give it to the rebels. His faithful pet was a Kowakian monkey-lizard named Pikk Mukmuk that also served as part of the Ohnaka Gang. Following a brief dogfight, the rebels fled into hyperspace and reached Yarma. First Hondo Ohnaka appearance and cover. Porla was thankful to him, and Ohnaka became Porla's personal advisor. Hondo retreated with the remainder of his loyalists, and when he asked Kenobi where Gallia was, he told him she was dead. Amidst the confusion, Melch hid inside a crate; not trusting Hondo to save him. [23], After boarding the station, Hondo and the rebels encountered several Ugnaught laborers including Melch. After Dok-Ondar used a lightsaber to cut the statue, Hondo was confronted by Chirrut Îmwe. [5], Hondo sent one of his scouts to spy on the villages but the scout was killed by Embo. While Hera was opposed to working with Hondo and Azmorigan due to their negative past encounters, she agreed to commit her crew and ship Ghost after learning that the cargo ship contained proton bombs, which the rebellion desperately needed. Hondo and his men subsequently looted the parts and cargo from the smoldering remains of the cargo ship. He believed the lies and he agreed with Falso to send several tanks to destroy the clone army. Homeworld He also had a pet Kowakian monkey-lizard named Pilf Mukmuk. Hondo and Azmorigan raced each other on the cables back to the Ghost while clutching to their cargo. However, Terba was killed during the escape attempt when he separated from the rebels after Hondo refused to give him a double share. However, because of the greediness of some of his men, his plan failed with Dooku escaping and the Jedileaving in peace. Ohnaka was a decent tactician and leader in his own right, and he and his crew were relatively successful in their endeavors. He was also friends with Jango Fett, whom Hondo saw as an honorable man… Weequay[2] The figure has 50 different functions and runs entirely on electronics for smoother animation. However, Sugi discovered the scout and sent one of her accomplices, Embo, who brutally killed the fleeing Weequay. [14], After that, Hondo and his gang returned to their outpost on the surface of Florrum. Ohnaka is reunited with a kiss from his ex-girlfriend, Aurra Sing. However, Azmorigan insisted on coming along and threatened not to let the mission go ahead unless he came. There, he tried to convince Hera to sell him the Ghost but was rebuffed by the rebel captain. [16], After escaping Nixus, Hondo and his rebel partners traveled back to Garel on the Broken Horn with the generators. Hondo and the Ugnaughts followed Ezra to the command center but stopped to guard an Imperial landing craft in the hangar. Later, the Ohnaka Gang was visited by a traveling carnival troupe led by the Dug manager Preigo. Ohnaka's betrayal angered Melch, who attacked him. Hondo Ohnaka was the captain of a party of Weequay pirates, known as the Ohnaka Gang, on the backwater planet Florrum. [1] At some later point, he also became familiar with bounty hunter Jango Fett, whom he described to be a good friend and honorable man. It's unknown whether the captain was actually feeling compassion or it was just his current mood, as he replied. Hondo then boarded the Last Chance and left. He used his command of the Ugnaught language to convince the Ugnaught laborers at Reklam Station to help the rebels steal Y-wing starfighters and to accept him as their leader. [5], Hondo is kissed by his ex-lover, Aurra Sing, After returning to Florrum, Aurra Sing, Hondo's former lover, visited him with a young Boba Fett, Bossk, and Castas. He also threateningly claimed that the so-called "businessman" did not care whether Tano was delivered to him dead or alive. Dooku killed Turk and several other pirates before fleeing in one of Hondo's starships. While Hondo agreed with Wolffe that they had little chance of prevailing against the Empire, he admired Ezra's courage and said that there was nothing he would not do for the boy. When IG-88 raised his vibroblade at Hondo, Qi'ra successfully subdued the pair and collected the bounties on both of their heads. Ohnaka made a deal with Chewbacca to use the ship, and hired a temporary crew to take part in one of Ohnaka's jobs, where they were tasked with hijacking a First Order train containing coaxium. [15] On a later occasion, Ohnaka managed to outwit the crime lord Vizago and his body guards and seize control of his ship, the Broken Horn.[16]. In 20 BBY, the Sith Lord Darth Maul and his brother/apprentice Savage Opress arrived at Florrum to hire a gang of bounty hunters. The Nightbrothers managed to lure several of the Ohnaka Gang aboard their starship and managed to bribe two captains into flipping sides. Buy Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Hondo Ohnaka - Villain Pack for $18.95 at Mighty Ape NZ. [25], As the creatures approached both Hondo and the Spectres, he then tried to make his escape. While there, Maul convinced a portion of Ohnaka's pirate crew to turn on their captain. ",[15] even as adversaries. Star Wars The Vintage Collection Hondo Ohnaka Toy, 3.75-Inch-Scale The Clone Wars Action Figure, Toys for Kids Ages 4 and Up: Toys & Games Buy Star Wars The Vintage Collection Hondo Ohnaka Toy, 3.75-Inch-Scale The Clone Wars Action Figure, Toys for Kids Ages 4 and Up: Action Figures - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases They routinely raided a nysillin spice village, prompting the Felucian villagers to hire a band of four bounty hunters for their protection. [28], Following the skirmish at the Lothal cliff-dwelling, Hondo took part in the Rebels' attack on the Imperial Complex, a mobile Imperial Planetary Occupation Facility. [9], Shahan Alama, a Weequay bounty hunter and member of Cad Bane's posse had to go into hiding from the Republic, because of his involvement in the Senate hostage crisis on Coruscant. While his men charged the village on speeder bikes, Ohnaka opened fire on the village atop a cliff, killing the bounty hunter Rumi and injuring Embo. Far from the base, Aurra attempted to escape on Boba Fett's starship Slave I. This ended Imperial rule on the planet. He wanted to cover his deceit to Ohnaka, so he told Ohnaka the Republic hadn't sent the ransom, but an army instead. [27], Hondo Ohnaka was a competent and able leader who was able to keep his men in check and to lead the Ohnaka Gang on salvaging and raiding expeditions. He then discovered that Melch had only been stunned. During the skirmish on Felucia, Hondo proved himself to be skilled with an electrostaff (which he took from Dooku's solar sailer),[18] being able to hold his own against the powerful Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, and though he was ultimately unable to defeat him and was disarmed, he put up a decent fight. Turk ordered his men to shoot down the Republic emissaries' shuttle, causing it to crash in the Doshar fields. The clone troopers retained the spice back and they killed all the pirates, except Falso who returned to Ohnaka. Clone Commander Bly reported Alama's unidentified craft to Secura, who ordered the commander to take a LAAT/i gunship and gather more information through a reconnaissance of the planet. [5], The Jedi eventually gained the upper hand and nearly kicked Hondo off the cliff. Ohnaka found Dooku fleeing from the Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi and he attempted to sell a passage off the planet to Dooku. Thrawn managed to force Ezra to come to him to discuss an unconditional surrender by bombing Capital City. Ohnaka Gang[3]Ohnaka Transport Solutions[4] This development both delighted and unnerved Garazeb Orrelios, the sole Lasat member of the crew of the Ghost who had believed that he was the last of his species. Palpatine accepted Ohnaka's price and dispatched Kenobi and Skywalker to Florrum in order to verify the pirate's claims. Ohnaka's offer was taken by Dooku, who agreed to pay in order to escape from Skywalker and Kenobi, since the Jedi wished to take him to Coruscant for trial and imprisonment. [12], Later during the Clone Wars, Ohnaka and his pirate gang's Corona-class armed frigate intercepted and boarded the Jedi training cruiser Crucible, which was carrying the Padawan Ahsoka Tano, the architect droid Huyang, the astromech droid R2-D2, and six Jedi younglings Petro, Gungi, Katooni, Ganodi, Byph, and Zatt. Especially in areas like the Tion Hegemony and the Corporate Sector, they could do whatever they wanted. [6], Growing up, Hondo's mother taught him how to pick pockets and offered him advice that he would remember and use throughout his life. “Ohnaka the pirate,” Enfys growled, stepping forward. Ohnaka's pirates flourished during the Clone Wars by dealing spice and receiving ransoms through kidnapping and extortion. Gray[5] He had a profound distrust for payments made directly in Republic credits, preferring merchandise which he could sell for much greater winnings by allowing him to demand his own prices. He knew that if Dooku contacted the Confederacy, their armies would crush them in order to get Dooku free of charge. Ohnaka and his pirates were mostly active in the Outer Rim, stealing the cargo of ships and holding the passengers for ransom. [37], At Disney's 2017 D23 Expo, it was revealed that Hondo would be a part of the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge park area. Sriluur[1] Ohnaka didn't know that Turk Falso, his lieutenant, wanted the spice for himself and that he arranged to have their craft shot down by fellow pirate Barb Mentir with Flarestar-class Weequay ship. [4], At some point prior to the Invasion of Naboo, Hondo attended an auction hosted by Xev Xrexus in the Drazkel system, which offered assorted illicit goods to invited buyers. [6] In addition, Hondo could speak Ugnaught which helped him to befriend several Ugnaught laborers including Terba. ... Star Wars Black Series 6" Galaxy's Edge Hondo Ohnaka **LIMIT 1 PER PERSON** SKU SWBS-GEHON. However, during the journey Ohnaka arranged for his Kowakian monkey-lizard Pilf to steal Dooku's lightsaber, as well as Skywalker's lightsaber, which Dooku had acquired during an earlier skirmish on Vanqor. The two partners and Hondo's Ugnaught crew ambushed the cargo ship near the planet Wynkahthu. [18] Ohnaka reported to Dok-Ondar, unaware that Voss was watching him by use of a cam droid. He was born on Siluur but his parent's sold him into slavery to Porla the Hutt. Ezra then asked Hondo to convince Melch to shut down the conveyor belt. Having done so, Ohnaka then had his men surround Dooku and take him prisoner. At some point prior to the Clone Wars, Hondo had a romantic relationship with the bounty hunter Aurra Sing but the two later separated. Ohnaka typically wielded a Weequay blaster pistol, but he was also skilled enough to handle an electrostaff in combat and managed to put up a decent fight against the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, though he ultimately lost the duel. Height As Hondo made his way to escape the creatures, he ran into the Spectres. The Jedi were accompanied by a band of four bounty hunters led by the Zabrak mercenary Sugi, hired by the Felucian farmers to defend them against further pirate attacks. Gender The young Ohnaka escaped slavery as a child by stowing away on a ship heading for Boonta. Heroes, Villains, Rebels, Empires—these distinctions make little difference to the respectable businessman Hondo Ohnaka. [9], Koon and Fett exited shortly thereafter, with Koon asking Hondo to convince Boba to tell where the Republic hostages, Admiral Shoan Kilian and a clone trooper, where being kept. In stock now. [23], Hondo and Ezra's team including Rex traveled to Yarma in the assault shuttle Phantom. In Ezra's absence, the rebels adopted Sabine's plan to send two strike teams to recapture the power terminals that powered the Dome's deflector shield generator. [29], After using a faux Protocol 13 to evacuate the entire Imperial garrison aboard the "Dome," the rebels tried to fire up the Dome's engines only to be blocked by Grand Admiral Thrawn's Star Destroyer Chimaera. Dooku attempted to negotiate that if he could get proper means of communications, he could call someone to pay any ransom for him. Affiliation(s) Ohnaka felt he could sell the spice on the black market for a higher price, and so make an even bigger profit. During the ensuing skirmish, Ohnaka and his rebel allies managed to turn the tables on Azmorigan and escape offworld with the generators and several stolen credits. [12] And, despite selling out the Rebels for a profit, Ohnaka didn't run off immediately. While on his own, he became a frequent ally for the growing rebellion against the Empire, providing critical aid and intelligence at pivotal moments. Ezra and the crew of the Ghost traveled to Nixus where they discovered that these two refugees were Lasat who has survived the fall of Lasan. [28], During their journey to Lothal, Hondo convinced Hera to latch the Ghost onto the hull of a cargo ship in order to slip through the Imperial blockade of Lothal. Mukmuk saw this, so he put the drug in the ventilation shaft, which rendered everybody in the room unconscious. “Ohnaka the bandit. Kenobi, however, correctly deduced that the brothers had escaped before the crash. Before leaving, Hondo contacted Ezra to thank him and his friends for rescuing him. Hondo Ohnaka was a Weequay male pirate and the captain of the Ohnaka Gang, a Weequay pirate group, on the backwater planet Florrum during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Following the events on Nixus Hub 218, Hondo was imprisoned by the Empire[22] at the Imperial prison on Naraka. However, Ahsoka damaged the starship's wing, causing it to crash. [3], Kenobi and Skywalker arrived at Ohnaka's pirate base and were able to verify Dooku's identity.
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