Catch up every Saturday with 10 of our best-reviewed albums of the week. Gus Dapperton, Category: Artist, Albums: Orca, Orca, Where Polly People Go to Read, Singles: Somewhere (feat. Gus Dapperton), Glitter and more. Read Next. On Gus' sophomore album, he crosses boundaries. Bahkan banyak yang menyamakannya dengan Tame Impala dan Mac Demarco untuk warna suara dan musiknya yang quirky.. Lewat album ini sebenarnya, … This collection makes sense on the surface: three classics of sad-boy rock that look great on a gallery wall. Submission Guidelines ... Gus Dapperton: Orca (Album) 4 versions : Awal: GUSD02LP: Australia: 2020: Sell This Version: 4 versions : Singles & EPs: none: Gus … Album Review Gus Dapperton - Orca. And as he attempts to polish and sharpen the genre, his source material gets lost in translation. With his early singles and 2019 debut album Where Polly People Go to Read, Brooklyn bedroom pop artist Gus Dapperton wrapped warm hooks and synth-dotted arrangements in a carefully stylized persona. – Gus Dapperton, Rain Magazine. Top 100 Popular … Starting in 2016, Gus progressively created quite an entertaining persona by getting some adorable indie-pop hits under his belt from "Moodna With Grace" to "Gum, Toe & Sole" and especially the infectious and unique hit, "Prune, You Talk Funny". Like many young artists today, Dapperton is under pressure to strike the mood of the moment and achieve virality—to sustain a feedback loop of recommended content. 'ORCA' is his second album, this monotony also did not pass by. Certain beats just work better in a seconds-long TikTok dance routine than on headphones. with his quirky edge and clever songwriting, dapperton releases a mediocre project; The biggest sin this album commits is that it's not very original at all but c'mon, there's some really good material here, some of the production is quite listenable and really pleasant, Gus's vocals are very good whenever they don't sound annoying or grating, the whole vibe of this record is quite catchy and there's plenty of really good songwriting moments from him, in particular the track Medicine. Indie artist Gus Dapperton was born Brendan Rice in Warwick, New York in 1997 and launched his musical career in 2016 with his debut single 'Moodna, Once With Grace'. ... More Gus Dapperton albums Where Polly People Go to Read. Dapperton’s … Explore All; Trending Releases; List Explorer; Advanced Search; Articles About Music; Contribute. He soon left school and returned to New York, where he began developing the Gus Dapperton persona. Gus Dapperton: e-boy archetype, Porches lookalike, bedroom pop artist, post-Tumblr aesthete, TikTok native. An artist stepping up musically, while also finding strength in his vulnerability. The Brooklyn songwriter’s self-produced second LP is an introduction to the psyche beneath the quirky bowl cut. He claims the new look is unintentional, but it matches the sound of the two new singles from his upcoming album Orca: stripped-back and vulnerable. “ORCA” is set to be Gus Dapperton’s sophomore release, begun while on tour in 2018. 9647fans. “It was definitely nerve-wracking to do, but was the most gratifying feeling” is how Gus Dapperton describes working on his upcoming album, “ORCA.” Recently, we sat down with the artist to talk about his work on the album, life in quarantine, and his most recent collaborations. Albums. Though the album was created before … This album gives off new-school emo/grunge feels while maintaining a bubbly score that is alive and youthful. The track and it's accompanyi.. Gus Dapperton. Discover. Gus Dapperton delivers one of the more boring indie pop albums I’ve heard in a while. and Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago. “Though books of Dawkins seem to think that we are through,” he pronounces on “Swan Song,” apparently having just finished The God Delusion. Explore releases from Gus Dapperton at Discogs. Starting out as a hip-hop producer at the age of 13, Dapperton made the switch to his current sound after a serio… Starting out as a hip-hop producer at the age of 13, Dapperton made the switch to his current sound after a serio… Dapperton’s potential shines when he pushes himself, when it sounds like he’s making music for self-expression and fun, expanding his vocal range and messing around with reverb. “I’m too atheist to pray for my life,” Dapperton moans on “First Aid,” arguably the best track on Orca. But its self-imposed pop formulas and strained symbolism reveal little. Orca, his self-produced second LP, is an introduction to the psyche beneath the quirky bowl cut. Gus Dapperton), In Passing 001, Give It To Me Straight, Fill Me Up Anthem, My Favorite Fish, Top Tracks: Prune, You Talk Funny, Post Humorous, Somewhere (feat. Sharing his highly anticipated second album ‘Orca’ in September, Gus Dapperton is giving us a track by track run-through of his vulnerable and powerful new record.. Unfortunately, it fails to answer some key questions—namely, who is Gus Dapperton and what is he trying to be? A phrase as inane as “I love it when you cuss” ignites when it’s pummeled by drums on “Grim.” But the album’s emptier arrangements expose contrived poetics. Sebelum namanya dikenal luas pun, Gus Dapperton sudah pernah merilis album di tahun 2019 dengan judul Where Polly People Go to Read.Album pop tersebut dibuat dengan sentuhan beat ala 2000an dan dipuji banyak media musik besar dunia.
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