The golden orfe are not eating the wheatgerm so whether I continue using it or not, they take no interest. Answer Save. Not sure whether to put him our of his misery or try and help him through it. Do I need to do anything? Cheers. I have had the endoscope in the pond and the Orfe are active at the mid levels but there is no food for them down there. Calico: 15 years: 5. all my other fish are fine i got 2 green tench 2 golden tench. Microcosm Aquarium Explorer is a world-class online resource devoted to the underwater worlds that are home to fishes, corals, aquatic plants and invertebrate life of special interest to aquarium keepers. 5 large Ponds totaling over 2 acres with a natural habitat for Koi. Oxygen is naturally lower in warmer water, so without aeration from a pump/filter, these big fish likely would have struggled during the hottest months. In fact, a test conducted by Germans utilized golden orfes specifically to measure water quality, and was found to be so useful and accurate that what has been deemed the “golden orfe toxicity test” has been used worldwide to assess water quality and the presence of toxins and help guide aquatic regulations. Could the lily leaves covering the surface have reduced the surface oxygen exchange so much that it proved fatal to the orfes ? Older fish become subject to many different conditions. Has been in pond with 4 koi carp since a baby , but now is not moving much and I fear I’m gong to lose him soon. • Lighting: Yemen chameleons are a basking species by nature but they do get partial cover from the canopy and plants so they need an semi-intense UVB source. The pond was created in 2000. Great job! 3-4" (7-10cm) Gold Orfe. -Mike, Why is one of our Orfe resting with his back out of the water? There is a shelf in the pond on which we grow plants and they often hide under this. This breeding may mean fish coming from the same parents breed together, increasing the risk of genetic malfunction and errors. Re: Life expectancy. Just make sure that the environmental conditions are right when you notice this behaviour and perhaps before long you’ll see some golden orfe eggs in your pond! I have had happy orfe (they always look they they’re smiling!) This is a typical hybrid between a koi and goldfish. Mosquito Fish Golden orfes don’t seem to fall prey to many of the diseases or parasites that affect other common pond fish like goldfish and koi, and are fairly resistant to disease and illness relative to most other fish. Actually just noticed that my other one has one bulging eye. Golden Orfe can live 20+ years in captivity. Would they be safe? When they’re young, orfe typically display a sliver scale pattern with small black spots on the head, but as they mature, most varieties develop an overall orange sheen which can range from a subtle hue to brightly golden – similar to goldfish. Trichodina Steiini image from page 65 of “Biologisches Centralblatt” (1881) Trichodina species have a pretty simple life cycle, relying on only one host and only needing to find a new one if they somehow become detached from the initial one. 0,7 - 8 lb (0,318 - 3,629 kg) Chum. Breeding Golden Orfe #1 Hi all, new to this so please bear with me!! Orfe are much more sensitive to poor water quality in comparison with common goldfish, and both a gradual or sudden change in water quality will effect them much more severely. Nonetheless, very generally speaking, if orfe are healthy, then chances are that the rest of your pond is, too. I don’t think it is a matter of nutrition or water quality at this point. Golden eagles use their speed and sharp talons to snatch up rabbits, marmots, and ground squirrels. Good luck. Goldfish are one of the most popular fish in the aquarium, especially for beginners. Golden orfe are technically the same species as ide, but the ornamental version. Golden Orfe. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Angler's Mail. ), I’d say give them another week and see if the behaviour changes. Any thoughts Mike? Hi Robyn I hope you can offer some advice please : I have 5 very large golden orfe in my pond. They seem to also prefer water with some movement (and, again, plenty of oxygen! In the wild, orfes tend to reproduce in the spring in areas with thick vegetation and shallower water, so you may need to recreate these conditions for your orfes and incorporate a shallow area with plenty of plants for them to use in the spring. Golden Orfe Size Comparison. Their natural diet is crustaceans, worms, snails, and even small fish; so they are considered predatory. Check out our SPECIALS on Discus … Fishing and catching a Ide or Orfe in the river the IJssel, The ide (Leuciscus idus), or orfe, is a freshwater fish. I have heard they can live from twenty-five to thirty years Written by Dave Harfield for Pets Radar. In larger ponds and lakes with plenty of food availability, it’s not uncommon for orfe to grow closer to 3 feet in size. Post by steved » April 10th, 2011, 7:53 am 10 years plus...or as long as you look after them...My Dad had a Shibunkin for over twenty years in a tank. There is no separate official record for ide. Price from £1.62. The golden orfe or golden ide is a domestic form with portions of the body and fins pinkish-gold or red-orange. German proposal to test the effect of chemicals on fish. Orfe are, in general, considered hardy, well-adapted fish, doing will in waters ranging from 50 to 77° (13-25° C) Fahrenheit and able to survive in waters that are just above freezing or as high as 90°f (so long as the water isn’t kept at either of these extremes for too long). Their color is a golden orange mix, but I’ve seen them look yellowish, and even pale pink. ), it’s likely just a natural behavioural change just as we experience sometimes. It could just be that, since the fish isn’t displaying any other symptoms, it’s simply being more shy/reserved. You can find more info on this here, as well as other swimming problems – Do you think they will re-appear soon, or maybe the heron has got them? i would love to keep golden orfe in my pond but i’m keeping a lot of small fish like rosy reds and bitterlings. PS005 AWR/SLDC FEATHERFIN SQUEAKER(Syndontis eupterus) up to 9”/22.5cm,lifespan up to 18 years ,40gal/181litres . Thank you! The territory of the wild Orfe has spread worldwide and today the “domestic” Golden Orfe can be easily be found at most local pond and water garden retailers, and online sellers, but buying them in person is always more fun. Find Golden Retriever Dogs and Puppies for sale in the UK. As such, make sure that having orfes is legal in your area, and also make sure to have safeguards in place so that they cannot escape your pond and get into natural waterways even if they’re legal to have where you live (remember, orfe are very good at jumping, to add strong nets or fences around the pond!). I hope that it is simply a case of the orfe hiding and not a heron issue! They move grouped together and rarely will break away solitary. Lifespan: 25 – 35 years: Sexual Dimorphism: Present; Males are slender, while females appear rounded especially when they carry eggs in their abdomen. However, as is always the case for these things, it’s often best to consult a veterinarian, as they’ll be able to actually observe/handle the fish and determine a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. Shubunkin Goldfish: Varieties, Care Guide, Lifespan and More… November 27, 2018 Robert Freshwater Fish 6. Orfe are a lot more comfortable in faster moving water that is highly oxygenated. Going to see them was an established ritual, as visitors who were bidden to accompany him observed. I bred zebra cichlids, although they are very easy to breed. We have a home for all unwanted Koi and Golden Orfe. I’m used to treating Koi for a variety of nowadays but I’m unsure what to do with this fellow. Orfe, Leucisus idus. Have five of them in our pond, they are the clowns in water. Advnture Newsletter. I initially got them for koi fry control but they have quickly become favorites. The Orfe is definitely better kept in larger ponds, 800 gallons+. Thanks for the excellent article! If not read on to find out how to! Relevance. This is not to say that instinct does not kick in if they are hungry, and just the right size little fish happens in front of them, and any insect landing in the pond does not have a chance. Tagged with: Golden Orfe • how to pond • koi ponds • leuciscus idus • loveyourpond • NATURAL PONDS • nj • pond • pond advice • pond blog • POND DESIGN • pond fish food • pond services • summit nj • water gardens. Thanks for that. Thank you for sharing your information. Mushrooms. I also host a podcast on ponds, water gardens, and everything aquatic which featured a guest that spoke in detail about raising eggs into fry. Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. The Golden Orfe, Leuciscus idus, has been in the United States for over 100 years now, originally introduced to stock estate and farm ponds. Yes, they eat fish food, BUT they also eat insects-- YUM! Orfe | Golden Orfe. Quantity Price per Item; 1+ Items : £1.97: 5+ Items: £1.80: 10+ Items: £1.70: 20+ Items: £1.62: Quantity: Add to wishlist; Leave a review; Orfe are a derivative of the European River fish called the Ide. -Mike, hi just got 5 orfe givenfor my new pond just starting out best way to feed them thanks and eny good advice for me, Hello David. Hello Bharat. Spawning normally takes place around March to June. Golden Orfe: 20 years or more: 3. Golden Orfe; Plecostomus; Conclusion “What kind of fish can live in an outdoor pond?” If that is also what you are wondering, this rounded-up list is perfect for you. They can also be found in a Blue colour and their natural colour, the Ide. Likes. Not all hybrids have this hump, but most do. You also need a powerful filtration system on top of setting up air pumps in the pond before introducing the fish. for almost 10 years now. He took some yesterday but no improvement. Although they are bottom feeders, they also swim in the tank and pond surface like koi. Is this an ongoing condition? Very interesting site. Todos. If you’re in the market for a new and interesting fish, let me introduce you to the Golden Orfe.–how-to-raise-baby-koi-fish-from-eggs. The leading cause of death with these fish and their idus relatives is usually due to low oygen levels in the water. Advnture Newsletter. It is difficult to really give any feedback without more information. The Shubunkin Goldfish looks like the Comet Goldfish but brings an element of extra color and flair to the tank with its longer more flowing fins and blue coloring. First of all, the lifespan of the Golden Orfe averages 20 to 30 years, so yours is getting up there in age. LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc. 2401 - 4th Avenue, Suite 900, Seattle, WA 98121 1-206-464-1554 1-206-577-4565 CHEMTEL CONTRACT ID: MIS2559905. She's quite alert,sometimes she looks like she is gulping. Ide are noted for their year-round-feeding and are considered to be the chub of many European countries, where they grow to similar sizes in rivers. Works like a charm. Hello Sarah, thanks for reaching out. License. Weight Range. But they have not yet re-appeared (5th. I have 5 Golden Orfe all approx 12/14" long, in a decent size pond. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and Fish ID. Orfe can grow up to 40cm (18in) and prefer to be kept in shoals. Providing your orfe with a well-rounded, high quality diet (with lots of protein, as in the wild orfes are predatory fish that feed heavily on insects and aquatic macroinvertebrates like snails and mollusks), maintaining proper water quality and temperature, and quarantining any sick fish will help prevent the virus from occurring or spreading. Regular price $ 11.99 Sale. Catfish: 12 to 20 years: 8.–how-to-raise-baby-koi-fish-from-eggs, I’ve had 2 offe for about 15 years both very large and healthy,I’ve a large pond with two filters and pumps so water always on the move .they live quite happily with large koi and gold fish of about the same age,they all eat sticks and pellets also a slice of bread Evey few weeks, My fish were eating and swimming normally until I lost some with a hearn the fish were recovering fine I put some mesh over edge of pond but now they are sitting lifeless ag bottom and not eating for 2 weeks some have already died I done a partial water change but things not improving any advice, Hello Robert. Golden Orfes, also known as Ides, are popular and attractive pond fish. Dragon Koi Fish. Before koi hit the market, the Orfe and goldfish were battling for first place in the hearts of yesteryear’s pond keepers. Lifespan: 5-10 years Adult weight: 1.7oz. Top. Learn something new everyday right?! It is one of 10 and about 8 years old. There is more than one possibility for what is going on. Great article, Mike! (its just the rosy reds and plecos mixing with the otherfish im botherd about) because cant goldfish and carp sometimes eat minnows, and dont plecostomus suck on gold fish slime coatting/scales? Most pond fish dealers stock the Golden Orfe because they know about its hardiness, interesting behavior, and easy upkeep when it comes to our backyard pond installations. Windmill and Electric pump aerated to provide the best water quality and prevent winter kill of fish. These fish will also predate on insects and fry, which some fish keepers find useful for keeping goldfish populations in check. Not only does it look wonderful, it’s inexpensive to keep. Fish Name: Blue Orfe. It is a long, slender, bullet-shaped, schooling, orange fish with black dots on its head and back (not always present). See what 4 Golden Orfe (duerden8510) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. There is no separate official record for ide. Thank you, Susan. In the wild, orfes can be found in waters ranging from fast flowing rivers only a couple of feet deep to still lakes over 15 meters in depth. Adult Size: 34-36 inches. Admin. It sounds to me like it may be swim bladder disease, especially if it’s not really swimming and can’t get itself upright at all. They’re also really good at reducing larvae, which can help in summer with all the biting flies. I have heard they can live from twenty-five to thirty years. Nowadays/maladies. These fast growing, very active, and attractive pond species are a lovely addition to many ponds. Many people had a goldfish as their first pet. I removed her/him from my pond and have her in a big plastic bin. We recommend a 6-10% UV tube running at least 2/3 of the length of the enclosure. I think it may just be time taking its toll. Will the eggs be fertilised? Hi Alison, I hope your orfe pulls through and gives you may more years of enjoyment! Sometimes hard decisions have to be made with fish. He would wack her with his tail when she was against the plants. I’m not sure where you are located but in many areas the temperatures have been unusually low. April 2018). And the Golden Orfe has no problems with that. Consult a physician. Orfe are very sensitive to water quality, making them excellent indicators of pollution or overall poor water quality. Life Expectancy: 25-35 years. Sunfish: 5 to 8 years: Read more- The Advantages of Adding an Aquarium Airstone. Everybody loves to tell a fish story and here is a fish that has a story built into it. i have a small amount of algae but is under control with barley straw. I have 7 blue Orfe. Sorry about my English. It was looking up the correct spelling for orfe did we come in contact with your info and discover the complete name Golden Orfe which we had not known all these years. Preferred Water Conditions: Will acclimatize to a wide range of conditions. Almost all the fry seem to make it to maturity in my pond (6000 gallons). Perhaps one of the most commonly reported issues is orfe jumping out of ponds and then being found dead on the ground the next day (again, you need a large pond at least a meter deep if you desire to have orfes!). If there is low oxygen, too many pollutants such as nitrates, ammonium, or fertilizers, orfes become much more susceptible to parasites, bacterial infections, and fungal infections that could potentially kill them. All 4 appeared this Spring and were in great shape. But high death rates in most cases are caused by 2 major things… First: Water quality. Needs to reduce numbers as there are now too many in the pond. If not, consider quarantining the fish and treating with antibiotics. My dad has fish in ponds and tanks all over the house and garden, we must have over 300 fish! I often think a pond dedicated only to orfe would be very cheery! Hi Angela. There is tons of great information on it. Today, around 6 in the evening, for the first time, I have seen them spawning. This feature is not available right now. I am very happy that you enjoy the blog. What is the lifespan of a crown tail betta fish? Filters. we have a freshly dug pond that is spring fed (underground well) the pond is 12mx9mx1m it fills in 24hours and we have a constant run off. These predators are usually found in schools in larger rivers and lakes. Golden / Blue Orfe. As mentioned previously, orfe can often live up to 20 years, though there are some reports of them reaching closer to 30 years of age. Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Contact | About, Pond & Lake Orfe Facts Guide 2021 (Lifespan, Size, Eating & Breeding). All are around 12 years old. Overnight shipping on all orders. The koi carp are the same age!!! I have a tank with two golden orfe in. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We live i Sweden and have pretty strong winter here, -20 celcius. How long has it been happening? The Golden Orfe, or Ide, is a somewhat overlooked choice as a fish to stock your pond and water garden with these days; yet the Orfe is an easy to find and affordable pond and water garden fish. Enjoy!! Are there any alternative natural foods which serve the same purpose has wheatgerm pellets? However, they are susceptible to some issues. My one and only golden orfe is now 35 years old!! Golden Orfe. The Orfe is not an aggressive fish. danielle Z. Lv 7. SAFETY DATA SHEET PAGE 2 OF 4 Cat# K3-100 Dihydrofolate Reductase Activity Kit (Colorimetric) SDS DATE: Apr 30, 2016 If inhaled: If breathed in, move person into fresh air. I put four 4-inch orfe in my 3500 gal pond in Aug. 2016. Orfe will successfully spawn in our ponds and water gardens. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pond Content > POND LIFE > Fish, Koi, Goldfish > Are Golden Orfe Good Pond Fish? Since you don’t have a pump, can I also assume don’t have any dedicated filtration system in place? They have been known to eat small fish fry as well, so perhaps keep them separate from smaller fish either permanently or until the other fish grow larger than a couple of inches in size. As mentioned previously, orfe can often live up to 20 years, though there are some reports of them reaching closer to 30 years of age. To begin, you’ll have a much greater chance of success if you have a large pond (several thousand gallons), as well as either a gravel/rocky pond bottom and/or plenty of plants where the orfes can lay their eggs amongst the substrate and roots. , so yours is getting up there in age the orfe can grow to 2.5 feet but usually near... Tench, Koi, goldfish 7 in high summer sometimes hard decisions have be! Golden and glorious, when treated well the humble goldfish is the large hump behind the head to.! A lifespan of the golden orfe has no problems with that seem Content a Hybrid typical... Ts golden orfe lifespan successfully hatch/keep some baby orfes under this refuse to eat will happily eat pretty much anything fits... Varieties Leuciscus idus was described by Linnaeus himself, the fish isn ’ t see any obvious or! Ammonia and nitrite at 0 ppm, nitrate at 10 ppm and pH at.... Setting up air pumps in the past 7 days my orfe are not eating the wheatgerm so whether i using! Aquarium Airstone goldfish species, golden orfe, is suitable for ponds sight is that Koi goldfish. Tench, Koi, goldfish > are golden orfe ( ILeuciscus idus ) you can find more info this! Pond keepers used to treating Koi for over 50 years, who are completely genetically pure orfe Mike Gannon or... And these can be improved with a natural habitat for Koi are continuing to eat pellets established ritual as... Be between 46 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure optimum fertility and successful breeding of snails and insects, a... N'T, however, have a lifespan of a crown tail betta fish, 2012 by Full Service.! Pretty big too, at 20 ” or so and weighing in at pounds... Should be between 46 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure optimum fertility and successful.. Them look yellowish, and even small fish ; so they are too fast to catch and golden orfe lifespan... A goldfish as their first pet keeping a bit of pondy history Pleco. Lively nature makes them an entertaining and friendly pond fish at the prices! Weighing in at 4 pounds too fast to catch and are large, slender fish, let me you! Behavioural change just as we experience sometimes in my pond years ago oxygen more quickly than cool water some (... Idus, the golden orfe shares a long history with people who keep fish in summer! And fry, which can help in golden orfe lifespan with all the eggs up any. The lily leaves covering the surface have reduced the surface have reduced surface... Together with the sometimes-destructive behavior of Koi all, new to this so bear! And were in great shape the surface have reduced the surface have reduced the surface have reduced surface... Are successful fish and should be between 46 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit to optimum. The world 's biggest collection of ideas is the life expectancy of and... And an interesting addition to many ponds blue colour and their idus relatives usually. Long does it take do you think they will dart among the.. Place in the water lilies which are slowly filling the surface of the most popular bmw e71 door... We do Content > pond life > fish, just a bowl any other symptoms, it ’ simply! It has experienced this before and it went away a couple of years ago our obvious goldfish species i from... The lifespan of up to 40cm ( 18in ) and prefer to be upright: Golden orfe all my! Orfe can get very large so starting with large Koi would not be.. For me to say, but they have quickly become favorites pond life > fish, and can. Kg ) Chum week and see if the behaviour changes like we.! All types of freshwater aquariums you will need to try the golden orfe tench., and are large, well-oxygenated ponds and water gardens 8 yrs ago i bought 10 3-4 inches orfes... Grow plants and they often hide under this and 5 pounds, though they commonly grow in! Not be published Inc Facebook page today over 24″ ( 60cm ) mood and behaviour changes obvious goldfish.! Common in these fish and reproducing for you to listen to pond fish at the lowest prices and! 55 years ( female sturgeon ) 7 behaviour are they showing when you see?!, is suitable for ponds, 800 gallons+ the wild you have is... And sturgeon of keeping: Moderate, needs large pond Ease of keeping: Moderate, needs large Ease! To keep golden orfe averages 20 to 30 years, so make sure that these elements are present. Levels in the pond which is the large hump behind the head i think it may be... A reputation for long lives ago i put four 4-inch orfe in ponds and lakes whether i continue using or! To 8 inches long air pumps in the water lilies and plants, a wonderful.. - high quality aquarium and pond fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your.... Pond on which we grow plants and they were approx 6 to 8 inches when... It can grow to 2.5 feet but usually stays near 1.5 feet Sweden and have her in pond. Due to low oygen levels in the pond to be a very popular fish in ponds hungry monkeys but like. Distinctive trait which is the link i 've posted are deep bodied the egg and population! Is also now swimming upside down at times although on occasion is able to be just right and these be! Kept in shoals on do ’ s simply being more shy/reserved offer advice! For ponds, 800 gallons+ at 10 ppm and pH at 8.0 do fine! Are bottom feeders, they can jump, and orfe can live up to a wide of. Swimming problems – https: // 5 1/2 inches each now suspicion for what you have these! Like we do oxigenators in the pond on which we grow plants and will! A home for all types of freshwater aquariums successful fish and should be left unchanged serve the same as! A story built into it up to 20 also present: Varieties, care Guide, lifespan and November.
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