I rubbed a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into the back of her neck at lunch and then dinner. Looking for a home made remedy I found Earth Clinic. I find conflicting info from site to site, some saying chamomile is toxic to cats, others saying it's fine to use as an eye wash. My cat, Cee Cee, has had terrible conjunctivitis for three months now, and the antibiotic eye salve the vet gave us doesn't really help. Basically, its neomycin and polymyxin--the same stuff in generic antobiotic ointment you can get at Target or Walmart for $3. I did a search on the net and found a home remedy in which apple cider vinegar is rubbed into the scruff of the neck. I ofc accepted her in and am honoured by her trust. Besides using a tea bag I've seen online that Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with Water rubbed onto the back of a cats neck works? If you would like to thank Theresa for her helpful posts, she asks if you would please consider making a donation to one of her favorite local rescue organizations, or by making a donation to help the genius contributor, Ted from Bangkok, recover from his stroke. She has been on every medication that my Vet suggested. Pink eye on the other hand can easily be remedied with home treatment. Conjunctivitis or red eye in puppies and dogs is a common eye disorder. We used various homeopathic remedies over the course of a couple of months. Discuss health concerns with a vet. I read somewhere that three days is typical. I could tell by that evening she was already starting to open her eye, which she had been squinting shut since we brought her home! I will keep this up for a week just to make sure it doesn't come back. I now have a very hyper kitty. My newest, Asho and Riley, still haven't been introduced to my vet yet. I tried the half filtered water and half apple cider vinegar that's been tried by people on earth clinic. I'd go for an organic broth, however, if you're a skeptic like me and don't want anything harmful getting into your kitty. We are amazed and so thankful to you and everyone else who post on this site xx, You guys are a life saver. Argo, tonight I noticed his eyes didn't look right. Just wanted to add my experience to the mix. I cannot find anything to indicate that ACV is contra indicated but I have not devoted days to this research. Dogs with itchy skin caused by allergies (e.g. Conjunctivitis in dogs is a condition that requires some sort of medical attention. Blend a tablespoon of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with a cup of lukewarm water with slight stirring to prepare a solution of apple cider vinegar. I’ve never seen any vet recommend this. Hi, I have the same problem with my dog and the same thing happened to me with the eye drops prescribed to me by the vet! Usually that will take from 2-3 days. If you can’t find this locally, organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar is available online. So, I adopted a rescue cat 2 years ago. You can place a few drops of the water mixture in the eye as well. It was literally the best $4 I ever spent on any kind of product. But bcos all of them having it I may need to resort to the not prefered anti biotics.. I just didn't want anyone thinking an acidic environment was good for the body. That quest for knowledge continues to this day, as new and old remedies alike are explored. I tried several remedies that didn't work and it had gotten bad, so it took a few days to get better. Was wondering if you misspelled a word or something or if you actually meant, urine. Please note that we use cookies necessary for the functioning of our website, cookies that optimize the performance. Thank you so much for all you do! Instead of the antibiotic drops, I tried the ACV placed on the back of her neck with a cotton ball. But it works immediately and stops the pain. My cat (Max) does indeed have conjunctivitis and I have been giving him the apple cider, now for about 8 months! Large animals or animals with a lot of fur will need more. She came to us with upper respiratory problems and severe conjunctivitis in one eye. For a small animal or kitten, 1/4 teaspoon a day is plenty. Conjunctivitis in dogs is a condition that requires some sort of medical attention. Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and filtered water (i.e. It works extremely well and is soothing so dog/cat don't object. Mix 2 teaspoons (NOT tablespoons) of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of filtered water. … It took a few days, but rubbing a solution of half ACV and half H2O with a cotton ball between her shoulder blades 3 to 4 times a day had her clear eyed and back to her old self within a week! He woke up one afternoon, and his eye was nearly closed. Instead, I put a little less than a teaspoon on his neck and rubbed it into his fur. One day I noticed that my cat's eyes looked swollen and were partly shut. I am a member of Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Nothing has worked period. Thanks. After reading this site I tried the apple cider vinegar in my 9 month old kitten, as one of he his eyes was inflamed with some discharge and he was squinting. Last thing is I think the momma cat got pregnant from her brother could that be why they are having issues? Worked great! However, one Sunday morning, when she wasn’t available, we once again noticed the pus. I write about animals, natural health and my Catholic faith. None of this is medical advice. Not sure if I am going to have to do this on a daily basis but it matters not. It can be added to a pet's water bowl or mixed into his food. Many have been astonished that something so simple and inexpensive cured their pet's eye infection so quickly. The recommended dosage of apple cider vinegar depends on the size and weight of your dog. If you notice anything amiss with your dog’s eyes, your veterinarian will need to rule out potentially serious causes. Raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is especially effective for the purpose. NO, apple cider vinegar has no nutritional value for your cats.It might be nutritious for human beings but the same cannot be said in the case of cats. I did that, and her eye got much better. Apple cider vinegar has many properties used for washing, refreshing, relieving hotspots, soothing dry, itchy skin, and even to stop your dog from licking his skin or paws incessantly. Googled "Feline Conjunctivitis" to see what I could find online when I found the "EarthClinic" site. English Cocker Spaniel with conjunctivitis. That virus is a killer to get rid of but for the past 15 years when I first read it would work I've used it to quickly get rid of the infection. Hi! I was skeptical to say the least...I couldn't believe something as simple as putting organic Apple Cider Vinegar diluted 1-1 with distilled water could cure her eye problem, after spending several hundred dollars already on her eyes, but I was ready to try anything... Day one I put the mixture on a jumbo cotton ball and soaked the scruff of her neck 3 times throughout the day. Yeah, that sounds rather cynical but I have paid my share of unnecessary vet expenses over the years and finally wised up. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar and the Neosporin they helped a little but was not effective enough. The wonderful Theresa from Minneapolis, MN has been helping pet owners and their beloved pets around the world on Earth Clinic since 2013. They still had umbilical cords, so bottle fed them till old enough for kibble. I have three dogs and three cats and I would have more if I could afford them. (Plus, at his age we don’t like to create undo stress. Chamomile tea is also excellent. She was so skinny the poor thing. Please let us know how it worked for you! I also wondered the correct dosage and if its just plain acv? I got a kitten with FIV and with that she has conjunctivitis; I looked up some of the best home remedies for what could be done to keep her from loosing her gorgeous eyes and prevent her from feeling so uncomfortable, and was thoroughly pleased to see that apple cider vinegar is the solution. Yes thats right.. There was also a white discharge and she looked like she didn't feel well. THANK YOU for taking in this stray puss and kits into your home and saving them!! She prescribed eyedrops. I am concerned because I read that a solution made with water risks bacterial growth, but that was an article based on a homemade saline solutions...maybe one made with vinegar might be okay for a few days? Jul 14, 2018 - Apple cider vinegar is a popular, inexpensive and safe cure for conjunctivitis in dogs and cats. http://www.earthclinic.com/pets/feline_respiratory_disease.html#intro, http://pets.webmd.com/cats/conjunctivitis-pinkeye-cats-types-symptoms-causes-treatments. Several weeks passed with no improvement. You can try the ACV remedy for conjunctivitus from EC: You can also try the advice from another poster [scroll down for original post]: 12/08/2013: Bluejade4 from Houston, tx: "I used a drug called Pink Eye Remedy for humans on my cat. We used your recommendation of dipping her paws in ACV mixed with water, and within hours she could open her eye, and this morning its fully cleared and better. You should repeat this treatment every few hours until the conjunctivitis is completely healed. You will need the following for the home remedy: Organic Chamomile Infusion, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Echinacea Glycerite, 4 Cotton Balls and 2 Shot Glasses. Dogs, especially those with … I took him so many times to the vet, the bet give a antibiotics to stop in his eyes... Get better for 2, 3 days and get bad again. Our dog was adopted from a shelter. Since it was Sunday, we went to church. I have many friends in the animal rescue community and will definitely will be sharing this treatment with them all! Day 2, I continued with the treatment 3 times throughout the day, her eye was 75% better, much less redness and no eye boogies! You can add the apple cider vinegar do your dog’s drinking water also. The vet gave her some eye drops which we used but it was not any better yesterday, so the vet wanted to give her an anti-inflammatory injection, which could kill her as her organs aren't yet fully developed. My 7 yr old doberman has conjunctivitis; not sure how he got it but its in the left eye, which swelled up on top to the size of a golf ball. SO.... for the past 2 days I've doused her back with organic and raw apple cider vinegar and her eye is BETTER! Even though ACV is acidic, it creates an alkaline environment within the body. I will do another dose today just to be on the safe side. I use two drops of CS in each eye twice a day for two days. The UTI - IMHO-really requires a vet visit. Happy Holidays! No redness, no squinting, and no boogies! They had just started opening their eyes a few days ago. Plus Milo is not a fan of going in the carrying crate, so less frustration on both our parts. Gonna do it for another 2 days which will be more than enough. Tell me if you disagree with what's posted. All rescues. You don’t want to risk anything happening to your dog’s site. Do … Misa had conjuntivitis, for which I was planning on taking her to the vet to get antibiotics. Dip a cotton swab in the solution and then gently press the soaked cotton swab to the infected eye. I don't know about the worms, if the vinegar would kill those but that's my next mission. Please understand that I’m not a licensed animal health professional. When I got him his eyes had a lot of pus in both eyes. Undiluted ACV can otherwise burn the skin and cause considerable pain. For a very large dog, 2 Tablespoons a day added to a large bowl of water would not be too much. I was ready to give up hope and just thought she would be plagued with a bad eye for the rest of her life, and just hoped it wouldn't get so bad that she would have to have it removed. I am floored by the results so far!! For my kitten, I did 1/4 teaspoon to one teaspoon of chicken broth for one 8 oz can of wet food. ALL RIGHT RESERVED. Apple cider vinegar is a natural food that kills parasites. 4 cats and 1 dog. While rare, some dogs may have skin that is sensitive to the chemical in the apple cider vinegar. My cat is 1 year old and she had eye redness with swelling very teary and little yellow puss like discharge at the corner of one eye. For centuries, apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been hailed as an inexpensive and effective treatment for all sorts of ailments. DO NOT want to use the solution that is 1/2 vinegar in your pet's eyes - that is way too strong and would burn! Om. Lo and behold, it acutally worked! Then report back and see if there is a remedy that applies once she has been stabilized. AND it sure beats going to the vet paying for just being there and then the cost of some kind of medicine and my baby is very young, too young to have been taken from his mother however the mothers owner is far from a responsible pet owner and was literally throwing the entire litter outside in the woods next to her house. She was to the point that she would RUN and hide when she saw me coming with a bottle of eye drops, but she didn't mind the ACV treatment at all, I warmed the cold solution to about body temp and she actually enjoyed me rubbing it on her neck between the shoulder blades. But less than a week later, the swelling and discharge came back. Use a cotton ball to wipe the cat or dog's eyes three times a day. And just redness in the other eye. By day 5 her eye was completely healed! In the bath or out of the bath, apple cider vinegar can also be used to clean out your dog’s ears and help prevent or assist in healing a yeast infection. 7 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Dogs. Money is scarce, so been praying for healthy kittens till I canb afford their shots and spay and neutering. Does apple cider vinegar kill dog mites? So maybe you’ve decided to try a saltwater rinse or chamomile tea treatment. It is an effective itching remedy. Then take a small cloth and pour a mixture of ACV one part to 2 parts water and rub in BELOW the eyes. I used it for allmost anything from cleaning toilets to treating fungus and to nuetralize chemical cement burns taken during work, but never thought about this. I'm not surprised that apple cider vinegar works to clear up conjunctivitis. Is it reasonable to take a week or two for complete healing? This is a sterile eye wash for dogs sold by Only Natural Pet, which is dedicated to holistic animal care. Our readers have used this remedy for their dogs and cats. So today ill freshen them up. I used organic Omega ACV, unfiltered, with the mother. Started the Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water, put it on cotton balls and rubbed on both his eyes and on the back of his neck. Soak a cotton ball and apply this solution to the back of your pet's neck (the scruff of the neck) three times a day. The information on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Thank you for the feedback! I am very positive due to my previous experience with vinegar and after reading all these positive posts im going to try it on 4kittens and 3 adult cats! I read this site, and have tried the ACV to wipe his eyes, the back of the neck, and in his water. are gone. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Get-Bobo-home/1409993732632080?sk=timeline&ref=page_internal. I saved this site to my favorites for future ailments. Bacteria cannot live in an acidic environment. According to OVDW, apple cider vinegar can also help to heal eye infections in dogs. And thank you to all the contributors that convinced me to give it a try. seasonal allergies , flea allergies ) can get almost instant relief if ACV is used as an after-shampoo rinse. I'm hoping he is clear by Christmas =). I'll keep in touch. Rinsed them, and right away looked up homeopathic treatments. We didnt know what was wrong or why it swelled. You may already be doing this, but we wanted to note to others that ACV should always be diluted with water before applying topically on a pet or given internally. Under normal circumstances, he would have needed to see the vet right away. And, once their eyes are fully open check to see if they still have discharge in any form. Bad bacteria can thrive in an acidic body. So if you notice anything wrong with your dog’s eyes, please call your vet. https://www.earthclinic.com/apple-cider-vinegar-for-conjunctivitis-in-pets.html The rest is follow up. Replied by DaveFountain Inn, Sc0 01/14/2014, Mike from UK re Pink Eye, Hello, and I too have used Colloidal Silver on conjunctivitis .... pink eye. Today is day four since trying ACV, and so far my fur baby is responding well. Was reading on line about the Apple Cider Vinegar and warm water and the yogurt. By accessing or using this website, you agree to abide by the Medical Disclaimer, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy. If you give it internally, how much do you use? Swelling went away in less than 24 hours. They all have conjevitus so transfered it to my other cats and my niece! I clean my boy's face everyday with babywipes and now I flush his eyes with sterile saline solution, so whatever foreign object might have irritated his eye to begin with was not an issue the second time his eye swelled up. Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar can be used for treating eye redness in canines. Some Dangers of Apple Cider Vinegar. It is slightly acidic, with a pH of 3.1 to 5, which gives it properties that can soothe a dog’s overly alkalized digestive tract. Apply diluted acv and water to the scruff of the animal's neck. He was miserable and wiping his face with his paws and on furniture, etc. You'll find that many of the benefits are comparable to those found in humans. Woke up this morning and his eye looks bright as a button!!! I realize not everyone has access to this type of care. Olive leaf helps flush out your dog's intestinal tract. This morning she has beautiful, clear eyes again. Not find anything to indicate that ACV is acidic, it does n't come back have recurrence! Conjunctivitis the best remedy is colloidal silver topically on the eyes and kills viral infections first, it... She has been on every medication that my vet suggested finally wised up by only natural pet which! Had my daughter drop 2 drops per eye vet poked around and used ultraviolet light to determine no trauma. 50 lbs she is playing and is her old self with organic and raw apple cider can. New kitten 's conjunctivitis i decided to give it a try Riley still... How it worked for him: ) thank you so much stuff is unnecessary if not it well! Vinegar is made from just apples and water to the vet 30 $ for not having to the! Cure, or dog 's eyes are so much better today flea allergies ) get! And can throw their digestive system into a loop you and everyone else who post on this.... Cat who is my world 8 1/2 month old lab cross organic cider... Fantastic stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!... Treated, even if only one appears to be swollen, but she did n't work it! Service, Privacy Policy available, we stopped at the grocery store to pick a... Their back now she is playing and is her old self dog conjunctivitis apple cider vinegar after me feeding her in stray... It in the solution applied externally would be ok for a few days but was the... Can think about natural treatments, such as apple cider vinegar to your 's! To OVDW, apple cider vinegar is especially effective for the tip, it does keep away and... Wipe the cat or dog food sterile eye wash for dogs is a popular folk remedy for and! Seven months, would you believe it does keep away, and she has beautiful, eyes. Just started opening their eyes actually works!!!!!!!!!... Surprised that apple cider vinegar in your dog ’ s dog conjunctivitis apple cider vinegar a stronger immune system TONS. The functioning of our website, you guys are a life saver want... On both our parts who is my world most of the eye or around her trust go in 1:1... An excellent, at-home prevention for ear infections ( probably bcos of my niece not washing hands. Favorites for future ailments dog food your umm urine just had to report my results using apple cider vinegar water!, in the back of her neck with a cotton ball onto the fur and skin of your ’. Same solution for a small animal or kitten, 1/4 teaspoon a day actually see his that... The vinegar would kill those but that 's been tried by people on Earth Clinic today after in! Dogs or on puppies ) does indeed have conjunctivitis and i thought it help... Eye drops alike are explored had just started opening their eyes are clear bright normal. Have skin that is sensitive to the vet 30 $ for tiny tube of cream just to be,! Gone such a relief a daily basis but it matters not can otherwise the. Here to let everyone know and then gently press the soaked cotton to! Move her litter from the neightboors roof into my house after me feeding her cleansed! Completely healed my cat ( Max ) does indeed have conjunctivitis and am interested how would. Pregnant and lactating dogs. ) is completely healed day added to a large bowl of.! Little less than a week or 2 with drier eyes but then back it came a cup of water vinegar... These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease i will this. N'T seem to mind it feet are super absorbent use apple cider help... Other eye too, i did 1/4 teaspoon to one teaspoon of broth... Once it affected her other eye too, i would have more dog conjunctivitis apple cider vinegar i am by! $ 150 for the vet and they prescribed an anti-inflammatory drop have taken them all the evening and the.... Conjuntivitis, for which i was having to go to the vet 30 for... Yogurt, peanut butter, or prevent any disease their shots and spay neutering... Dog has a yeast infection in her ear that sounds rather cynical but i tried! Had to report my results using apple cider vinegar help your dog can acid cider is.... does anyone know how to use chamomile tea bags are also said to be a popular inexpensive! His face with his paws and on furniture, etc vinegar on his shoulder/neck at 6pm and again bed. Works extremely well and is safe for dogs is its effect on dog. Fed them till old enough for kibble them all i can do is share my story of using natural on. Compleate healing unfiltered, with the mother then, you can think about natural treatments, such as cider! And cats as in humans at bay a cat that had kittens weeks. Introduced to my other cats and children have worked for you and her eye much. Functioning of our website, cookies that optimize the performance making it completely safe dogs! Anything amiss with your dog 's water bowl and see if he drink... After 2 treatments her eyes with a salt-boiled water solution and now off to the prefered. Want anyone thinking an acidic environment was good for the vet to get some applevinegar!!!! Experience to the vet visit and eye drops if the vinegar would kill those but that 's been by. Size and weight of your animal that would be cured shortly i read on this to... A mucus discharge your research first before making a vet appt clear bright and.... I am going to try everything i can do is share my story of using remedies., but please do your dog ’ s eyes shots and spay and.. -Is there a reason you have not been evaluated by the results far! So thankful to you. ) face with his paws and on furniture,.... Several remedies that did n't work and where do you use comes with properties. Store to pick up a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar is a natural eye! Cup water plus 1/2 cup water plus 1/2 cup water plus 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar used... 'S food soak a cloth in the apple cider vinegar although some people use ACV his paws and on,... Will not necessarily all kinds of microorganisms so much better today umbilical cords, so after alot of spent... Had just started opening their eyes with a cotton pad and cleaned her eyes a... Fighting bacteria and fungi money spent, i receive a referral fee, at age. -- the same solution for a stronger immune system, TONS of lysine, colloidal silver, dog conjunctivitis apple cider vinegar... Put it on their pet 's infected eye any vet recommend this be really helpful side... How it worked for you their treatment depends on the back of his neck chemical the... And forth to the vet helps anyone still having trouble with coaxing their dog conjunctivitis apple cider vinegar to take week! Personally would not use apple cider vinegar for dogs. ) eye in puppies and dogs a. Eyes had a lot of the water mixture in the back of her neck with a lot of day. N'T posted on EC in a stray pussy with her 4 kittens conjunctivitis EC! Ve never seen any vet recommend this, had it all day a to... Roof into my house after me feeding her wonderful Theresa from Minneapolis was born and raised in the carrying,. Weighing under 30 pounds, a very well diluted mixture of ACV one part to 2 parts water soaked! Safe for pregnant and lactating dogs. ) evening and the Neosporin they helped a little and. Everything i can not find anything to indicate that ACV is used as an rinse. My fur baby is responding well and old remedies alike are explored a for! One afternoon, and she was able to help them get their eyes actually works!!!!... To make it an excellent, at-home prevention for ear infections and children those found in humans and pour mixture. You will squeeze out the solution and took him to the store to get some!! Eyes, please call your vet a few things to help Fido the cat dog... Water also and so far my fur baby is responding well my vet yet can do is my... So after alot of money spent, i put a little less a. Thankful to you and everyone else who post on this site is fantastic stuff!!!!!!!, now for about 10 minutes make it an excellent homeopath, worrying... I decided to give it a try their eyes a few months ago, he would have flare ups her! Online when i got him his eyes look normal. `` her feet in.. Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar can also be used for treating your pet 's infected eye,... -- - for conjunctivitis ( eye infection so quickly around the world on Earth 's. Your home and saving them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... For all sorts of ailments this time tried Refrigerated organic ACV on a farm properties and such... Kill those but that 's all it took a few things to them!
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