Before setting up your listing, check other sellers for inspiration. This includes one listing submission in one location plus one category. With this option you will need to pay for shipping. The average selling time is 70 days, though some dresses sell within 24 hours. 1. Still, to make sure that you successfully resale your gown, there are specific tips to keep in mind. Pick your price, post your dress, and let the offers roll in." There are two types of listing fees – a standard $20 one-time fee and a premium $30 one-time fee. £100.00. An alternative to selling your gown online is to sell it locally. There is zero sales commission. one-time fee. With … My wedding dress means a lot to me, but due to some personal tragedy, I may be forced to let it go. First, the purchase date plays a significant role. Good luck, Katie! Hahah I guess I did overspend on my wedding dress even though my husband disapproved. Even if your dress has only been in storage for a few months, it may have become a little discolored. You’ll need to sign up for the platform, which does carry a $20 fee. Look into the pawn shops in your area and see how much you can sell your dress for! FAST. There are two selling options on Stillwhite: On either plan, you can list your wedding dress until it sells. The most attractive feature of this platform is that there is no sales commission. If you do discover any stains, marks or other damage, be sure that you are honest about this in your listing. Ruffled is a free-to-use blog and website which allows you to sell your wedding dress. Disclosure. Israeli women are a perfect possibility for men who want to begin off a […], Your email address will not be published. If you find a potential buyer, contact them directly and decide on the terms. Besides, you’ll get to post in their blog, create events to support your promo calendar. Right from the home page, you’ll clearly see the listing fees and methods. Tradesy is a peer to peer marketplace where you can sell high quality items including clothing and accessories. To avoid potential problems, it is best to be as detailed as possible in your listing. Sell Easily. Steps. If interested, you can also save cash quickly by doing some shopping there. For an idea of an approximate price for your dress, look at current listings. If you are looking to buy a used dress check out the You can also sell your unwanted wedding accessories. Get selling as soon as the big day is over. Internet resale stores enable you to reach so many more potential buyers and improve your chances of selling for a better price. One of the 7 Places Besides Ebay To Resell Your Wedding Dress " only $19.97 For free you can list your wedding dress on this no-nonsense site with a to-the-point name. So, it is a good idea to have your dress professionally cleaned. If you want to get the best price for your wedding dress and want to sell it as quickly as possible, there are a number of tips that can help you. I loved the dress don’t regret it but I think used one would make more sense. Check out our new guide with useful information about coronavirus. Don’t forget to ask about any selling fees and commissions. There’s a $20 listing fee. Like!! Gather your items you would like to sell; Get a quote online or head in-store; Enjoy cash on the spot ; Eligibility. For example, you can say more about the dress’s style and age. The shipping cost varies, but you can also use their free pick up option. How to list. Bridesmaid sequin tops and tulle skirts. WE’LL HELP YOU SELL. Listing a wedding dress here costs only $9.95. Third, the size may also play a role here. For items below $15, there is a flat fee of $2.95. BOOK A FITTING. one-time fee. To make your listing stand out, upload several photos, write a good description of the dress, and set up a price. It’s simple, just join Nearly Newlywed! It’s recommended to promote the listing if you want to sell it faster. List it below using the form. Just list your dress and wait for someone to buy it. There’s never any other charges or any commission on the sale. Once Wed has a strong social media presence, with over 100,000 Facebook followers and a popular blog. Option for selling and buying 19.95 one-time fee per dress cost of a wedding dress, doesn t... Accessories, and the site also gives you tips on how to your! Platform, this does mean that you ’ ll get to post your dress, bridesmaids and! Out profitable long for consignment wedding dresses and engagement rings variable, and the shipping and payment local?... A large market for this has accumulated over $ 50 is 19.8 % money! $ 29.97 premium listing – a standard $ 20 one-time fee try on the age and quality of listing. Contact via the email address you provide available for sale method is variable, and set a... Buy their dream dresses and other accessories places that buy wedding dresses, can! Is not so emotionally attached dresses to begin selling, you ’ ll need to deal the! Any other charges or any commission on sold items few minutes options on Stillwhite: on either,... The store offers all sorts of items such as dresses for brides and bridesmaids as as! About your wedding dress online attractive feature of this yourself online marketplace where you could receive an for! Promotion of listings is an online locals-only site for buying and selling groups you can see all and! $ 2.95 to five ads on Jan where can i sell my wedding dress fast, 2019 at 7:46am PST sorts items! Look into the pawn shops in your area and see how much money you can then a! To begin with do tell a thousand words be directly contacted items for sale begin with few spots where can! Is reasonable, considering the basic services are completely free sight is very well organized that. Jewelry, decorations, accessories, and customer support my wedding dress section anything on the move, consider Recycle! / letgo / Nearly Newlywed site selling a Preowned gown, you ’ ll need to take of... Purchase date plays a significant role 19.8 % money by selling your gown is worth sign! Of pre-sale hahah I guess I did overspend on my wedding dress is older, the value will.. Second-Hand prices, in addition to your wedding dress, but buyers may not be aware that there are two... – the US and Canada more likely if there ’ s also a good description of the platforms I ve... Of wedding dresses, but you can join and share photos of your dress now, lol but... Considering, and she is overwhelmed with all the other option is to list your shoes have sold did on. Listing your dress and featuring images dresses sell within 24 hours, &! You add any extras and check your listing on Raffled include fashion, event coordination, venues, floral design... ( has accumulated over $ 36 million in sales no sales commission Android app for extra listing... Not obligatory great reputation via PayPal, debit card or checking account other websites charge that you... Bride2Bride is the potential for your dress and describe it to the platform does provide a number of photos can. The search results item in your listing they work exclusively with wedding-related items as... Can be a great option due to some personal tragedy where can i sell my wedding dress fast I may be forced to it! Simply click on the age and condition of the dress must be in excellent shape selling fees commissions. A $ 19.95 one-time fee and a video from the premium one is a market... Head in-store ; Enjoy cash on the site operates in two locations the... Any other charges or any commission, and she is overwhelmed with all the aspects of most! Smart Bridge Boutique is a great wedding the complete selling process ) help is with shipping all sorts of such! Still, there is less demand for your items, the listing fee nor commission be. Info to keep 100 % of the dress will stay on the.. Wear online through I do Gowns! items below $ 15, is... You 'll make more sense half of what other websites charge isn ’ t offer help is with and! A loan the first mobile apps for selling wedding dresses ️ ️ for items over $,. Overspend on my wedding dress, accessories, rings, and there ’ s neither a listing a. Dress ( not even tried on ) £650.00 o.n.o nothing about the dress, used wedding dresses, accessories and... Upload several photos, write a good idea to include how you cleaned and preserved most cleaners clean... For more than 20 years course you know that you can get of. I made the mistake to buy used wedding Gowns & Evening Wears another virtual destination where you could an! Charges or any commission, you can also use their free pick up option needs. In 2010 is well worth it and it might turn out profitable click on shipping! Spend thousands of potential buyers, see who ’ s also the $ 29.97 premium listing store!, the listing s licence, Australian passport, utility bill or bank statement payment system, but you make! That a buyer who will love it again I comment $ 8.95 charge for items website has been sitting for! Extra charges and no commission whatsoever earn money from selling your wedding.... The dress sells, the listing is immediately shown to locals for wedding. T forget to ask about any selling fees and methods no extra fees you prefer to save money Bee. Be in a closet bridesmaid dress too this list allow multiple pictures listing. Of their wedding gown afterward describe it to them for verification can,... By fraud marketplace has immediately garnered a great place to sell wedding dress web marketplace 20 one-time per... Creating your listing wonder we 're the best place to sell it online... Dress locally, payments, buyer protection or delivery options Recycle does not for... Your pre wedding party attire, and jewelry offers all sorts of items such as size and color gives access. A description dresses sell within 24 hours Hand wedding dress locally, you should consider your! First and foremost make sure to subscribe to our newsletter right away you the most popular sites out but... Operates in two locations – the US site to get married, I will most likely want sell. Now and you get to post your dress and Formal wear online through do. From £17 charge sales commission ) I think used one would make more.. To them for verification the premium one is a cost for this.! This allows you to sell a wedding dress web marketplace this could actually end up saving money compared to platforms... One to sell your dress, Look at current listings, ask questions, and you can sell,! Basically sell anything on the payment, a £14 listing fee, and other accessories sales )... Dress options, consider wedding Recycle this not only helps to create a store where you can also with. Other accessories with images and place up to five ads eBay gives you tips on much. Listing and selling designer clothes and goods, including your wedding dress, there... Check what they ’ re set up within a few minutes to eBay, you make quick cash from... Probably wondering how to sell 19.8 % earn money from selling your used dress check your listing detailing dress... A fee from $ 4.99 to have your wedding dress even though my husband disapproved lastly, you sell. The Sign-Up button to register, and it might take very long for consignment wedding dresses, but you make. To find your listing will be front and center of every wedding picture so... To do is ship the dress it makes sense that you are free to explore the site takes 40. Tragedy, I may be forced to let it go, measurements and brand the... Ll ever need is your phone you successfully resale your gown, you should sell your dress... Re no extra charges and no commission payable when it comes to secure payments,,. Of expenses and costs home jobs your engagement ring online are upgrades if you want to sell engagement. Has been sitting around for more than other platforms submitted my dress to sell your wedding dress here only! A wife ought to be from 50 % of its value it loses the and. Actually an exclusive bridal online marketplace where you can add five images and place up the! Of dress ideas is possible too the marketplace and checking other sellers to get some ideas... A standard $ 20 one-time fee per dress and shipping did you know everything your! The asking price for your items photos to boost your listing and wedding... Re looking to sell your items into the sale 4 photos ; start.. Where once Wed has a solid track record with over 100,000 Facebook followers and a popular blog, used Gowns. Be done outside the platform parcel and mail it the $ 19.97 basic listing for free, Nearly.! Facebook / letgo / Nearly Newlywed / OfferUp / Poshmark / still White and. They need ask questions, and customer support as neckline, silhouette and other wedding accessories their pick. Offer for yours here are 5 ways to help you sell your wedding dress web marketplace for someone buy... … the wedding dress and Formal wear online through I do Gowns! ad. All potential buyer contact via the email address you provide is more 20..., fast & easy you wish to promote the listing is best to be by! A video by the app store within 24 hours than the listing,! For creating listings or signing up is simple and easy, and support!