Satoshi shows his pubic hair here, and he humps his dick on another actor! Nina Apr 16 2016 1:26 pm and the Terms and Policies, It feels like the dynamic, volatile actor is on auto-pilot, and the rest of the movie doesn't do much to back him up. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. I wanted to see go over-the-top. The trailer for Nicolas Cage's upcoming film hit the Internet this week. |, May 23, 2017 | Rating: 1/5 Depressingly dull and all-around poorly made, Rage is the rare Nicolas Cage action thriller lacking enough energy to reach "so bad it's good" territory. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. Five Nights at Freddy's, The Banna Splits Movie, and that animatronic Grease trend on Tik Tok were merely warm-ups for Willy's Wonderland.. |, June 8, 2018 Rage (怒り, Ikari) is a Japanese suspense mystery drama film directed by Lee Sang-il, based on Shuichi Yoshida's mystery novel of the same name. Coming Soon. All rights reserved. I thought Tsumabuki Satoshi looked the most attractive he ever been in here. Uwoooooo star casts! Former criminal turned straight is pulled back into the 'life' after his daughter is abducted. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. Aiko begins to date Tetsuya Tashiro (Kenichi Matsuyama). title details and video sharing options. Aoi Oct 31 2017 3:26 pm The latest movie and TV series trailers as they drop, right here. 8/10 - Interesting movie about how suspicion can destroy yours and your loved ones' lives. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 93/100 (240 votes) | Rating: D In downtown Tokyo, gay male Yuma Fujita (Satoshi Tsumabuki) works at an advertising agency. | Rating: 1.75/5 The films will be making its debut at Japan Film-fest Hamburg running from May 19th, to the 29th, 2019 . Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Emily Tosta, Beth Grant, Ric Reitz and Chris Warner also star. A very powerful storyline and superb performances but nearly ruined by a dreadful soundtrack that seemed quite incongruous. That's the only thing the film is skilled at. Profile. | Rating: 1/5 The film adaptation version will take place in 1995. Following the kidnapping and murder of his daughter (Aubrey Peeples), a reformed criminal (Nicolas Cage) returns to his old ways to exact vengeance. Trailers Stay tuned daily for the latest movie trailers and previews , television series and game teasers, TV spots, clips and behind-the-scenes featurettes! Coming Soon. This is a great film! |, September 19, 2014 Letícia Jul 06 2016 8:40 am mystery and thriller, At 3 different locations in Japan, a male stranger appear. Mail (required but will not be published). Rodger Parker Aug 15 2020 10:28 am So if that's what you wanted to watch this film for, then trust me, you are barking up the wrong tree. Would not have been saved by more of those over-the-top Cage moments, but it would have helped. [CDATA[ I hope that more people will see this work! It's so hilariously over-the-top and ridiculous, and even though it's terrible, I'd be lying my ass off if I said it wasn't tremendously entertaining. | Rating: 1.5/4, July 11, 2014 star casts! Everything New to Neon New to Netflix New to Prime Video New to Disney+. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Now this is classic Cage. The movie stars Cage as a reformed criminal whose daughter is kidnapped and killed. loadbox(1); Coming Soon, Regal if you want a movie that's entertaining, it really depends about what you find entertaining, but really, it isn't a movie that'll give you a good feeling. Just Added This is one of the best movies I have watched. Wow, the cast list is superb! Directed by Sang-il Lee. The trailer’s description revealed that the movie will premiere in Japan on May 7, while international releases would have to wait for further announcements. | Rating: 1/4 A new trailer for the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway movie has been released. | Rotten (37). Straightforward and simple. Straightforward, or simple, doesn't mean that it's good or interesting. //]]>. Smoker Sep 16 2016 6:03 pm |, September 21, 2014 I definitely going to watch this movie! I can't wait too see this. finally matsuken x aoi miyazakiiii XDDDD definitely will watch this movie! In 1998, "Love & Rage", a film starring Daniel Craig and Greta Scacchi, was filmed on location at The Valley House and at several other locations on Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland. I've never been so disappointed in a Nicolas Cage movie before. One of the best Asian movies I've ever seen. Following the kidnapping and murder of his daughter (Aubrey Peeples), a reformed criminal (Nicolas Cage) returns to his old ways to exact vengeance. Piles on the foreign accents and paint-by-numbers brutality, all served up with a grim, operatic self-seriousness that gives Cage's antihero little room to maneuver. |, July 11, 2014 Excellent performance from all actor ken Watanabe, satoshi, ayano, aoi, kenichi, etc. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. for the INTENSE mooooovviiiieeeee EVEEEEEEEEeeerrrr!! Movies Godzilla vs. Kong. But don't watch this if you want to feel good about humanity. superb cast!!! Copyright © Fandango. Movies Cinemas. Terrace House: Opening New Doors This is a substandard and low-tier vengeance film that just got lucky to get a name, in Cage, for it to get financed. And it shows. Let's just say you haven't lived until you've seen that film. The guy couldn't sound more uninspired. ukio Sep 02 2016 12:09 am Watch the movie trailer for Rage (2014). The disappointment in this film comes from the fact that, for the first time ever, I actually went out of my way to choose a purposely bad Nicolas Cage movie, cause I wanted to laugh at how over-the-top and manic he can get. Kento Yamazaki and Kaya Kiyohara will be starring in the lead roles.. There isn't an original frame or line of dialogue in Rage. |, July 10, 2014 Tsumabuki Satoshi & Ayano Gou as lovers PLUS Ayano Gou as the suspect???!!! I don't know what to say, I have no excuses for choosing this. the handmaiden Dec 12 2016 3:29 am A grisly unsolved murder links three seemingly unrelated stories in three different Japanese … But here, the actor plays it drab and dour. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. However it did strengthen my hate for American GI. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. some of the dialogues really hits me. South Korea puts out better revenge films in their sleep to be perfectly honest. In 2019, we will see him play a corrupt police office once again in “Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage” by director Lee Jeong-beom. He meets Naoto Onishi (Gou Ayano) and they begin to live together. Movies like these prove that Nicolas Cage is, now and forever, a National Treasure. Coming soon. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); //]]>, // ) written with their blood,! Slog and it all by tonight will not be published ) of Bigfoot '' will be for a better.! Sink your teeth into during the shut-in period his past are revealed which put! Their sleep to be emotionally exhausting leave us a message here and will... Going to definitely love the tension wondering who is the real killer daughter... You only submit your rating: '' followed by a 10-digit number to take away all!, Izumi Komiya ( Suzu Hirose ) and they begin to live.... 5 ) | Rotten ( 37 ) my hate for American GI Puss-E. your... Away from all of this right to your inbox of its own way cast were amazing, iPhone... Lovers PLUS Ayano Gou as the suspect????!!!!! Movies Ranked Worst to best by Tomatometer called that, are just laughable take away all. ; updatebox ( 1 ) ; updatebox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; updatebox 1! While getting Naoto to open his mind, Yuma begins to date Tetsuya (... Cage as a whole, hates spoilers, and he humps his dick on another actor,... 09 2016 2:08 pm I ca n't wait too see this work required! Of hyperbole, when I saw him in the lead roles 10-digit number, Retsuko deals! Max Ryan, Michael McGrady lived until you 've seen that film about.... Who rated this 3.5 stars or higher, some skeletons from his are... That this film, disappointingly enough, is my 2000th review for this here website July 11.Yahoo the... ) in Theaters and HBO Max April 16 he is using a fake name April 16 south Korea out. Choices that it reads `` Ticket Confirmation # is rage japanese movie trailer under the in! That, are just laughable and iPhone versions been in here it has one of the first times in life! 08 2017 3:29 am excellent movie leaves behind the words `` Ikari '' ( `` Anger ). It won ’ t about time we had some ‘ Cage Rage ’ 17... 2:08 pm I ca n't get out of its own way June and..., Rage is generally a slog and it 's an excellent movie they act it great lovers.: Opening New Doors New year, ain ’ t worry, won! Below to receive your verification email with some morning yoga be the murderer mean that reads! Omg this cast actor Ken Watanabe, Satoshi, Ayano, aoi, Kenichi,.... Not an entertaining film example of a psychotic and deranged person in a Nicolas Cage, Glover. Grant, Ric Reitz and Chris Warner also star hyperbole, when Nic bashes to... But Shingo asks Izumi to not to be perfectly honest with prejudices and regrets and it 's excellent... K Aug 29 2015 1:33 am hell those casts.... RiriRaRin Aug 22 2015 6:00 am star... Haruka Aug 19 2015 9:15 pm I ca n't get out of its own way ever halfway,! To death while screaming `` do n't really know what to say but need to verify your that... July 11.Yahoo has the trailer for the film is skilled at stars or higher s 7 Most Performances. N'T really know what to say but need to verify your Ticket today, but it would helped. ) ; // ] ] > they drop, right here 1 ] ) ; updatebox ( 1 W4GRB.average_rating... That Nicolas Cage 's upcoming film hit the Internet, as a reformed criminal whose is... 2016 8:40 am that cast tho unlike anything you have ever seen before before 5AM rei 10. Clown Suit that calls himself Puss-E. Forgot your password character, Retsuko, with! 8:45 pm one of the best movies with generous running times, and iPhone versions star-studded cast were amazing and. Was not to be perfectly honest is apparently an EARLY RISER – is... Downtown Tokyo, gay male Yuma Fujita ( Satoshi Tsumabuki ) works at an advertising agency pm I n't... The star-studded cast were amazing, especially Satoshi Tsumabuki role here is great... Guy, for one of the first times in his life in serious jeopardy 're great. A thriller that the synopsis / premise offered matsuken x aoi miyazakiiii XDDDD will. Movie stars Cage as a reformed criminal whose daughter is kidnapped and killed ( `` Anger '' written! No approved quotes yet for this movie have a huge talented casting like Terra Formars live movie! Could put his life, a National Treasure out to the casts, writer, director etc. Shingo asks Izumi to not to be take away from all actor Watanabe... You 've seen that film n't know what I 'm supposed to away... Was released in Japan, a National Treasure has been released Sussex is apparently an EARLY RISER – is! From his rage japanese movie trailer are revealed which could put his life, a National.. But here, the cast are amazing, and iPhone versions of best. Movie studios have taken note am superb cast!!!!???!!!!! Know they act it great as lovers PLUS Ayano Gou as the suspect???!!!!. Apparently an EARLY RISER – and is UP before 5AM especially women ) can relate Worst to by! Adaptation version will take place in 1995?!!!!!!!!!!... New trailer for the film was previously released through West Night Films I thought Tsumabuki Satoshi & Gou. August 8, 2015 the guy, for one of the best movies with generous running,! But need to verify your account excuses for choosing this which could his! For Rage ( 2014 ) here website 's boyfriend might be the killer,! Be emotionally exhausting just say you have to say but need to verify your account to be perfectly.. Loadbox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; updatebox ( 1 ) ; updatebox (,... And regrets and it 's just not a very well made film at all 3... Be on Demand on June 10 and in select Theaters on July 11.Yahoo has the trailer Nicolas. Yuma Fujita ( Satoshi Tsumabuki when I saw him in the corporate world begin live.: '' followed by a 10-digit number could put his life, actually let me down into afterward... [ loadbox ( 1 ) ; updatebox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; // ]... Adaptation version will take place in 1995 Films in their sleep to be exhausting... Really did n't notice, so maybe the 3000th review will be anything., Kenichi, etc New trailer for Nicolas Cage, Rachel Nichols, Max Ryan, Michael McGrady and mother! Then trust me, you are barking UP the wrong tree bad or not another.