Often occurring after severe emotional trauma, Wanda had her break when she lost her children. Mental Disorders. The most common cause of trauma that many people have to deal with comes from their childhoods. Growing up in the deep South, Rogue’s mutant powers began to activate when she became close to a local boy named Cody Robbins. To many people, Superman is the ultimate superhero. Having recently had her very own series on Netflix, Jessica Jones is punching her way into the hearts of fans everywhere. Through flashbacks, their trials and tribulations are evident all while overcoming personal battles of anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and more. Born with the mutant powers of regeneration, animal-like senses and of course bone claws which would later be fused with the unbreakable adamantium metal, the cigar-chomping Wolverine often plays by his own rules and does as he pleases. This is the case with many individuals suffering from psychosis. They determined that he suffers from an intermittent explosive disorder. 2 The Sentry - Agoraphobia, Alcoholism, Schizophrenia. 10. It seems that this is the only way he can deal with his childhood. Vol. Some of his personalities have good intentions. His struggle to both remain sane and save the innocent makes for some very compelling stories. Never knowing where she fits in, as she is unique, upsets her emotional and ethical state. While there is no excuse for many of his actions, it is important to note that there is more going on with Hank than meets the eye. The psychological state of Deadpool reads like a list of psychological disorders. It’s a fair assessment to say that Wolverine has a lot of baggage. The events of what he did to her haunts her nightmares and makes it almost impossible for her to move on. Onslaught completely took over Xavier, making him devious, secretive and a sociopath without any regard for anyone else. With a life that has involved deadly government missions as well as being tortured to the point of death in order to activate any mutant genes he may have, Deadpool has been pushed to the very brink, both emotionally and physically. 6Bruce Banner/Hulk: Dissociative Identity Disorder (Marvel franchise) 2 0 +2. This loner and sometime anti-hero is probably the most famous and popular mutant in the Marvel universe. Suffering from severe depression after his father died, it worsened after his mother re-married and Xavier was emotionally abused by his step farther and step brother. She was the light of his life, the apple of his eye. There is also a heavy sense of guilt weighing on him as his actions and decision to let a petty criminal go, would result in the death of his uncle. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Some embrace their disorders and don't let them hold them back, while others are defined by their conditions. What made her so special wasn't her powers, but rather her battle with mental illness. This list may not reflect recent changes . You don't stop being an alcoholic when you quit drinking. One of the most powerful, and most popular, members of the X-Men, Ororo Munroe has nearly mastered her weather-controlling abilities. So Captain America is stuck in a circle between his past and his future and everything is a constant reminder of what should have been. 1 1 ... Top Ten Movie Characters with mental disorders. This is known as "Part of Two Worlds Syndrome." However, the psychological state of Deadpool ticks every psychologist’s panic boxes, with serious schizophrenia, multiple personalities, psychopathic tendencies and more emotional baggage than you can shake a stick at! However, not all Marvel films ruined the portrayal of a mental illness. This is the case so much so that Ororo will enter a near-catatonic state if she is forced into any sort of tight space. And most heroes have, if not a full blown mental illness, some amount of severe psychological problems. A group of clinical psychologists analyzed and diagnosed the Hulk's mental health. The life of a hero can be a complicated thing. As usual with movie portrayals of mental health disorders, most of these movies involve a main character that manages to overcome anxiety on their own, with very little additional treatment – something unlikely for most people that suffer from anxiety related issues. So when he was bitten by a radioactive spider, the powers he gained were used responsibly and only for good. Since his debut in New Avengers, comic book readers have watched as Sentry's psyche continues to deteriorate. If they lived among us and were judged the way you and I are, they would be in major trouble. It didn’t last long and Pym craved to be back in the hero game. Some of DD's greatest stories, such as Born Again and Guardian Devil, involve his psyche being totally dismantled. 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