[10], He was a Revolutionary from the South Blue. [8] He then used his Devil Fruit powers to create a walkway to Ace's Execution platform for Luffy. No.676 イワンコフの部下の革命家。 "チョキチョキの実"の能力者で、腕をハサミに変えることができ、どんなものも紙のように切ることができる。男性の時と女性の時がある。 属性 タイプ1 タイプ2 レアリティ コスト 速属性 斬撃 博識 4 18 能力スロット数 コンボ 価値 最大Lv (経験値) 3 4 500 228 cm (7'5")[3] are the most prominent tags for this work posted on September 19th, 2009. Japanese Name: Un'altra sua abitudine è quella di tenere la mano libera orizzontalmente accanto al fianco. [12] As they traveled up Impel Down and freed more prisoners to add to their numbers, Inazuma and the rest were able to fend off the prison's staff and steadily progress. He only shows emotions during critical moments, such as relief when he thought that Ivankov survived his battle against Magellan, and panic moments later when he realized that Ivankov had been defeated by Magellan. Also, regardless of gender, Inazuma seems to lack the general flamboyant disposition of an okama unlike most of the other okamas depicted in One Piece.[7]. Not even when the Blugori and the Demon Beasts of Impel Down were dispatched, were they not deterred. Refusing to follow the other prisoners to Level 1, Inazuma stayed in front of the stairs waiting for Iva, but he was reached instead by Magellan, who easily defeated him with poison. 南の海出身の革命家で、革命軍“グランドライン軍”軍隊長エンポリオ・イワンコフの下で副隊長を務める。 その反政府的な活動から、イワンコフ共々「海底監獄インペルダウン」LEVEL5に投獄されていたが、二人はLEVEL5・LEVEL6の中間層の空洞を利用し「LEVEL5.5 ニューカマーランド」を建設し、同じく収容されていた多くの仲間達を集い、囚人という立場とはおよそかけ離れた絢爛豪華な生活を送りつつ脱獄の機会を伺っていた。 LEVEL6に収容されたエースを救うためインペルダウンに潜入していたルフ… All of the sudden, Inazuma and the rest came face to face with Marshall D. Teach and his men. Read more information about the character Inazuma from One Piece? As a woman, Inazuma is warm and cheerful, in sharp contrast with her male persona. While Inazuma's appearance is different depending on his current gender, Inazuma's basic appearance is the same for both genders. At least 100,000,000[1] Snip-Snip Fruit inazuma, One Piece, onepiece, so cool! Embora ele parece essencialmente luta com seus poderes Fruta do diabo, ele também é um lutador hábil físicamente, como quando ele enviou um lobo do lobo feroz Unidade de voar com um chute. As a man, Inazuma is mostly serious, calm and level-headed, almost emotionless. Usually Inazuma is seen with a glass of wine being held in his left hand, and sporting a particular pose, even while fighting, and even continues to hold the wine glass while using his Devil Fruit ability. Inazuma é um lutador realizado que é capaz de lutar ainda mantendo a sua pose e pouco vistosas, segurando seu copo de vinho. After Luffy was transferred to Level 5, Inazuma, as a man, roamed the forest of Level 5 of and witnessed Luffy and Mr. 2's bloody encounter with some wolves. Type Class 1 Class 2 Rarity Cost QCK 石畳などを切り出して自分の前に展開し、相手の進行を妨害する。, トランプのスートの一つである「クラブ」のような髪型と、額の稲妻型の傷跡が特徴。 [24] Inazuma made it to Momoiro Island with Ivankov. Heeding the advice from Jinbe over the Den Den Mushi, they all hung on to Iva's huge head and using another Hell Wink, blasted their way into the ocean just as Magellan cornered them all at the pier. 両腕を身の丈ほどもある巨大な鋏に変化させ、自分の左右にある物を走り抜けながら同時に切り出す。 [1][7], After ten more hours of intense recovery by Luffy and another sex change, Inazuma and the rest of Newkama Land were surprised to find the young pirate was able to endure such a painful treatment in such a short amount of time. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Inazuma is Ivankov's right-hand man and extremely loyal to him, as seen when he chose to stay behind the escaping prisoners to await Iva's return, and when he showed panic when he learned that he had been defeated by Magellan. A cause du pouvoir d'Emporio Ivankovd'agir sur les hormones, il peut apparaître en tant qu'homme et femme, bien qu'il soit souvent vu en tant qu'homme. Christopher Wehkamp (male); Angela Chase (female) それ以降はイワンコフのパーマの中で療養していたが、マリンフォード頂上戦争末期には戦線に復帰し、処刑台に続く橋を作るなどしてイワンコフと共にルフィのサポートにあたった。だが、エースを殺され憔悴したルフィを援護するため、追撃する大将"赤犬"を抑えこもうとして返り討ちに遭い、イワンコフ共々重傷を負って終戦を迎える。, 大鋏(おおかなばし) As a man, Inazuma is mostly serious, calm and level-headed, almost emotionless. Iva decides just to wait until Inazuma is recovered.[19]. ワンピースのキャラクター解説コーナーです。革命軍のイナズマについて解説します。one pieceの伏線・フラグを考察・未来予測・妄想をしているサイトです。 Though the situation now seemed that just getting Luffy out of Impel Down was the only thing to do as Ace was then too far away, spurred on by Luffy's determination, Inazuma and the rest of the group decided to continue the rescue even if it lead them directly Marineford. [16], Fortunately, Inazuma was picked up by Ivankov. Inazuma was treated for his poisons on the escape ship to Marineford. Status: The elevator however was too far beyond and then its shaft was blocked. Inazuma a les cheveux et les lunettes bicolores : orange d'un côté et blanc de l'autre. [9] Even the Level 6 prisoners compliment his skills. ワンピースのインペルダウン編に登場するイナズマの存在をご存知でしょうか?手をハサミのように変形させ、どんなかたいものでも切ることが出来るチョキチョキの実の能力者になります。そんなワンピースのイナズマですが、実は男性声優と女性声優2人が演じられています。 When Luffy came out of his treatment, the young pirate accidentally revealed that he is the son of their leader, Monkey D. Dragon and Iva assumed that the soon-to-be executed Portgas D. Ace was also the son of Dragon. (C79) [Pinky Crown (七星すあま)] 俺の兄ちゃんがこんなに淫乱なわけがない (イナズマイレブン) 26P 14/06/29 人気アニメから同人誌を探す ONE PIECE > ソードアート・オンライン > オリジナル > アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ> He also has a noticeable habit of keeping his free hand out and flat besides him despite gender. その後、ルフィが革命軍総帥であるドラゴンの息子と知ったことで、ルフィの義兄エース救出にも協力する事になり、イワンコフらと共に脱獄作戦を決行した。逃走中、足止めのためインペルダウン署長マゼランと直接対決するが、為す術なく毒攻撃に敗れる。 Near the end of the battle at Marineford, Inazuma emerged from Ivankov's hair, having been hiding in it all of the time since the boat crashed into the battle. As a woman, she alerted Ivankov that a call had just come from Baltigo. Deeply moved by this, Inazuma and Iva decided to help them. Inazuma creates a bridge for Luffy to reach Ace. Inazuma has clothes and hair that is orange on one side and white on the other. Bounty: Age: Manga …英語でカニを意味する「Crab(クラブ)」と掛けているのだろうか? It was first seen in Level 6 of Impel Down where he cut the floor, flipping it as it was paper and laid it over the staircase, so the sleeping gas could not enter the area. It should also be noted that Inazuma is one of the few (if not the only) okama to be depicted in a relatively normal manner without any of the excessively flamboyant characteristics or Drag Queen dressing and make up (or actually, no make-up at all), prevalent amongst okamas in One Piece. Inazuma Eleven Wiki - Inazuma Eleven ist eine Fußball-RPG-Reihe für den Nintendo DS/3DS, auf der auch die gleichnamige Anime-Serie Inazuma Eleven, bestehend aus 127 Folgen, beruht, und zu der es auch einen Manga gibt. Ten hours, and a sex change courtesy of Iva later, Inazuma greeted an awakened Mr. 2 in Newkama Land. [21], Later, when Ivankov used Hell Wink on Akainu,[22] the admiral took revenge and attacked Inazuma and Ivankov, knocking both to the ground. [18] Ivankov decides not to use his healing and tension hormones, claiming that Inazuma is a very important revolutionary and this process shortens the lifespan and may cause various after-effects. 南の海出身の革命家で、革命軍“グランドライン軍”軍隊長エンポリオ・イワンコフの下で副隊長を務める。 He also did not attack until Ivankov gave him the command during the Whitebeard War, staying protected in his large afro.[8]. 『ONE PIECE』(C)尾田 栄一郎/集英社 イナズマはイワンコフとの信頼関係を持つ革命軍のキャラクターです。 残念ながら基本的にグランドライン軍の話になると軍隊長のイワンコフの方が目立つので活躍は少なめです。 Paramecia, Inazuma[4] is a newkama and the deputy commander of the G Army in the Revolutionary Army who serves under Emporio Ivankov.[5]. inazuma eleven, One Piece, fashion, Inazuma Eleven Girls are the most prominent tags for this work posted on July 24th, 2019. Alive Before his leader, they were asked by the deeply-poisoned Luffy to help Mr. 2, despite his own condition. Affiliations: inazuma, One Piece, kamen rider w, One Piece 100+ bookmarks are the most prominent tags for this work posted on February 27th, 2010. Upon escaping to the level above, Inazuma rallied with the rest of the residents of Newkama Land and began a riot in the prison as they aided Luffy and his allies in escaping. Devil Fruit inazuma, One Piece are the most prominent tags for this work posted on September 13th, 2009. He allowed Luffy to pass and stayed behind with Ivankov to fend off anyone who tried to approach the passage. [25], After the Blackbeard Pirates destroyed Baltigo, the Revolutionary Army moved their base of operations to Momoiro Island. Meaning: すべての機能を利用するには 楽天IDでの会員登録が必要です 楽天IDで会員登録 楽天IDをお持ちでない方はこちら 商品説明 イナズマ フィギュア 高さ26cm ポリレジン素材 正規品 プロフィールご確認お願いい … 平時・戦闘時問わず常にワイングラスを手に持ち、合間合間にグラスを傾けワインを味わう姿を見せている。, 作中では頻繁に男性と女性の姿が入れ替わって登場しているが、これはおそらくイワンコフの持つホルホルの実の能力によるものとおもわれる。基本的に男性の姿で行動することが多いため、本来の性別は男性であるとおもわれるが、男性時は常に険しい表情でサングラスを外すことがない一方で、女性時にはサングラスを額に上げて素顔を晒し、普段より柔らかい笑顔をみせることが多い。 Choki Choki no Mi When Luffy and his companions started causing a ruckus in Impel Down, Inazuma and the rest of Newkama Land witnessed their exploits on the monitors they hacked into. Though both of them were barely alive after being defeated by Magellan's poison, they quickly caught up with the rest of their allies on the top of Impel Down using Iva's Hell Wink to propel them up the prison. Inazuma ate the Choki Choki no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows him to transform parts of his body into scissors and manipulate whatever he cuts as though it were paper. Inazuma finds Mr. 2 and Luffy in Level 5. The stairway they came down was no good either as it was suddenly closed behind bars. To make matters worse, sleeping gas was pouring through it. インペルダウンで活躍したイワちゃんの相棒、イナズマ。 彼女(彼?)もまた革命軍の一員…ということで、かなりの戦闘能力を持つ人物と思われる! 戦いの中では引きながらサポートに回っていたあたりも非常に周到で、実戦経験の豊富さを感じ取れるかもしれない! Create an account Log in Like しざーはんず 阿修羅男爵 inazuma One Piece kanichann 11 9 … Eternal Log, Inazuma's wanted poster is revealed. Inazuma's favorite food is garlic shrimp. その反政府的な活動から、イワンコフ共々「海底監獄インペルダウン」LEVEL5に投獄されていたが、二人はLEVEL5・LEVEL6の中間層の空洞を利用し「LEVEL5.5 ニューカマーランド」を建設し、同じく収容されていた多くの仲間達を集い、囚人という立場とはおよそかけ離れた絢爛豪華な生活を送りつつ脱獄の機会を伺っていた。