Thank you in advance. Handel London, UK, 1738 Opens with one of Handel's best known arias, Ombra Mai Fu, sung by Serse, King of Persia, in honour of a plane tree and its shade. William Christie directs with his customary energy and insight in the pit. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. A German composer who brought Italian musical fashions to a London audience, George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) is the baroque era’s theatre composer extraordinaire, whose 42 operas … Since attending a production of Handel’s opera Alcina at the Sydney Opera House in 1982, she has become a devotee of the works of GF Handel, and Baroque music generally. To celebrate his 331st birthday, here are 10 of his best pieces. Since he’s never met her, this is not difficult. In the end, as we know, the Crusaders take Jerusalem, and – less well known –Armida and her Saracen sidekick Argante convert to Christianity. Choral & Song . Opera is thriving. Both Rossane and Lisaura vie for the love of Alessandro, and he is unable to choose one as his bride. And OperaWire came about as a desire to take in as much of it and allow the passionate fan base access to everything this wondrous art form has to offer on a daily basis. In fact, the last professional recording of this opera happened almost 10 years ago, with countertenor Tim Mead in the title role (he also appeared in an earlier recording of “Ademto” as Trasimede three years prior). His work has appeared in Variety, Opera News, and Opera magazine, among others. The best known aria is ‘Non lo dirò col labbro’ (famous in Somervell’s arrangement ‘Silent Worship’), here sung sweetly by Romina Basso. Competition from a rival opera company lost him several of his best … Serse begins with one of Handel’s Greatest Hits, the poignant melody known as Handel’s largo which often features in weddings, gangster funerals (if The Sopranos is to be believed) and tv commercials for just about anything. More by Laura Servidei. Alcina concerns a predatory sorceress ruling over an enchanted island. Sarah Connolly is the definitive Caesar, whilst Danielle de Niese's high-glamour, all-singing-all-dancing Cleopatra catapulted her to stardom. Orlando Like other great Handel operas such as “Alcina” and “Ariodante,” this fantasy-inspired opera is also derived from Ariosto’s “Orlando Furioso.” Giulio Cesare contains a number of dramatically compelling and vocally virtuosic arias; when Cesare declares “Non ha in cielo il Tonante melodia che pareggi un sì bel canto”, Handel produces an aria for Cleopatra that is indeed a melody fit for the gods, sumptuously scored. However, it’s the title character’s heartwrenching aria “Stille amare gia vi sento” that Tolomeo is well known for. The best 908 songs from 1940s to 1990s Translate. Zurich Chamber Orchestra opens 75th season with Daniel Hope and Emőke Baráth . Act 2 starts threateningly with the chorus “Wretched lovers!”, followed by the crashing entrance of the giant Polyphemus, although what he sings – “Ruddier than the cherry” – is charming, with a tweeting piccolo line, but he is malevolent, and ends up killing Acis with a rock. In 1996 she began writing opera reviews for online outlets, graduating to more professional sources by 2000. Orlando and Alcina are also alike in featuring scenes of magic and supernatural forces at work, a quality also seen in Handel’s first opera for the London stage, Rinaldo, in 1711. Sure, Alessandro deals with the common themes of war and betrayal, but this opera is ultimately a love story — and at times holds elements of a farce. Though “Tolomeo” also features some of the same characters from Handel’s “Giulio Cesare,” there is little relation to the opera. I live on Long Island now. This George Frideric Handel operas list includes the names of all George Frideric Handel operas, so if you're an opera lover you might recognize many of these historic operas. It will come as no surprise to Handel  aficionados to hear that number one is Giulio Cesare in Egitto. They do, however, signal something of an upheaval. My favorite operas from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th … It does not seem to have been staged before 1925, but has become a favourite in the operatic repertoire. It has a witty libretto by William Congreve with some input from Pope, and is also sourced ultimately from Ovid. Giulio Cesare, Serse, Orlando, Rinaldo, Ariodante and Tamerlano are all roles written for castrati, although Handel was often just as happy to see female altos in those roles. She is now Emeritus Professor of Archaeology and a Senior Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia in the School of Social Sciences and the School of Music. She must face off the actually rather weak and not that bad Grimoaldo and his much nastier adviser Garibaldo, and does so with steadfast determination to protect her young son and keep the faith with her husband. How does one define a top ten of Handel operas? Jazz . Even the few shows that are still regularly staged are recycled in succession, such as “Giulio Cesare,” “Alcina” and, of course, “Messiah (not an opera, but close enough).”. Rinaldo: Lascia ch'io pianga 00:0002. But for a top ten list I would use one of Purcell’s semi-operas, either King Arthur (the British Worthy), or the Fairy Queen (a blend of opera, dance, and drama). Mike New York, United States Hello everyone.,,, Hungary’s Csaba Káel on opera, video and the movies, Beauty will heal us: looking ahead to The New Generation Festival, To add a comment, please sign in or register. Acis and Galatea is one of Handel’s most popular works in any genre, uniquely maintaining a performance record through the 19th century. Tolomeo was the last opera Handel wrote for the Royal Academy of Music before the opera company dissolved in 1728. Under that banner, she curated two festivals and several concerts in Perth. It is thought to be based on a libretto by John Gay (of Beggar's Opera fame), Alexander Pope and John Hughes, and the story derives from Roman mythology via Ovid. It was composed by Handel in 1718 when he was a guest at Cannons, the stately home of the Duke of Chandos, who maintained a small domestic orchestra. With Handel, we enter an operatic world of meaning, feeling, and enthralling story-telling. George Frideric Handel (German: Georg Friedrich Händel; pronounced ) (23 February 1685 - 14 April 1759) was a German-British Baroque composer, famous for his operas, oratorios, anthems and organ concertos. With links to: the scene itself (with movie, libretto and more information), the roles, the composer and the opera. Browse through all Handel Soprano Opera Arias. List of operas by George Frideric Handel. “Agrippina” is not nearly as obscure as the others on this list, but it is surprising that this fiery opera seria isn’t performed more than it is. There is a lot of disguising in Baroque opera; in Giulio Cesare, Cleopatra meets Cesare disguised as a lower class person called Lydia. Handel was born in 1685, in a family indifferent to music. The New Generation Festival will take place in Florence in August: I discussed hope, beauty and conviviality with co-founder Frankie Parham. © 2010-2021 Bachtrack Ltd. All rights reserved. The Mysteries, Myths, and Truths about Mr Handel. It concerns the supposedly widowed Queen of the Lombards who is being courted by the usurper Grimoaldo, but in fact her husband Bertarido is still alive. Most people in those contexts would be surprised to know that it is a love song sung by Serse to a tree (“Ombra mai fu”), this particular affection being one of those tropes the audience all knew in the 18th century; the other depicted in the opera is his penchant for building bridges. This opera, which chronicles Alexander the Great in India, is not as much opera seria as it is a romantic comedy. View my complete profile. The work is usually referred to as a masque, a small-scale aristocratic entertainment originally involving … Arminio (HWV 36) ist eine Oper (Dramma per musica) in drei Akten von Georg Friedrich Händel und neben Giustino und Berenice eine der drei Opern, die Händel innerhalb eines halben Jahres für die Saison 1736/37 komponierte. Premiered in 1725 in London, it has something in common with other operas in the top ten: a libretto by Nicola Haym and an original cast featuring two of the greatest singers of the day, soprano Francesca Cuzzoni (Cleopatra) and alto castrato ‘Senesino’, the nickname for Francesco Bernadi (Giulio Cesare, or Julius Caesar). Agrippina is based on another classical Roman historical narrative, which still has currency (see I, Claudius). The Best Recording of Handel’s Messiah. The libretto derives from another 16th century Italian epic poem, Torquato Tasso’s Gerusalemma liberate, a very fanciful version of the first Crusade. There are also a lot of examples of people being betrothed to each other without ever actually seeming to have met – not only in the case of Serse’s fiancée Amastre, but in several others, including Tamerlano’s Irene. The work is usually referred to as a masque, a small-scale aristocratic entertainment originally involving masked performers. It retells not exactly a history of Xerxes I, king of Persia, but includes a couple of anecdotes from his life, which would have been well known to the 18th century audience, intertwined with a more imaginative love story. It is often referred to as a prequel to Monteverdi’s L’incoronazione di Poppea. I have mentioned one of the most famous, Senesino. Like Acis and Galatea, Semele is an oratorio in English derived from classical mythology. Orlando was Senesino’s last Handel role. Another characteristic of 18th century opera is that high voices were regarded as heroic, and these roles were generally sung by castrati, who were highly skilled virtuosi. Bis 20. She arrives on a dragon, emitting melodic fury, and at one point disguises herself as Almirena to lead the poor hero astray. Handel: his 10 best pieces of music - as chosen by Classic FM presenters. Those familiar with Monteverdi’s “L’incoronazione di Poppea” see the return of many of the same characters, though obviously in a different context. What the opera is about, however, is a young king yearning to be in love, and learning that you can’t just force yourself on anyone, especially if they are betrothed to your brother, but you must wait for the right person, to whom you are actually betrothed, even if you can’t recognise them when they are disguised as a man. Not so long ago George Frideric Handel was best known to the general public for a few predictable things: Messiah, being 'German', his obesity, and for going blind.Thankfully that narrow perception has substantially altered over the last 30 years. All works are opera seria in three acts, unless otherwise stated. Complete operas are in the middle of this playlist; selected arias are at the beginning and end. Apr-01-2017, 15:39 #2. nina foresti . The title role in Tamerlano is extremely villainous, until renouncing his wicked ways at the very end; he is in fact the Mongol conqueror Timur or Tamerlane who also features in Christopher Marlowe’s play Tamburlaine the Great. In honor of his 333rd birthday, here is a list of five operas composed by Handel that deserve the spotlight once more. Composer: George Frideric Handel 1685 - 1759 : List of operas: Almira - Singspiel - German . It is also quite common to find women disguised as men, as in Serse and Alcina and, less commonly, vice versa. One of the most successful of Handel’s Italian operas, Giulio Cesare In Egitto, tells the story of Cesare’s encounters with Cleopatra and Ptolemy, her murderous brother. There is a good margin between numbers 11 (Semele) and 12 (Radamisto), so that is where I draw a line. Our nos 11 and 12, however, are Radamisto and Partenope. View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries Senior Member Join Date Mar 2014 Location United States Posts 2,033 Post Thanks / Like Likes (Given) 818 Likes (Received) 2117. It is a fine work that combines pastoral charm with some powerfully melodramatic scenes. Like Giulio Cesare, both Tamerlano and Rodelinda derive from historical narratives and maintain a more or less realist tone, all featuring love stories set against a political world with evil but mortal villains. An in-depth look at the composer, his life, and works. This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from,, Acis and Galatea is one of Handel’s most popular works in any genre, uniquely maintaining a performance record through the 19th century. No comments: Post a Comment. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen Blu-ray- und DVD-Auswahl – neu und gebraucht. Based on classical Roman history, it tells a version of Caesar’s conquest of Egypt and his confrontations with the Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII (Tolomeo), and his romantic interactions with the latter’s sister Cleopatra VII. From emperors and empresses to nymphs, gods and giants by way of faithful wives, sorceresses, knights, dastardly noblemen and dazzling coloratura arias, here's your guide to the master showman of Baroque opera. Ariodante is also a bit thick, in being easily deceived about the constancy of his beloved Ginevra, in a plot twist recalling Much Ado About Nothing; but he has some amazing arias. The story takes place during the reign of Ptolemy IX (Tolomeo) in Egypt, where the themes of false/mistaken identities and betrayal are seen at the forefront. Her arias “Morai si” and “Spietati” are models of bravura conviction, and all ends happily, but with Garibaldo being killed by Bertarido, rather than staging a last-minute conversion to niceness. Goffredo (Godfrey of Bouillon) is assisted by the noble knight Rindaldo – another hero easily distracted, in this case by Almirena, a model of innocent purity, and her famous aria “Lascia ch’io pianga”. (Not quite) absolute Beethoven: Ludovic Morlot in Perth, Nina Stemme returns triumphantly to Hobart, Sweeney Todd in Perth: ticks all the boxes. We spoke to multi-genre composer and producer Keiichiro Shibuya about his new opera, due to premiere at the New National Theatre Tokyo in August, that will see a robot in a starring role. They are longer and, imo, better, at least in some respects, than Dido & Aeneas. Sandra Bowdler was born and educated in Sydney, and has pursued a career as an archaeologist since graduating from the University of Sydney in 1970. Chamber . While some find Rinaldo less polished than some of Handel’s later works, it was a smash hit in the day, with a performance enhanced by a flock of tiny birds let loose on the stage. In that guise, she persuades Semele to ask the god to show himself in his full splendour, and when he does, naturally she is burned to a crisp. The heroine, a sparkling soprano, has caught the eye of Jupiter, a suave tenor, much to the annoyance of his wife Juno, a grumpy mezzo, who disguises herself as Semele’s sister Ino. Tuesday 23 February is the anniversary of the birth of George Frideric Handel. Rinaldo: Cara spoza 04:4503. This opera demonstrates the full flowering of Handel’s ability to blend perfectly text and music, create believable characters bodied forth in their arias, and create a fully-thought through dramatic arc. Cesare is convincingly depicted as a commanding but just and empathetic leader, but the development of Cleopatra’s character is one of the most finely drawn in opera. Ranking Handel Operas The best opera composer ever: G.F.Handel, however, the list of composed operas is extensive, so, is there any ranking of his operas? “Admeto” saw a brief resurgence in Europe in the last six or seven years, but has fallen off the radar for most houses once again. In a happy ending of sorts, Galatea uses her semi-divine powers to turn the dead Acis into a bubbling spring. But more recently it has become well regarded, and has been … I was born in New York City, in East New York, Brooklyn. One of the unusual aspects of this opera in terms of 18th century conventions is the on-stage suicide of Bajazet. The Handel version concerns his desire for Asteria, daughter of his captive, the Ottoman emperor Bajazet, despite being engaged to Irene, who naturally turns up in disguise to make a fuss (“Dal crudel”). Certainly that was how it was originally performed. One major difference between these and the other nine is that they are sung in English. Our privacy policy was last updated on Friday 31 January 2020. In this part of the story, the wife of emperor Claudius is determined to get her son Nerone (Nero) on the throne and uses every wily move to get him there she can muster. Rinaldo: Venti, turbini 14:4004. 1: 10,09€ 7: La Morte Mia - Son Contenta Di Morire, Radamisto, George Frideric Handel (feat. Instrumental . It was composed by Handel in 1718 when he was a guest at Cannons, the stately home of the Duke of Chandos, who maintained a small domestic orchestra. Opera and ballet came together in Wayne McGregor’s production of Handel’s masque from 2009. The best opera arias from George Frederic Handel.01. And though “Agrippina” contains some of Handel’s trickiest music, many collegiate productions have shown the early success of stars in recent years, including Angela Meade at University of Southern California in 2004 and Samantha Hankey in The Juilliard School’s 2017 production. From sacred oratorios to bawdy operas, crack Handel with Hugh Canning’s guide. The three stories used by Handel concern Alcina the sorceress who holds the knight Ruggiero captive on her magic island, Orlando driven mad by love for Angelica, princess of Cathay, and Ariodante, a noble knight in love with Ginevra (or Guinevere), the princess of Scotland. The opera may not have many arias that are commonly sung today, but the final chorus in the last scene will have everyone tapping their toes. The Best Operas. As most will know, Caesar and Cleopatra fall in love, and the opera ends happily before the death of Caesar and the advent of Marc Antony (so nothing to do with the Shakespeare version). World . Based on a very obscure historical incident from 8th century Italy, Rodelinda, regina de' Langobardi, is sometimes described as Handel’s feminist opera. I have never explored Hercules as I considered it an oratorio. Both are excellent. Semele’s genre is elusive; it has many attributes of opera, but its English language and choruses align with Handel’s own genre, the English Oratorio. Sarah Connolly as Caesar and Danielle de Niese as Cleopatra in Giulio Cesare at … Thanks to German musicologist Manfred Rätzer, who has tracked productions of Handel’s operas since their first performances in the 18th century, up to 2016, we can document their popularity down the centuries. In this second part of our interview, Káel discusses opera and film direction and his plans for the Hungarian film industry. Prior to Handel’s advent, Italian opera (particularly as performed in London) had consisted of collections of arias which showed off the singers’ voices and little in the way of dramatic integration. Madness in its prettiest form: Max Emanuel Cenčić on Handel’s Orlando. The libretto, along with those of Orlando and Ariodante, is taken from Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso (1516). He eventually makes his decision in Act three, but not before avoiding his own assassination. George Frideric Handel's operas comprise 42 musical dramas that were written between … Of the ones you would add, Alessandro Severo and Oreste are pasticcios – operas made up of music from Handel's other works (as well as, possibly, some outside sources - a practice not uncommon at the time). About Me. But from her ashes Bacchus arises, a happy ending for us all! There is perhaps no other Baroque composer with as wide a repertory as George Frideric Handel. In 1703, the 18-year-old composer George Frideric Handel took up residence in Hamburg, Germany, where he remained until 1706.During this period he composed four operas, only the first of which, Almira, has survived more or less intact.Of the other three, the music for Nero is lost, while only short orchestral excerpts from Florindo and Daphne survive. Opera Arias Mezzo Soprano by G.F. Handel (2006-01-16) 57,26€ 4: Handel: Mezzo-Soprano Opera Arias (2010-04-06) 58,06€ 5: Opera arias for mezzo soprano: 4,99€ 6: Handel Opera Arias Accompaniments: Soprano, Transpositions for Mezzo, Vol. The mother and son combination of Cornelia and Sesto is also movingly depicted, particularly their famous duet “Son nata a lagrimar” at the end of Act I. Serse, Handel’s third last opera, is a more playful affair, also drawn from classical history. Like other great Handel operas such as “Alcina” and “Ariodante,” this fantasy-inspired opera is also derived from Ariosto’s “Orlando Furioso.” The tale of the heartbroken knight was brought back to life in England the 1960s with Dame Janet Baker in the title role, and has since seen other great mezzos and countertenors as Orlando, such as Patricia Bardon and Bejun Mehta. Tamerlano was composed the year after Giulio Cesare, and was followed in 1725 by Rodelinda. George Frideric Handel, by Thomas Hudson, 1756. Stephen Layton (conductor) Allan Clayton, Iestyn Davies, Polyphony; Britten Sinfonia (2009) Hyperion CDA67800. But the 1730s were difficult years for Handel. In 1734 Handel was forced out of the King’s Theatre in Haymarket, and moved his base of operatic operations to the Covent Garden Theatre. Sign in to use alerts, your personal diary/wishlist, to save your recent searches, to comment on articles and reviews or if you want to input events. This famous George Frideric Handel operas list contains various bits of information, such as what language they were composed in and what genre the popular George Frideric Handel opera falls under. Orlando is a rather Siegfried-like hero, in being handsome, brave and not very bright; the sorcerer Zoroastro (derived from a single sentence in Ariosto) chides him for wasting his time on love when he should be concentrating on heroic deeds.